Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 876

Chapter 876: Water Spirit Fire Spirit

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When Zhao Yuande heard it, he suddenly let go.

He quietly sneaked under the Beihuang Shenshan Mountain, through the special communication method of the Beihuang Shenshan, contacted the strong among them, and set a signal with them to counterattack in the future.

Beihuang Shenshan naturally believed in Zhao Yuande's aunt. They were shocked by the super luxury lineup at the time of Zhao Yuande's wedding banquet. Even if Zhao Yuande said that a slap could destroy Shadow Soul Sect, they would also believe unconditionally.

After Zhao Yuande contacted Beihuang Shenshan, he went non-stop, Ji Family, Water God Palace, Ten Thousand Palace, Nanhai Sword League...

After all these forces have been contacted, Zhao Yuande is a little bit worried. Among these forces, there is a strong emperor of the emperor, but there is no strong presence beyond the emperor. The two powerful immortals in the Shadow Soul Sect can't deal with it now. It is unrealistic to rely on the corner alone.

In case the two of them escaped, I am afraid that the next big disaster!

"Are you going to Wanjie City for help? Looking for a strong man in Xianren Realm to shoot?" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "This is obviously unrealistic. Except that the vital interests are harmed, who will hate this force. They are all big families, and they are even more worried that their forces will be retaliated against by the other party."

"Actually there is another guy in the wild, I met it last time, as long as you..." Horn said at this time.

"What you said is water spirit?" Zhao Yuande heard the more familiar.

"Yes! It's him!" Jiao nodded affirmatively.

"What is water spirit?" Xie Nan on the side was a little curious.

In the past few days, she finally understood Zhao Yuande's true identity, that is, the world's first gourmet owner Zhao Yuande, who is known throughout the East Emperor's Great World. After knowing Zhao Yuande's true identity, she was not aware of everything that happened to Zhao Yuande. Surprised.

The legend of this guy has been circulating in the Crushed Star City for a long time. The legendary **** is the kind of person who can pick up peerless treasures when walking. If ordinary things happen to him, it will be abnormal.

The name Shui Ling attracted Xie Nan, she was indeed a little curious.

"Shui Ling is... Hey, you will know when you see it!" Zhao Yuande deliberately bought a pass.

"Brother! Brother Zhao! Just tell me..." Xie Nan is the kind of person who is extremely curious. If there is something she can't help, it must be thoroughly investigated.

"No! No! No, no!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, already accustomed to her coquetry, and already had some resistance.

"Brother Zhao..."


"Huh! I don't ask you, I'll ask Brother Horn!"

The horn is the kind of person who is silent, and finally Xie Nan finally defeated, and she was somewhat depressed and depressed.

"I'm tempering your will. As a girl, you need to know restraint, to..." Zhao Yuande took the time to correct this mistake for this little girl.

Xie Nan pouted constantly, saying he didn't believe it at all!

But in her heart, she was a little touched. At least since she came out with Zhao Yuande, her temper has been suppressed and her domineering has been changed by the other party.

In front of Zhao Yuande, she could not be overbearing, and she did not dare to lose her temper. Dont look at her seemingly weak against Zhao Yuande, but she was still afraid of him.

On the wild land, a huge mountain is in the sky, and a pool of quiet water is not panic.

Standing in front of the clear water, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of the scene of meeting the water spirit here.

In the past, when I faced the two world powers, I was trembling, and now I can already fight against the God Emperor powerfully. This is only a few years later.

At that time, he promised Shui Ling to help him out of danger. He didn't expect to stand here in a blink of an eye. He already had this ability.

"Shui Ling! Come out!" Zhao Yuande shouted loudly at the water pool, and he didn't respond for a long time.

He sent a voice again, but the result was still unresponsive.

"Did this guy get out of trouble?" Zhao Yuande wondered.

"I'm afraid this guy is asleep. You can't wake up like this. Do you want me to help?" the corner of the side asked.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to nod.

I only saw that the body of the horn grew bigger and bigger, and finally turned into a giant stone giant.

One of his arms was almost as thick as the waterhole. He dived directly into the waterhole, groped for a while, and finally pulled upward.


When a huge sound of water came, I saw that the big hand of the horn grabbed a huge turtle hard and lifted it up. If it were not locked by a few thick metal chains, the turtle was pulled directly out of the water.

"Roar! Who is it? Who disturbs my dream!" Shui Ling woke up with a burst of roar.

The whole world of the tremor was a tremor of tremor. Zhao Yuande hurriedly blocked Xie Nan and blocked the kind of voice that rushed to her, otherwise Xie Nan's repair might be directly bleed by the seven holes of the earthquake.

Even so, Xie Nan felt uncomfortable. He just felt a depression in his chest and almost spit out a bit of blood.

"It's me!" The voice of the horn overwhelmed the voice of Shuiling and put it back into the water.

"Huh, Stone Man, how could you be? You are not being chased and killed, are you dying?" Shui Ling just woke up from her sleep, looking at the corner with surprise, "You, you are well, how are you?" Taken out of the gods? Its terrible if you dont get it right. What nobles have you met?"

Unexpectedly, this water spirit is really well-informed, and even knows the mystery of the magic.

"Shui Ling, remember me?" Zhao Yuande stepped forward.

"Little, are...that, the reincarnation of Zhou? Your cultivation base is..." Shui Ling looked at Zhao Yuande in surprise, "You have survived the field tribulation? Are you dead? The old spirit of Wanshan Has the cargo soared?"

"You just died. I lived so well. How could I die!" Zhao Yuande thought that the water spirit brain was broken. When he met, he asked people that you were not dead, that you were about to die.

"Hi Hi! Xiao Lao'er is so excited, since you are not dead, that's great, it seems that I'm out of danger!" Shui Ling rubbed his two big paws, smiling at Zhao Yuande's flattering smile, " Dont be angry, brother, Im just too excited!"

"I came to help you recover your freedom this time." Zhao Yuande's face looked good.

"What? Can you cut off this chain?" Shui Ling's glasses were obviously lit up, like two bright moons, and he put his head in front of Zhao Yuande, his expression excited, and his whole body was shaking.

"Can you close your mouth, your mouth is stinky!" Zhao Yuande reluctantly covered his nose. Last time he saw Shui Ling, he was almost smoked by it.