Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 865

Chapter 865: Two Tricks

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Several big men were so scared that they almost sat on the ground.

"Sister... It's not my business, I didn't say a word..."

"Sister Sister spares..."


Several big Han suddenly heard the sound of begging for mercy.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but twitched his lips, these guys were really boneless.

"Girl Xie, now I'm going to do my best!"

After fighting for about a hundred breaths, Zhao Yuande felt that he had thoroughly understood the opponent's background, and he no longer wanted to waste time. His power suddenly doubled.


Xie Nan's body was blasted out by Zhao Yuande, hitting directly on the stone wall of the cave and knocking the cave out of a humanoid cave.


Not far away, a few big men heard the sound of breathing together. They looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. They didn't expect that they just tried it. It was enough to really force a punch.


Xie Nan fell to the ground from the large cave in the humanoid cave, bleeding at the corners of his mouth, his eyes loose, his face full of incredible.

"Sister... How are you, Sister?" Several big men suddenly rushed up and helped Xie Nan with all his hands. Although they seemed afraid of the sister, they were all concerned at this time. Color.

"She's okay, just can't accept the failure for a while!" Zhao Yuande walked over and said to several big men, "You don't want to move her, she will wake up soon."

Several big men looked at Xie Nan and Zhao Yuande again. They felt that their masters and sisters did not hurt, so they chose to believe him.

"Brother Zhao, I lost!" After a while, Xie Nan finally came out of the shadow of failure and nodded slightly to Zhao Yuande, "Since I lost, then I will listen to you, what do you say? Let's continue to organize people, or kill the Shadow Nest Sect's nest directly, I will never frown.

"Well! Since you said that, so good! We return directly to the East Emperor Great World. I will take you to meet a few people, and then I will enter the Shadow Soul Sect to clear this poisonous tumor for the East Emperor Great World!" Zhao Yuande shot Patted her shoulder and smiled, "Of course, during this time, I will help you change your physique and make you more gentle, otherwise you really don't dare to be too close to you like a man!"

"Oh!" Xie Nan's enthusiasm is not high, she sighed in a low voice, said, "Hey! Lost so bad, you are too strong, almost made me lose confidence, and there is no chance to win you!" "

"Since this is the case, listen to me! How about, let's go now!" Zhao Yuande smiled, if he was really in a bad mood with him, he would be hit more than this time.

"Now? What if someone meets Shadow Soul Sect?" Xie Nan glared, "No! This is absolutely not possible, this is just a joke!"

"Don't you just listen to me? Why, are you talking about playing?" Zhao Yuande showed a non-smiling expression.

"I... just a little worried!" After being excited by Zhao Yuande, Xie Nan's emotions suddenly fell, and she reluctantly took a shot at a recessed place in the cave. The channel suddenly appeared again, and he pointed to the channel , "Okay! Anyway, I lost, and my life is yours. Even if I go out, I will die, and I will die."

"That's right! Since you called me Big Brother, Big Brother will take you to see and see!" Zhao Yuande strode toward the channel in a stride.

Xie Nan glanced at many of his younger brothers and nodded gently to them, which was a farewell.

"Sister, be careful, we'll wait for you to come back!" There was a choking voice in the voice of the younger brother.

"Sister Crow, is it so easy for you to have an accident? Have you forgotten that you have been lying in bed for more than twenty days?"

"But...Sister, she...really leaving!"

"She will be back soon, and the sisters outside will soon be unable to bear the violence of the sisters, and will rush her back!"


Xie Nan heard the whispered comments of the younger brothers. She felt a bit of bitterness in her heart and had an urge to cry.

"Do you want to cry?" Zhao Yuande turned his head and stared at her.

"No... the heroes bleed without tears!" Xie Nan pressed his teeth.

"However, you are not only a hero, but also a girl. Crying is a girl's right. If you don't cry, it will make people feel weird and awkward!" Zhao Yuande guided her carefully.

"Really? Why didn't the master tell me this?" Xie Nan thought the other party made sense, but he raised his own question.

"Your master must be an old antique! Or an old bachelor!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Boy, you are very kind, you even said in front of my apprentice that I am an old bachelor!" It was at this time that the passage was over, and Zhao Yuande saw the old iron man outside the passage and was looking with a very unfriendly look Hold yourself.

"Hey! Senior, I just casually said, don't mind, don't mind!" Zhao Yuande was embarrassed.

"No! Just now you defeated my favorite disciple. My old bachelor master feels ashamed. I'll take two tricks with you!" The old man didn't rush his identity very much and punched Zhao Yuande in the head. Smashed past.

"Senior! Really you play!" Zhao Yuande quickly evaded, only to find that the old man's fist is full of flesh.

"Hi, kid, there is a species that defeats me together, otherwise the old bachelor won't let you take my good apprentice." The old man screamed and approached again and again.

" kind! You are a **** emperor." Xie Nan whispered, but she also knows that the master is not the kind of person who likes to care about things, and he should be able to count.

"Since the seniors want to play really, the juniors will be offended!" Zhao Yuande suddenly shook his body, never backwards, but greeted the old man with a punch.

"Hi Hi! That's right!" The old man grinned.


A loud thunderous noise came, and Zhao Yuande and the old man's fists collided at once. The entire courtyard suddenly turned into a ruin under the shock wave of terror, and even dozens of houses around it collapsed.

Even Xie Nan flew up with a terrible shock wave, turned over a dozen heels in the air, and flew tens of feet away, almost collapsing a restaurant in the distance.

Looking at the scene again, the old man went back and forth a dozen steps, his eyes filled with endless horror, but as soon as the sound came, the storm-like attacks continued to pour down toward the old man.

The old man only felt that there was a breathless breath in his chest, and he was beaten back and forth. He had lost his chance at this time and was completely blocked by Zhao Yuande's fist, and the whole person was in a state of embarrassment.

"Stop! Stop... Oops!" The old man's stop word was just finished. Zhao Yuande's fist hit his mouth directly, and the beaten old man flew backwards.