Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 869

Chapter 869: Afraid Of Him A Bird

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"You little bunny, please forgive me, the boss doesn't want to live anymore, but he's afraid he is a bird!" The fat man slaps the young man so fiercely that he broke through the window and flew out. The big man saw the young man fly out He immediately snarled and rushed towards the table of the young man.

Many of the guests beside them all left their seats, leaving a large open space for the fat man to pass.

"Humph! I really don't know what to do or die." The young Yin Yang snorted coldly, once again a flash of cold light flashed in his hand and shot towards the fat man.

"Ah!" the fat man shouted, and he couldn't help it.


Fatty man, half of your body was pierced by a cold light, and emerged from the back. A fist-sized blood hole suddenly appeared on his chest.

But at this time, the speed of the fat man suddenly increased suddenly, and the speed increased several times at once, flying the high-flying young man directly, and the big-mouthed young man who was hit by the spurting blood spurted blood. He did not expect that the other party would be replaced by an injury. hurt.

"Die to me!"

The big man slammed the ground, and the entire restaurant was shaken violently. His fat body flew like a cannonball, directly hitting the young man who had not landed.


The body of the young man with a bird of prey was suddenly blasted away, and flesh and bones flew all over the building. People who were nearer could not dodge and were covered in splashes.

"What a waste!"

At this time, Song Yuanlu, who was still sitting at the end, got up, and a pair of eyes seemed to be breathing fire.

"Young Master, I'm coming!"

A middle-aged man in black standing next to Song Yuanlu stood up and looked at the fat man, with a touch of sarcasm in the corner of his mouth.

"Young Master...Look!" Zhao Yuande pointed to Song Yuanlu and said to Xie Nan, "This guy is really not a good person."

"It's also...not necessarily, maybe it is the young master of the other sect, so it happens..." Xie Nan felt he could not edit it anymore.

"Because my Shadow Soul Zong Wanshengtang Young Master is murdering, you really want to die!" The middle-aged man in black protruded out of his hand, as if a heavenly monument was pressing toward the fat man, and the air around him seemed to be suddenly. Condensation, almost all the alcoholic at this time felt a terrible murderous looming towards them, their bodies trembling, as if the next moment is the end of time.

"This is a strong man in the world..." someone exclaimed, his body trembling.

"Look! The young master of the shadow demon Wanshengtang..." Zhao Yuande shrugged at Xie Nan. "You can't just look at your appearance, I'm right!"

"Huh! You're right!" Xie Nan admitted to Zhao Yuande's point listlessly. "Isn't it time for me now?"

"Yes! Shoot, you go to save the guy." Zhao Yuande pointed to the middle-aged man in black, "You play well, he should not be your opponent."

"I..." Xie Nan pointed to his nose, but nodded in despair, "Okay! I listen to you."

"Go!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the fat man in the field. At this time, the man was already awake and sweating.

He was just a strong man with six heavyweights in the field. He just killed the young man with the other side's intentions. His serious wounds have not healed. Now he still bleeds. The middle-aged black man in this world is desperate.

"Cough...stop it!" Xie Nan walked out slowly, toward the fat man.

"Huh?" Song Yuanlu over there saw Xie Nan walking out, he couldn't help but frown slightly, he waved to the middle-aged man in black, "Wait, this girl seems to have something to say."

"Yes!" The middle-aged man in black withdrew his palms, and the respectful assistant stood beside Song Yuanlu.

Suddenly, the pressure in the air disappeared, and all of them took a long breath. Some people no longer dared to stay here and hurried downstairs in a panic, leaving this place of right and wrong.

"This girl, what do you have to say?" Song Yuanlu stood up, with a faint smile on his face, and a fan in his hand gently patted the palm of his hand, looking elegant and light, how could there be any bit of fierceness of the Shadow Invader Invader.

"This...I think you have done too much, and you shouldn't rob other people's shops and property." Xie Nan thought for a moment before saying it.

"Girl, you just heard it, only listened to one-sided words, have you ever seen what they said?" Song Yuanlu smiled, "And now the real situation is that he killed my men, girl, what do you think I should do What to do? Do you swallow? How can I explain to the people around me?"

"You..." Xie Nanming knew that the other party was sophistry, but couldn't find anything to refute, she couldn't help but looked at Zhao Yuande behind her.

"Oh! Haha!" Zhao Yuandegan laughed, came out, came to Xie Nan's side, and smiled at her, "Silly girl, our reasoning is different from person to person, just like this kind of decent person, we You cant reason with them with your mouth."

"So what do you say?" Xie Nan didn't understand.

"Use this..." Zhao Yuande grinned at the middle-aged man in black, a fist made of silver light tearing the space.

Although the middle-aged man in black has never done anything, he always keeps the position to do it at any time. When he saw the silver Guangde punching, there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

He can see that the other party has just entered the world, but he is already a strong player in the later stage of the world. You want to use this method to reason and find the wrong person.

But when he was confident and connected with the silver light fist, his face suddenly changed.

He only felt an unmatched force coming from his fist, and then he heard a series of bone cracking sounds, and then a bang, the black middle-aged man burst into a Mass of blood mist.

The blood mist spread all over the sky, staining a range of dozens of feet in blood.

silence! There was silence all around!

Even Song Yuanlu couldn't help but look pale at the moment. He stood still where he couldn't move. A powerful person in the later stage of the world was blown into a blood mist by a punch. What kind of terrible power is this, God Can the emperor do it? Or maybe the middle and late period of Divine Emperor...

The other party's cultivation base is so strong that he can not speculate!

"Sister, if you see it, you just use this to reason, and they have to listen carefully." Zhao Yuande retracted his fist and gently tapped on Xie Nan's forehead, laughing lightly, "So, reason should be divided On occasion, split!"

"Well!" Xie Nan focused on it, as if she really learned something from Zhao Yuande, but then she asked again, "Brother Zhao, should girls do the same? I always feel a little embarrassed, people are so polite to me , But I directly killed the people of others, so that it would not make people think I was unreasonable, saying that I am an unreasonable girl."