Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 868

Chapter 868: Frenzied

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But before Xie Nans words were finished, a clear voice came from behind: "The girl said yes, I am waiting for the cultivator, Shou Yuan is long, every day Xia Yinlu, extremely happy, how can it not be rich? What about people?"

Xie Nan turned his head and found that the person was a slender young man in white. A folding fan in his hand gently patted the palm of his hand.

Seeing that Xie Nan did not answer his own words, the young man in white couldn't help but frown slightly, and continued: "Under Song Yuanlu, don't you know if the girl's name can be given?"

"It turned out to be Master Song, I..." Xie Nan just wanted to say his name, but was stopped by Zhao Yuande.

"This cultivating world is full of fish and dragons, and no one knows who is a good person and who is a bad person, or don't report the name, otherwise it will only cause trouble!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the other side, his tone was dull, and his face was full of doubts.

"You..." The young man in white glared at Zhao Yuande, but he didn't have a seizure. He arched his hand at Xie Nan, "Since the girl doesn't want to tell, then Song Mou doesn't bother, girl take care!"

"Hey!" Xie Nan looked at the back of the son in white and looked at Zhao Yuande with some doubt. "Brother Zhao, are you deliberate? This person does not seem malicious!"

"Whether there is any malicious intent, who can see it on your face, you come with me, and soon let you see what it means to be impersonal." Zhao Yuande first walked in front, and followed the white man named Song Yuanlu in the distance. floor.

They saw that Song Yuanlu came to a building near the window from a distance, and several young people of similar age greeted him and gave him the seat.

"I think this man is gentle and respectable, otherwise how can he be the top?" Xie Nan glanced at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but lift his mouth slightly, asking half-jokingly and seriously, "Brother Zhao , You will not be jealous! If you are jealous, you can clearly say that I will not talk to him!"

"Hi! You little girl, really like to be passionate, who am I, how can I eat a little girl's vinegar! Jokes, jokes!" Zhao Yuande waved his hands again and again, indicating that it was impossible.

"Huh! Brother Zhao, it's useless if you don't admit it. I saw it just now. When Song Yuanlu came to talk to me just now, your eyes were about to catch fire!" Xie Nan blinked provocatively at Zhao Yuande.

"You... little girl, are you provoking me? Believe it or not, I pressed you on the lap and spanked!" Zhao Yuande was very angry.

"Humph! Then come!" Xie Nan didn't care.

"The two distinguished guests are here, there is an empty seat!" At this time, a beautiful little maid came to the two and interrupted the communication between them.

The position of the two people is near the window and is relatively close to Song Yuanlu. It is a small table separated by two layers of screens. It looks like the environment is not bad.

"Bring me all the good wine and dishes here, don't worry about Lingyu!" Zhao Yuande waved at the little maid.

"Yes! Son!" The little maid rejoiced, but this was a big client. She rushed downstairs happily.

"Brother Zhao, don't you mean..." Xie Nan just wanted to say something after sitting down, but Zhao Yuande made a silence gesture and then pointed to a neighboring table of guests.

She was stunned for the first time, although she heard a conversation with the guests at the next table.

"Hey, brother, I came back from the wilderness yesterday, and saw what happened to the large group of Shadow Soul Sect strongmen entering the wilderness. What happened?" A thick voice came, not too low.

"Brother, you don't know, someone from Flying Eagle will send a letter back yesterday, saying that the trace of the stone man was found in the wild, and reported to Shadow Soul Sect, so they made a big move." The other person seemed to be a teenager People, the voice is slightly immature.

"This group of cubs are really mad at me. They also earn the bounty of Shadow Soul Sect. Do they not know that Shadow Soul Sect is a group of intruders? What are they called... called stooges!" Sitting at the table, the more excited the more.

"Brother! Don't be so loud, but this is a mix of dragons and snakes in the restaurant. Maybe there will be people from the Shadow Soul Sect..." The teenager hurriedly stopped.

"Go to his mother's Shadow Soul Sect, this group of mother-in-law's bastards, I didn't say I took Lao Tzu's shop, I forced him to go out and hunt for fierce beasts, I was fed up enough, Lao Tzu fights with them and can kill One is enough to make money, and two can be earned!"


The thick voice of the owner seemed to drink too much, smashing the table with a slap, and the residue of the wine and vegetables was scattered everywhere.

"This Shadow Soul Sect is really desperate. After they occupied the Halloween City, they cleverly established their names, took many shops for their own use, and killed many people, but it was useless to resist. In the end, they could only go far away or go hunting for beasts... "Someone whispered next to me."

"Who said no, Wu Wuqi used to have two shops before, and he was moisturized in his childhood, but because his shop was close to the Shadow Soul Sect's stronghold, he was forced to go away, and now it is very miserable."

"Don't he be able to leave here, he is not without Lingyu. Find another place and start cooking again."

"What do you know, the day he was taken away from the shop, he refused to find the Shadow Soul Sect, and he was beaten to death half alive, and even everything on his body was robbed. If not a few friends helped him, he is now Still..."

"Who dares to arbitrarily criticize my Shadow Soul Sect here? Can't find death!" At this time at the table of Song Yuanlu, a young man with a disgraceful face stood up, a cold light across his hand, all the screens on the entire second floor All shattered by this cold light.

The screen shattered, and suddenly shocked faces appeared.

"Shadow Soul Sect!" Zhao Yuande looked at Song Nulu's nun mouth and looked at Xie Nandao, "Now I know!"

"Sitting with the people of Shadow Soul Sect is not necessarily the person of Shadow Soul Sect." Although Xie Nan already had a vague hostility in his eyes, he was still dissatisfied.

"Then read on." Zhao Yuande shrugged.


"Did you just say that you want to fight with my Shadow Soul Sect?" The youthful eyes of the gloomy face swept toward the messy table, and finally set his eyes on a wine-faced fat man, facing him White teeth revealed, "Is that you?"

"It's Lao Tzu, how come!" The fat man, though fearful at this time, but Jiujin urged all the negative emotions in his heart, "Come here and fight with Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu gets Die you!"

"Brother, let's go!" A fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy pulled the fat man and looked at the young man with a flattered smile on his face. "This elder master of shadow magic, my elder brother is drunk, Nonsense, dont worry about it, raise your hand..."