Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 873

Chapter 873: Turns Out To Be True

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"Hang... wait a minute, I have to find my friend first, but can't let her die!" Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered Xie Nan, wondering if she was injured under the palm of the old man just now.

"Oh! I saw her!" The big hand of the horn pulled in one direction, took a huge mound in his hand, and gently placed it in front of Zhao Yuande.

"Cough..." Xie Nan rolled out of the dirt and coughed hard.

"Okay! Sister, come and meet my friend, horn!" Zhao Yuande patted her on the back and helped her straighten out the breath. Then he pointed to the horn and introduced to Xie Nan, "horn, this is mine Sister, Xie Nan!"

"Hello little guy!" Although the expression of the horn is kind, but in the eyes of Xie Nan, he is still a little scared.

She hid behind Zhao Yuande all at once, peeked at the big guy, and found that he was really not malicious. Then she turned to the corner and smiled embarrassedly, "Hello, corner!"

"Haha! Horn, your body is too big, can you become smaller, we have a good chat!" Zhao Yuande looked at the body of the horn, but only one toe is taller than them, and I might even have to speak three or four. Only one breath can reach each others ears, which is really inconvenient.

"Okay!" The horn sounded rumbling, the body shrunk and shrunk, and finally turned into a giant ten feet tall.

"Horn! How did you provoke this group of people? What kind of prohibition did they impose on you so that you can't move?" Zhao Yuande felt a little weird.

"Hey!" Jiao sighed heavily before he told Zhao Yuande what happened during this time.

It turned out that the horn had been sleeping in the holy spring before, but I did not expect that a large number of other forces from the Eastern Emperor World had developed into the depths of the wild.

Especially the Shadow Soul Sect, who wanted to occupy the Holy Spring, did not expect to wake up the horn.

The horn will naturally not agree to drive away the strong group of Shadow Soul Sect, and did not kill them.

This caused trouble, and the two elders of the Shadow Soul Sect learned of the existence of the horn and came to fight with the horn in person, but they were still defeated by the horn, and they fled in embarrassment.

However, after some time, they re-entered the soil. This time, with their serious injuries, they nailed a **** nail into the horned body.

At first, the horn felt that there was nothing wrong, but after he defeated this group of people again, he felt that the **** spikes began to drill toward his head.

Every time he wanted to take it out, he felt an unbearable pain that made him unable to move.

A few days later, the blood-colored spikes entered his head, and then the group of people came holding the mahogany box.

"Scarlet spikes...what is this?" Zhao Yuande had never heard of such a thing, and he couldn't help being curious, "horn, let me check it for you to see if I can take it out."

"Okay!" Jiao thought for a while, and nodded gently. If there is anyone in the world who can be trusted, there is only this little guy in front of him.

Zhao Yuande's soul penetrated into the body of the horn and entered his head all the way. Sure enough, he found a blood-red bug in a corner.

The bug felt Zhao Yuande's soul and rushed towards it.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a powerful crisis, and was so scared that he quickly recovered his soul.

"Little guy, how is it?" horn asked anxiously.

"The strength of this scarlet insect at least surpassed the spirit of the Divine Emperor, and there is no way to eliminate it with my cultivation." Zhao Yuande frowned and shook his head.

"Oh!" Horn's face was obviously lost.

"In fact, it is not impossible." He quickly sounded a man, Wan Yao!

"What way?" Jiao Yixi, very anxious on his face.

"Come on! Don't resist, let's go to another place." Zhao Yuande put his hand on the corner and Xie Nan's body, and then the three disappeared together.

At the next moment, all three people appeared in an empty space, which is the trial space of the Eternal Tower.

"The time flow rate here... seems to be much faster than the outside. Where is this place?" Xie Nan's eyes are shining. If he is practicing here, isn't it...

"Yes! This is a space for one of my treasures, the time flow rate is ten times faster than the outside, that is to say, I have practiced here for ten years, and the outside world has only passed one year. How can I be interested in practicing here for ten or eight years? , Maybe you will be invincible after you come out." Zhao Yuande laughed.

"No, I'm not interested. It's too boring to practice all the time!" Xie Nan shook his head quickly.

"Sister! Sister!" Zhao Yuande shouted in one direction.

"What to do, I just finished teaching that little naughty, and you will come after a short rest!" Wan Yao came out of the scroll impatiently, "Who are they? This big guy is so strong, he can't even repair it. I was that year! And this little girl, this physique... a pity!"

"Sister, don't talk much, today I'm here to ask you something." Zhao Yuande got up and said the cause and effect of the matter again.

"Brother! It's not that Sister doesn't help you. Sister's soul is still weak for countless years, and she is still a little weak, just barely reached the fairy realm. According to the strength of the red bug you said, I'm afraid I can't do anything!" Wan Yao shook his head gently.

"So what should I do?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help feeling sad when he looked at the corner. Zhao Yuande suddenly gleamed in his eyes and said inwardly, "Is he stupid!"

"Fine corner, I thought of how to help you solve it!" Zhao Yuande's face showed an excited look, "Go, let's go to another place!"

Zhao Yuande pulled the two again and appeared in front of a magnificent huge palace the next moment.

"This is..." When the corner saw this palace, his eyes suddenly showed an incredible look. His eyes larger than fists suddenly overflowed with tears, and his voice whimpered, "Woo! This is the palace of the Emperor Wa, I am finally back!

"It turns out to be true!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and he guessed that Wa was the Emperor Wa in the mouth of the horn. In this Wa Palace, there were people as strong as the old servants, who could help the horn to remove the blood-red worm.

"Little guy, why did you bring me here?" Jiao looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. He thought this little guy would surprise himself every time.

"Because I was admitted by the Emperor Wa, this is my palace!" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously, and said the result of making the stunned stunned.

"This... this is impossible! How could it be so coincident?" Horn touched his head, an unbelievable expression on his face.

And Xie Nan on the side was completely stunned!