Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 874

Chapter 874: Old Antique

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Who is the emperor Wa, and why has she never heard of it, but that is the most powerful congenital **** in ancient legends, I heard that it is still alive, this congenital god's palace was actually obtained by Zhao Yuande!

It seems that Dad's vision is really venomous, if he really marries this kind of person, this life is worth it!

"Come on! Sister, see Brother's Palace!" Zhao Yuande waved to the two and took them to the high steps of the palace.

"Welcome to your master!" The old servant is still so old, and the child still looks so young.

"You... you are... horn! How did you unlock the seal?" The afterglow of the old servant's eyes swept over the horn's face, and he was shocked.

"Indifferent, you are not dead!" The horn was surprised when he saw the old servant.

"You will die, old man, I don't know how chic I live!" The old servant glared at his beard, and he didn't like to listen to the horns.

"Huh! Master, your old man seems to be a habitual offender, and I lied to a lot of tears last time!"

"Little Bunny..." The old servant blows his beard and glares, and when he goes up, he will grab the child's collar.

"Old guy, you're afraid that I won't succeed!" The little boy also pulled away.

"Okay, I am in a hurry this time, and the corner has been cast by a mysterious bug!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped the master-apprentice war.

"What! Come with me quickly!" The crowd just walked into the Wa Palace, and the old servant suddenly remembered something, and said to the little boy beside him, "Today, a drop of condensate has just been produced in the Shenlong Pond. A drop of magic liquid is taken to the master."

"Yes! Master!" The child hurried to get it.

"What's the matter?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"It is a product of the Shenlong Pond. It can produce three drops in 100,000 years. It has a very powerful effect on the human soul. I estimate that if the master uses this drop of condensate to practice, it should be promoted to the fairy within a month. Early stage!" The old servant touched the white whiskers under his jaw.

"What, there is such a thing against the sky?" Zhao Yuande almost jumped up in excitement. If his own soul can be powerful to the fairyland, then his combat power will also rise, and maybe he can help the corner to take out after a month. Scarlet bugs.

"I don't know, how has the Wa Palace been restored recently?" Zhao Yuande was most concerned about this issue.

"According to the current progress, it will take about 3.796 billion years to completely repair the Wa Palace!" The old servant answered this number expressionlessly, almost choking to death Zhao Yuande.

"Is there no way to hurry up?" Zhao Yuande didn't give up.

"Yes, if I find the materials I gave to the master, as long as I find one, I can increase the speed a lot!" said the old servant.

"Okay! The material names you gave me, I haven't heard any of them. Where did you tell me to find them?" Zhao Yuande said helplessly.

"There should be two or three kinds of immortal world, and there may be one on an island near the chaotic sea..." The old servant knows where these materials are, but he can hear Zhao Yuande shaking his head straight. These places also need at least the fairy king. He cant go now.

"Okay! Stop it, now let's discuss the problem of the lower corner..." Zhao Yuande said the situation of the corner to the old servant carefully.

The old servant heard frowning constantly.

"This seems to be a kind of magical art of the Demon Palace, how could it appear in the Eastern Emperor Great World, is the Devil Palace also born?" The old servant muttered in a low voice.

"Indifferent, can you help me take it out?" Jiao looked at the old servant with some expectation.

"I can do it naturally, but it's easy to take out. It's even harder to restore the injury!" The old servant frowned. "This **** has already eaten part of your soul. If you take it out now, your soul will be Great loss, the realm will fall again and again, maybe it will become a fool."

"This..." Jiao suddenly hesitated. "If you don't, don't take it!"

"If you don't take it, within a year, your soul will be eaten by it, and it will become a new you for you!" The old servant's words are not amazing.

"His!" Everyone could not help but take a breath, and then they had an understanding of this kind of magic, and after that, it was a deep fear.

When Zhao Yuande remembered that his soul had dived into the sea of consciousness, the bloodworm's heavy hostility towards himself suddenly felt a chill.

"Can the Ning Shenye help the horn to recover the soul?" Zhao Yuande suddenly grasped the key to the matter.

"Naturally! But..." The old servant hesitated.

"There is nothing wrong with it. Take out what kind of **** to the horn immediately and give him the condensate liquid. I'm not in a hurry!" Zhao Yuande instantly weighed the pros and cons and made this decision!

"But..." The old servant hesitated. "But this gel is too precious. If the horn is taken, you can just master..."

"My training is a qualification. Sooner or later, I will enter the realm sooner or later. After taking it, it can only be regarded as the icing on the cake, and the corner is a charcoal in the snow! Am I the master, if yes, hurry and follow my words. There are a lot of things waiting for the corner to help me." Zhao Yuande said a little harshly. "Don't you want to delay my big event?"

"The old slave didn't dare, and the old slave would help the corner to get rid of the gods." Although the old servant was sincere and afraid, Zhao Yuande's ability to do so was completely beyond his expectations. In addition, but it is reasonable to think about it carefully, even if you can follow such a master and old servant.

"Xiaojia... No! Master, thank you!" Jiao looked at Zhao Yuande. He knew that Zhao Yuande had given up the opportunity to promote himself to help himself. He was originally a member of the Emperor Wa, and now it is reasonable to call him Master Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! Jiao, you are not used to calling me like this, or you call me 14!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at Jiao. This big guy was very close to himself. From the beginning, his coincidence helped him escape. When the wilderness later saved himself, and this time he met, he already regarded him as a friend.

"Okay! Fourteen!" The horn is also a person who is not good at expressing, just focusing on the head.

"Corner, come here, enter this pool of water, and let many dragons help you suppress the blood in your body, and I will help you take out the gods!" The old servant stepped into the pool in the hall with the horn.

"Zhao... Brother Zhao, here... is it really the Wa Palace?" Xie Nan still couldn't believe it and quietly took Zhao Yuande's sleeve and asked.

"What do you think?" Zhao Yuande looked at her with a smile.

"Then... who the **** are you?" Xie Nan's eyes were full of curiosity.

"Guess?" Zhao Yuande just smiled.

"I guess, you are an old antique, but you like to dress up tenderly! It's really funny to just call you brother like you. You're afraid that you are older than that desert!" Xie Nan's eyes showed doubt, right As Zhao Yuande looked up and down, his eyes looked like an old man with white hair.