Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 867

Chapter 867: Little Man

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Xie Nan pouted, disapproving.

"You killed my Shadow Soul Sect and asked me to tell you whether you are crazy or not!" The middle-aged man pointed Zhao Yuande with a long knife and shouted sharply, "Today I will let you know My Shadow Soul Sect is so powerful, I want to destroy your Nine Clan!"

"It's wrong to say this. The murderer pays his life and repays the debt. You have to be reasonable..." Zhao Yuande said just now that he felt a **** knife cut towards himself.

"I'm talking about your mother! Fool, let me die!" The middle-aged man's knife flashed in his hands, and a thick **** knife gleamed toward Zhao Yuande who wanted to say something.

"Hey! Don't talk swear words, it's wrong to scold people!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly dodge, Yu Guang glanced at Xie Nan, and suddenly found that the girl was covering her mouth and laughing.

It was a mockery, a disdainful laugh, a despise laugh!

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that he was despised by others. This was a very unpleasant experience. However, he felt that his direction of guidance should not be wrong. He felt that he should stick to it and he must not let the other party read the joke.

"Its wrong for you to do this. We have to sit down and reason. You see so many people around you, what if you accidentally hurt you, and you see all the halls are all of us It was built brick by brick, you said that if we were broken, what a pity, and those..." Zhao Yuande suddenly found himself with Dong Guofu this guy for a long time, he also There is a lot of potential for tuberculosis.

"I, Cao Nima, **** me up, kill this smash, I don't want to hear her whispering in my ears anymore..." The middle-aged man was almost mad at him. However, he introduced all his strength and exerted the most powerful exercises. He didn't even touch the corner of the other party's clothes for more than ten consecutive moves, and the other party's sound like a curse rang continuously in his ears, making him want go Ape.

"You...what you said just now, you say it again!" Zhao Yuande suddenly calmed down when he heard the other party's words, but he scolded himself, but the other party even brought his own mother. This is unbearable.

"I said I was Cao Nima, Cao Nima, Cao Nima..." The middle-aged man yelled wildly, directing many of the Shadow Soul Sect disciples toward Zhao Yuande.

At this time, even Xie Nan, who was always laughing, felt that something was not right. The brother Zhao who was extremely funny just now, the guy who wanted to change himself through reasoning, now seemed to have become a walk from **** at once The devil coming out.

A powerful force of life ripples in the field instantly, an illusory big world is slowly turning in the sky, you can vaguely see a towering giant tree swaying thousands of branches in the big world, the whole space seems to be at this moment It's going to freeze.

Before the dozens of Shadow Soul Sect disciples rushed up, they were pierced by the branches shot from the void, and the middle-aged man was still crying madly, but at the next moment, his The voice came to an abrupt halt, and the big hand squeezed his neck.

"I originally wanted to talk to you about reasoning. If your reasoning is good, I might let you go, but you shouldn't deserve to humiliate my family, so you die! "Zhao Yuande's voice was cold and quiet, as if it came from hell, so that the people around him couldn't help but shudder.

He slaps the middle-aged man's head directly and smashes it helplessly on the ground.

"Brother Zhao, are you okay!" Xie Nan saw that Zhao Yuande's face was not very good-looking, and hurried forward to come to the question of concern.

"Cough... It's okay! It's okay!" Zhao Yuande blushed slightly and smiled embarrassedly, "It seems that what I just thought was wrong, reasoning will only make people think that we are bully and think we are weak, it seems that in the future Its time to be violent! Youre still the same before you find your prescription!

"You are not allowed to call me this way..." Xie Nan's face suddenly became very unsightly. This name can only be called by his father.

"Oh! Little boy...well, little boy!" Zhao Yuande made a gesture to him because he found the other person's eyes seemed murderous!

"You can't do it anymore!" Xie Nan looked very bad.

"What's that called you, sister?" Zhao Yuande's name was a big problem.

"Call... Call sister! Call me elder sister!" Xie Nan frowned, thinking for a long time before he felt the title was appropriate.

"You call me Brother Zhao, I call you Sister Xie, I feel stupid if you don't feel awkward! It's called a sister, love to drop!"


In the end, Xie Nan really had no choice but to reluctantly admit the title of sister.

The two talked about the noise and soon appeared in the Halloween City of the East Emperor.

The Halloween City is one of the most prosperous cities in the Eastern World.

Why choose to be in the Halloween City, because this giant city is in the northwest of the Central Region, not far from the wild.

More importantly, the world war between the horn and the Shadow Soul Sect Master took place not far from the Halloween City.

Zhao Yuande felt that if he wanted to find a corner, he must first inquire about the specific situation at that time.

Zhao Yuande had been there once in the Halloween City, but it was already very prosperous at that time, but now it is ten times more prosperous than before. The people on the street are crowded, and people are coming and going.

Numerous front-line shops are full of cultivators, and the business is several times better than the original. The shop owners turn around and are full of laughs.

However, at this time, this Halloween city was already occupied by Shadow Demon, and people with Shadow Demon could be seen dangling from time to time on the street.

"Brother Zhao, where are we going now?" Xie Nan obviously felt a little nervous when he came to the Halloween City. He seemed to have left his site and felt insecure.

"Go to the biggest restaurant, we have a big meal, just inquire about the battle between the stone men and the shadow demon." Zhao Yuande pointed to a restaurant not far from here, this restaurant is nine floors high, the magnificent decoration , Especially in the hall on the bottom floor, where there are a lot of fish and dragons, there are a lot of cultivators talking about the world and sharing information here.

"Fuguiju! A good name, the person who comes is rich or expensive." Xie Nan said in order to conceal his uneasiness, and he said so deliberately that Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sigh his teeth.

"Sister! You have to speak your mind. All the people who come here are cultivators who go up the sword and down the fire. Any wealthy people are murderers!" Zhao Yuande strongly disagreed with Xie Nan's point of view.

"Oh! Okay! I just said casually that Brother Zhao thought it was inappropriate..."