Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 872

Chapter 872: The Power Of Time

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"Humph! I've known for a long time, you guys who are sneaky and don't dare to see anyone, let me die!" The three elders suddenly turned around and took a picture in the direction of Zhao Yuande.

"This old thing found us, **** it! Sister, you step back quickly and exit this valley." Zhao Yuande felt the power of this palm, and simply removed the cover of the spectacle mirror, and instead of retreating, he was crazy towards the three elders. Rushed over.

"Brother Zhao, be careful!" Xie Nan knows the strength of this group of people. Not only can he not help here, but it will also cause trouble to Zhao Yuande. He hurriedly turned and rushed out of the valley.

"Aww...little boy..." The horn saw Zhao Yuande clearly, and suddenly got some expectations in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande blasted out with a fist, the terrible breath like a landslide and tsunami hit the three elders, a huge black vortex slowly emerged from the void, and began to rotate wildly against the three elders.

"Hey! It's useless and useless! You are too weak to cultivate, and you can't hurt me even if you have the means of the sky!" Although the three elders were shocked by the magic of each other's moves, if they met a strong man in the early days of the Divine Emperor I am afraid it will really be sucked away by this huge black vortex, but it is invalid for him.

"Really! Then come the long punch!" Zhao Yuande's body had already rushed to within three feet at this time, and punched again at the three elders.

"Is Qian Qian's skill poor?" Although the three elders saw this punch, they were tough and overbearing, but it was only a punch in the flesh. Even if it was really hit on the body, it would not cause any harm to him. The power of heaven will suppress me! I will make your boy come and go."

The terrifying power of heaven and earth was instantly suppressed, and Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his actions had been greatly restricted, and his footsteps were no longer moving!

"Give me!"

In Zhao Yuande's body, there were two loud noises, and two bright stars lit up inside him at once. His flesh was instantly several times stronger. He strode directly over the distance of three feet in one stride, and his fist was away from the three elders. The chest is less than three feet away.

"Boy! You shocked me, what is your physique?" The three elders were shocked first, but immediately showed a smiley expression, "Let's wait for me to capture you and study it slowly! You still first Let's break this armor!"

A layer of star-shaped armor appeared outside the body of the three elders, and there was contempt on his face, and he was not afraid of Zhao Yuande's fist falling.

"Old guy, you're fooled!" Zhao Yuande's fist didn't move forward but opened all of a sudden, a bright silver brilliance shot from his palm, as if it were a crescent moon who was on the sky, shining on the earth, The wildness of the film was illuminated at once.

The meniscus swept and cut the pink mahogany box directly into two halves.

The mahogany box was shredded, the corner suddenly lost control, and the huge palm slapped several strong men close to him in a slap.

"Roar! You are all going to die, you are all going to die!" The horn was almost crazy, and two big hands slapped continuously. None of the strong men who attacked him fled, and they were all shot to death.

"Damn it! Damn it!" The three elders roared angrily, slaps towards Zhao Yuande and took the picture.

The attack of the three elders was angry, and there was no scrupulous consequence at all. It contained the Avenue of Heaven and Earth, the power of water, and an endless Wang Yang was suppressed from the void, and the entire wild land was instantly shrouded by this Wang Yang. 'S terrible power poured out frantically.

I dont know how many practitioners were instantly submerged by the terrifying Wang Yang, and a huge beast was squeezed into a cloud of blood mist by the terrible water force.


Zhao Yuande's body was struck by this terrible force, and he flew out instantly without knowing how much.

He opened his mouth wow wah wah, highlighted three bloods in a row, his face suddenly turned pale.

"Horn! Don't worry about others, stop him!" Zhao Yuande came out after vomiting blood and shouted at the horn.

"Dead!" The body of the horn stood up at once, and the horrible big feet stepped hard in the direction of the three elders.

The three elders' faces changed drastically, and they turned and fled.


The entire world of the East Emperor can feel a violent shock. This foot of the corner directly stepped out of a large pit with a radius of hundreds of feet, and the thick cracks spread infinitely outwards with the big pit as the center, as if it were one side Huge cobweb.

Zhao Yuande could not let the three elders run away. He resisted the huge pain in his chest, accelerated his figure, and chased away.

"Corner, don't let him run away!" Zhao Yuande shouted while chasing.

"Good!" The horn won, without the constraints of the stuff in the mahogany box, he did not have to worry about it, and took a big step. One step was hundreds of miles, and he caught up with the three elders in two steps.

The big hand of the horn crossed the sky like a mountain, and swept directly to the three elders.


The hurricane driven by the big hand almost blew the three elders away, and the three elders changed their face dramatically and turned again.

He even flew in the direction of Zhao Yuande, his eyes full of hatred, and raised a palm towards Zhao Yuande.

"Die to me!"

Zhao Yuande flicked his fingers, and an invisible strong wind struck the three elders.

"Well, I don't believe you can hurt me!" The three elders did not avoid flashing, and his palms were still photographed towards Zhao Yuande.

Seeing that the other party did not avoid flashing, Zhao Yuande's mouth suddenly smiled and shouted at the corner: "Come on, shoot him! Don't care about me!"

The horn heard Zhao Yuande's words, and the slap covering the sky and the sun was shot towards the three elders.

The three elders were hit by the invisible power of Zhao Yuande. Instead of feeling the powerful power, a strange power spread instantly.

The three elders suddenly felt that they could not move!

"What! The power of time!" The three elders roared desperately. He frantically mobilized the power in his body, trying to break free of this power.

At the next moment, this power disappeared, and the three elders had to show an excited expression on their faces in the future, and they felt that the world was dark, and a big slap covering the sky covered himself fiercely.

"No..." The three elders finally screamed, and the only thought in his mind was regret.

By the time the corner withdrew a large hand deep into the ground like a dozen feet, the three elders had turned into a small pool of blood in the big pit.

When the three elders died, the source of the water under his control dissipated into the invisible, and the flood of water disappeared instantly, and the whole world became clear.

"Corner! Are you okay!" Zhao Yuande looked at the panting corner with a smile.

"Little guy, thank you!" The horn gently leaned down and smiled at Zhao Yuande, "If it weren't for your arrival, I'm afraid they would be killed!"