Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 864

Chapter 864: Pure Yang

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"Okay! Wouldn't I join?" Zhao Yuande smiled helplessly, and he suddenly asked curiously, "Xie Niang, how many friends do you have?"

"Oh...friend?" Xie Nan scratched his head and tentatively asked, "Is Junior Brother a friend?"

"Sister Sister scolded us for not being able to dare to be with your friend. Those friends who punched and kicked us all day!" The two younger brothers waved their hands in a hurry, their heads shaking like rattles.

"Dare you dare to say..." Xie Nan turned his head and scanned the two brothers.

The two discouraged brothers and sisters were suddenly scared and pale, just stood there dumbly, and no longer dared to make a sound.

"Oh! Not count!" Zhao Yuande shook his head.

"Then... it's really gone!" Xie Nan shook his head a little embarrassedly.

"Miss Xie, your temper is too urgent, no wonder there are no friends!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, "Xie Xie, you listen to me later, I guarantee that your friends are all over the world, many men chasing you with joy, want you to do daughter in law!"

Zhao Yuande decided to save this frizzy, irritable, and even violent girl Xie, and to subtly influence her into a good girl with a gentle personality.

"Really?" Xie Nan's eyes lit up, but he quickly shook his head again, "No, you must listen to me if you join me. This is a matter of principle!"

"If you want me to listen to you, I will listen to you as long as you beat me!" Zhao Yuande laughed. "The strength of the cultivation world is respected. If you are weaker than me, how can I serve you, even if it is superficial Listening to you, secretly, maybe it will still be blameless."

"OK! Don't look at you in the early days of the world, I'm not afraid of you, let's compare! But you can rest assured, I won't take a heavy hand!" Xie Nan gave him a reassuring look, but her mouth was Draw a smug smile.

"This brother, quickly regret it, my sister is..." A man on the side, watching Zhao Yuande step by step into the topic, could not help but look black, and hurriedly reminded.

"Shut up for me!" Xie Nan looked cold and turned to look at his brother.

The brother suddenly covered his mouth in shock.

"When did it start?" Zhao Yuande had great confidence in his own strength, and this Xie Nan couldn't beat him no matter how strong he was.

"Immediately, right here!" Xie Nan looked forward to his face, and a pair of slightly rough hands began to rub.

"Okay! Come on! I am one level higher than you, and I will let you come first!" Zhao Yuande nodded indifferently, facing the opposite Xie Nan with his finger.

The two younger brothers sighed at once when they saw it. They looked at Zhao Yuande with some pity, feeling that this guy would soon need to be carried to the drugstore by them.

The two big men who were hitting the iron, as well as the few big men who were sitting in the distance, also stopped the things in their hands one after another and grinned over.

"This guy really didn't know life and death, and dared to fight against the elder sister! Last time I thought I was a great advance in cultivation, and I found the elder sister. As a result, she broke a dozen bones and lay in bed for a full ten days. "A big man with a blacksmith watched Zhao Yuande's eyes showing pity.

Zhao Yuande naturally heard the man's words and turned to glance at him. He found that the man's cultivation was also in the early stages of the world. Even he was beaten miserably. It seems that this man Xie really has some strength.

"However, although Sister is very violent, she is still very good. Those who have been beaten and broken will always get her care... With our sister's appearance, hey, it is also a welfare!"

"No wonder you were interrupted four times by your sister before and after, it turned out to be..."

"Hush! Quietly..."

Zhao Yuande was really curious at this moment. What kind of strange girl is this Xie Nan?

"Since Brother Zhao said so, then I'm welcome!" Xie Nan's eyes suddenly became calm and wise, and his figure was as fast as electricity, and he rushed towards Zhao Yuande as a chest.

Zhao Yuande wanted to see how Xie Nan's fighting power was. He didn't use his full strength as soon as he came up, but you fought me with one punch.

Zhao Yuande was somewhat shocked to find that the physical strength of this man Xie was so strong that he couldn't help but feel a little moved.

"Xie Nan, a great disciple of the Earth Fire Sect, the sixth realm of the realm, the pure Yang tyrant..."

"It turns out..." Zhao Yuande suddenly understood why Xie Nan was so impatient and so violent.

Although the pure Yang Ba body is not as good as the prison body, the supernatural body of the star **** body, but if the body is divided into nine categories, the first body of the four major bodies, the body of the prison body and the star body can be classified in the first The second category, while the pure Yang body and the pure Yin body of the Blue Phoenix can be divided into the third category.

The physique that can be ranked in the third category can already be said to be against the sky, but if this pure Yang domineering body appears on a man, I am afraid that this man has already soared into the sky. The current state is like the Blue Phoenix. It is Emperor Realm.

However, there is something wrong with a girl. Although the girl's cultivation style will become very strong, but the yang overwhelming will make the girl's temperament change and make her more and more irritable. Even if you continue to practice like this in the end, you might become more and more like a man.

This of course does not refer to personality, but also physical!

Zhao Yuande felt that since he had encountered this, he could not let this happen, and he decided to help this young girl get rid of the present predicament.

Besides the battle between the two, no matter how powerful Xie Nan is, she is just a person with six tiers in the field. She can easily win because of other ordinary practitioners of the same rank or even creating a realm, because of her The physique is too strong, and the power in the flesh has already far exceeded the total strength of a world powerhouse. If all of them burst out, they can even defeat an ordinary world powerhouse.

But what he encountered was Zhao Yuande, a king among super geniuses, one of the strongest physiques in the world.

Zhao Yuande fought her for a few rounds, and she soon mastered her fighting style.

"This guy is really not simple, even able to block the attack of the sister..." Seeing that Zhao Yuande was inseparable from Xie Nan's fight, the big men couldn't help staring.

"I think Sister finally met the nemesis today, and the tigress has met the tiger beater!"

"Hush... quietly, do you still want Sister to break your bones?"

"It's okay, Sister Sister is now in a period of rage and can't hear our words at all, so now you have free speech!"

"Hey! Yes, this tigress finally met the nemesis and started desperately!"

"She's so strong...I think she had fought us before, and she didn't even have 30% of her strength!"

"Mah! Thanks to this guy today, otherwise we really don't know that Sister is so strong!"

"Are you sure Sister really can't hear it?"

"Uh... I'm not sure now!"


"You few bastards, dare to talk about the old lady in this way, the old lady will take care of you in a while!" Xie Nan suddenly shouted at several big men.