Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 870

Chapter 870: Cold Blood

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"Well! As long as your fist is big enough, no one will dare to say you, you see they look at me one by one now, that is worship, who dare to say that I am half a word. Even our opponent, he also You have to tell me something nice." Zhao Yuande pointed to Song Yuanlu and the people around him. "You guys talk, did I just make sense just now?"

"It makes sense! Absolutely makes sense, this person should be killed!" Although Song Yuanlu was a strong man in the early stages of the world, although he paid himself to be stronger than an ordinary strong man in the world, he did not have a little bit in the face of Zhao Yuande. Although he was secretly cursing in his heart, he secretly sent messages to rescue people, but he had to show respect on the surface. He repeatedly agreed with Zhao Yuande's words.

"Look..." Zhao Yuande spread his hand to Xie Nan.

"But..." Xie Nan pointed at Song Yuanlu and said, "They must be scolding you in their hearts now."

"Really?" Zhao Yuande's eyes turned cold and turned to look at Song Yuanlu and the three of them coldly, "Do you think so?"

"! Impossible!" Song Yuanlu sweated with sweat, and he was insulted in his heart. He went out today and did not look at the almanac. He fell **** mold for eight lifetimes and encountered two fools.

But at this moment, a loud drink came not far away, and an old man in a big red robe flew in through the window.

"Bold thief, dare to kill my disciple of Shadow Soul Sect!" The old man in Dahongpao saw his young master at a glance, and flew over immediately. "Young master, who is so bold, let the old slaves kill him!"

When Song Yuanlu saw the old man in the big red robe, the light suddenly appeared in his eyes.

This old man in Dahongpao was a strong man in the late Emperor's Emperor. Although he was only a strong man subdued by Shadow Soul Sect, he was loyal to his father.

As soon as he came to Song Yuanlu, he felt confident. No matter how powerful the opponent is, he can't be stronger than the old man of the late Emperor.

His face immediately froze, and he said to the old man in Dahongpao: "Ba Lao, take this boy to me and stab at it. As for this girl, don't hurt her. I'll take it back to tune it up."

"Poof! Look! I said he was scolding you in your heart, you still don't believe it!" Xie Nan couldn't help but pouting, laughing out loud, making Zhao Yuande's face black.

"You guys, don't you know that I'm educating children? When I came out one by one, my face was lost. Will she listen to me in the future?" Zhao Yuande finally flared, "especially you, the surface One set behind the other, isnt this a negative teaching material for children? How can I justify myself, you can die for me!"

Zhao Yuande's physique broke up. He simply used the tricks commonly used by Dong Guofu and slammed into Song Yuanlu.

"Huh! I don't know, you kid, give me... Ah!" The old man in Dahongpao was contemptuous and grabbed Zhao Yuande with a flirty catch.

As a result, before his palm fell, he saw a shadow pass by, and the old man in Dahongpao broke his arm, and his body was directly hit like a cannonball, which was a little faster than when he came.

Zhao Yuande crashed into the old man in Dahongpao, hitting Song Yuanlu directly without losing his speed.

Song Yuan exposed his body as if struck by a giant mountain, and flew out directly, and it flew to a mere tens of feet.


Everyone on the scene only made an exclamation now.

"Run! This guy is mad and killed Young Master Zongying Zong. We may be implicated in him here to death."

"Quick! Escape, the Shadow Soul Sect will arrive later!"

"Oh my god! I'm sorry to die..."


The spectators on the second floor fled, some jumped the window, some shattered the floor directly, and fell directly to the first floor. In short, the whole scene was in chaos.

"Let's go too!" Zhao Yuande suddenly killed Song Yuanlu, and suddenly took Xie Nan and flew out of the window directly.

In his hand, there were more pass-through mirrors, which directly covered the two of them, and ran quickly out of the city.

Because he felt a strong spirit of the emperor just now, and he will come here. Although this emperor is only a mid-level emperor, he is not necessarily afraid of real swords and guns, but this is the territory of others. , Maybe some strong people will jump out, that's not good.

"Brother Zhao, don't you have to be reasonable?" Xie Nan smiled, and his face was not good.

"Fuck reasoning, I am now solemnly announcing again, no more reasoning! I now understand that your changes need to be imperceptible, simple reasoning is not enough!" Zhao Yuande's head shook like a rattle .

Suddenly he felt that he was not a good father who could educate his children. He thought of his lovely daughter again.

Her mothers have guessed it and watched it several times, which is not good!

He felt that after this trip to the East Emperor, he should accompany them well.

"Hey! Brother Zhao, where are we going? You're about to hit the wall!" Xie Nan saw Zhao Yuande's eyes a little trance, as if he had something to worry about, he quickly reminded.

Please, this is an escape, can you concentrate a little bit.


A cry of sorrow came from behind.

Immediately afterwards, they felt that they didn't know how many houses were suddenly destroyed by a terrible force, and the whole area wailed.

"Who the **** is it? Who dares to kill me with such courage, and for three days he closed the city and caught suspicious characters and killed them directly!" The voice was full of hatred and brutality.

"We don't know how many people have been killed this time, don't you feel guilty?" Xie Nan looked at Zhao Yuande and suddenly asked this question.

"Well! There is no guilt, no guilt. Cultivators are licking blood at the edge of the knife. They may be on the way to practice at any time. Even if it is not because of me, they may die one by one, and they can finally become a strong man. There are few!" Zhao Yuande smiled softly. "And, a cultivator who can cultivate to the Divine Emperor or even the Emperor, their one is not as lucky as the rainbow. The people just now can only say that they are not angry. Fortunately, even if I dont die today, I might die tomorrow. I just helped them realize the death ahead of time!"

"Your thoughts are so cold-blooded!" Xie Nan stopped Zhao Yuande and couldn't help shivering.

"This is the reality!" Zhao Yuande continued. "Even these **** emperors, **** emperors, and even immortals, they cannot live forever, maybe one day they will be inadvertently killed by the stronger, even me. I dont know if I will be alive tomorrow, so my cultivators must not be wronged if they want to be happy."

"Okay! Something you said is reasonable." Xie Nan was silent for a while, and suddenly said, "I have practiced with my father for ten years and never left his old man's side. If it's not for you today, maybe I'm still Will continue that life..."