Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 875

Chapter 875: Liaise With Major Forces

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"Uh! You guessed it. Actually, Im a million years old. Ive been bored recently and I want to find a wife. Im good to see you, so I brought you, so dont leave. Help me here. A lot of children..." Zhao Yuande chuckled.

"Really?" Xie Nan heard Zhao Yuande's words, instead of making trouble, but his eyes were bright, but she suddenly changed a little dimly, she said, "This is not impossible, but if you want to marry me, you have to Ask my dad first, his elders agreed that you still have to pick him up! By the way, as well as my younger brothers, they also have to pick up...Finally, can I ask, we have fewer children... My father said that having a baby is very painful. When my mother gave birth to me, it was because of the pain..."

Zhao Yuande started to find it interesting, but the more the other party said the more beautiful the expression on his face.

"No! No! Sister, you are a sister! How can I marry me, I just said to play!" Zhao Yuande quickly waved his hand, he felt he was in trouble.

"Haha! Brother Zhao, I just teased you!" Xie Nan saw Zhao Yuande's embarrassed expression on his face, and he couldn't help but laughed. She laughed back and forth and burst into tears.

But in this smile, a faint loss can be seen.

Zhao Yuande didn't dare to have such a thought at this time. He now has five wives, one of whom has a lovely daughter left. The headache is that at this time there is a Yimeng waiting for himself in the fairy world...

"You girl, this kind of joke is not allowed to be opened again!" Zhao Yuande scratched Xie Nan's nose and smiled at him, "Go! I will show you the palace of Xiwa, if you want to stay here, I will leave you a place..."

"Really? Then I want to take a good look..."


Zhao Yuande took Xie Nan to hang out in Wa Palace, telling how he successfully seized the identity of Wa Wa Palace, the little girl listening to the star, and almost admired Zhao Yuande's five-body.


Suddenly there was a scream from the corner of the pool.


Immediately afterwards, a rat-like cry came out, and the body of a blood-red worm suddenly swelled into a blood-colored giant snake, and he wanted to take off.

"Illness, let me die!" The old servant pressed the palm of his hand, and the entire Wa Palace suddenly seemed to be frozen. The blood-red giant snake fell to the ground like a dead thing.

"Boom!" The big slap of the horn slapped the blood-red giant snake on the ground into a pool of blood mud.

"Apprentice, quickly give Ning Shenye to the horn suit..."


One day later, Zhao Yuande took the horn and Xie Nan and left the Wa Palace.

The removal of the hidden danger of the horn is also a blessing due to misfortune. Instead of weakening his soul, he has slightly improved under the action of the condensate, and the state of stagnation for hundreds of millions of years has also been loosened at this time. Can be promoted to the infinite realm (realm realm).

The horn is a life created by the Emperor Wa 10,000 years ago. Although it has an endless life, it is relatively stupid. The rate of progress in cultivation is even slower than that of the turtle. In addition, after making mistakes, it was locked by the Emperor Wa. Cultivation is stagnant.

He was rescued by Zhao Yuande now.

Before Zhao Yuande left, the old servant quietly found him and told him that it would be better to return the horn after the work was done.

Zhao Yuande was puzzled and asked what the old servant meant.

The old servant told Zhao Yuande another way to improve the restoration of the Wa Palace, that is, to grab more powerful beings, send them in, and use them to repair the Wa Palace.

Zhao Yuande said that this matter still needs the consent of Jiao, and the old servant can only help to ask him in person.

Jiao immediately expressed his willingness to return to Wa Palace, because this was his home.

They returned to the wild.

"Horn, do you know what the two Shadow Soul Sect's masters are doing?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"It should be the pinnacle of true and false realm (fairy realm). Although they can't beat me, they are tricky! They can also work together to perform that terrible kind of divine magic." The horn is also considered to be bitten by a snake for ten years. When he mentioned these two people, he felt a little scared.

Zhao Yuande naturally saw the horn's emotions, and he couldn't help frowning secretly. Now, if he wants to rely on the horn to deal with the Shadow Soul Sect, it is simply unrealistic, and he still has to unite the major forces together.

"Let's go, let's contact the major forces!" Zhao Yuande first looked at the direction of the North Wild God Mountain in the north.

In order to save time, Zhao Yuande put the corner into the trial space, and then came to the nearest city to take the teleportation array to the first stop of the North Wild God Mountain.

They had just transported to a city close to Beihuangshen Mountain, and they found the tense atmosphere here. It turned out that the army of Shadow Soul Sect pressed the territory and issued an ultimatum to Beihuangshen Mountain, asking them to submit.

Zhao Yuande looked at the army of cultivators of the Shadow Soul Sect, and suddenly showed a shocked color. There are more than a dozen gods and emperors alone, and there are hundreds of **** emperors. No wonder they dare to come directly to suppress the strength of the barren mountain to the north. Can't resist it at all!

But what makes Zhao Yuande's face ugly is that many of these army of cultivators are local forces. He knows a lot of super big sect masters, and even he saw Jiang Lanfeng of the Jiang family!

He started to be very angry, but soon thought of their situation. Jiang Family is located in the middle of the middle domain, but it is the most advanced attack of the Shadow Soul Sect. With the strength of the Jiang Family, it is impossible to fight the Shadow Soul Sect. A confrontation can only be destroyed, so if you want to survive, you must surrender.

Zhao Yuande quietly got in touch with Jiang Lanfeng. Upon questioning, the situation was exactly the same as he imagined. There was no way for him to let the Jiang family lurking in the team first.

Of course, Jiang Lanfeng also brought good news to Zhao Yuande, that is, some of their many surrender strengths have formed an alliance, and they can fight back at a critical moment.

This made Zhao Yuande temporarily change the decision to let the horn break through this group of cultivators, and he had a plan in his mind. He wanted to contact all the big forces to make a big counterattack. The eradication of the land of the Emperor's World allowed the local forces of the East Emperor's World to regain control of the East Emperor's World.

The Northern Wild God Mountain now has a strong defensive formation. They can't break it in a short period of time. As long as the strong man above the Divine Emperor does not take action, I am afraid that even if the siege lasts for three or five months, the other party can persist.