Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 877

Chapter 877: Treasure Of The Innate God

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"Hey! Good!" Shui Ling covered his mouth, but a pair of eyes looked at Zhao Yuande without blinking, and he was a little dazed.

"I can save you, but I still have a small condition." Zhao Yuande introduced the topic.

"What conditions? As long as I can do it, I will promise you." Although Shui Ling gave Zhao Yuande a congenital gourd last time, he knew that it was far from enough for his freedom, and the other party must have other demands.

"Help us get rid of Shadow Soul Sect!" Zhao Yuande said the real purpose of this trip.

"No... no!" Shui Ling subconsciously shivered. He was a little scared. "You don't know what power is behind the Shadow Soul Sect, you can't play with this matter!"

"Isn't it the Devil Palace? Is it worth your fuss?" Zhao Yuande said that although the old servant said the name Devil Palace, he didn't know what kind of power this was.

"So you know!" Shui Ling's head shook like a rattle. "The Devil Palace is the spokesperson of the Devil Realm in the lower realm. Although it cannot be said that it is the most powerful force in the lower realm, it is also in the top three. You call me To provoke them, why not let me go."

"Oh! That's what it is!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled. "Others are afraid of the Demon Palace, but I'm not afraid! In this way, you help me deal with the Shadow Soul Sect, and I guarantee you no harm."

"Huh! Keep me safe, the power of the Demon Palace is all over the lower realm, and I can't escape wherever I go!" Shui Ling still shook his head.

"How about I send you like fairyland? I have a brother in fairyland, and I can definitely protect you." Zhao Yuande wanted to say the imperial emperor Zhang Jiyang, but he didn't say it when he thought about it. After a million years, it may be a bit uncomfortable to speak out.

"No! I don't go to Immortal Realm, I want to go to the Pantheon!" Shui Ling's face yearned, "The Pantheon is my final destination."

"Otherwise, how about I send you to the Pantheon?"

"Fourteen, don't be so troublesome, you can just send him into the Wa Palace." The corner urn said on the side.

"What! Are you talking about Wa Palace?" Shui Ling's eyes suddenly glared, more than doubled than before.

"Good! Fourteen is now the new owner of Wa Palace, as long as you promise to help, Wa Palace is not difficult." Jiao replied lightly.

"I depend! Stoneman, why didn't you say that early!" If it weren't for the chains on his body, the water spirit would almost jump up excitedly, "I agreed, Wa Palace is the place where all the legendary beasts in the legend yearn, The Pantheon is a hundred times stronger than shit!"

Zhao Yuande said silently in his heart, if you know that the Wa Palace is close to breaking now, I dont know what would you think? Jiao Jiao looked quite honest. I didnt expect that pitting people would be even more ruthless than me. I wonder if Shui Ling would go crazy if he entered Wa Palace.

"Hey! By the way, there are not many places in the Wa Palace, or take my brother!" Shui Ling is a loyal fellow, "My brother is a fire spirit, stronger than me, and it is destroyed. The Shadow Soul Sect should not be a problem!"

"Good!" How could Zhao Yuande not agree, the two guys were willing to jump into the fire pit, and he couldn't stop it.

But Zhao Yuande also thought about it, these two guys also suffered a period of time in the Wa Palace, and when I gathered the materials to repair the Wa Palace, they should be able to enjoy the welfare of the Wa Palace!

Thinking this way, Zhao Yuande felt a little relieved.

Zhao Yuande's palms spread out, and a small well appeared in the palm of his hand, discussing the bright moon rising from the well.

The bright silver brilliance suddenly illuminates the entire sky, suppressing the scorching sun in the sky.

"Wow! Wow!"

Several sounds of iron chains falling to the ground sounded, and the chains on Shuiling were all cut off by this round of the moon.

"This...Jing Zhongyue!" Shui Ling only felt the chills in his body, and his eyes showed fear and shock.

"Why? You also know Jingzhongyue? But don't talk nonsense!" Zhao Yuande slowly grasped his palm, and the bright moon slowly disappeared between heaven and earth.

Zhao Yuande took a deep breath and calmed down some of the auras in the lower body. Just now he had extracted at least two-thirds of his spiritual power, so he would have such a powerful power.

This blow, with a long accumulation time, can only be used to cut dead objects. If it is used for combat, I am afraid that it has been killed long before. I dont know how many times.

"No... I won't talk nonsense!" Shui Ling took a subconscious step back, and his huge body was trembling.

Jing Zhongyues fierce name is very clear in his mind, but it can cut off the weapons of the more terrible monsters in the sea of chaos, but he did not expect it to fall into the hands of this little guy, and he is still the owner of the Wa Palace. I am afraid that luck has exceeded the many immortal emperors in the past and the past, and the future achievements are limitless, and he can absolutely follow his side with unlimited future.

Now it doesn't matter whether it can enter the Wa Palace or not. The boy's luck is like a rainbow, and even if he is in danger, he will be violent, and the Devil Palace can't help him even if he has a great ability.

Zhao Yuande was very slow at this time. He dived into the water along the chain and directly found the end of the chain. He found that the chain was tens of thousands of meters long.

"Eternal gold, one of the strongest metals in the heavens and the world, cannot bear fairy spirit..."

Zhao Yuande was dumbfounded at seeing this introduction. The strongest metal, but unable to carry any spirit of fairy spirits, is simply tasteless!

But if it is collected, it is good to build a cage to close people or beasts! Take care of him, collect it and talk!

Zhao Yuande cut all four chains of eternal fine gold into his own space.

"Brother, please come out! You can't take the things under the water pool for a while." Zhao Yuande just wanted to find out what the treasure protected by the water spirits was, and heard the sound of the water spirit.

Zhao Yuande saw something like a door handle in the deep mud of the water pool. He swept away the mud at the bottom of the pool with a wave, and suddenly a gray-grey gate appeared. The gate was densely engraved with mysterious runes. There is a very powerful force that prevents Zhao Yuande from approaching.

"What's in this gate?" Zhao Yuande felt that he couldn't get close to the gate with his own strength. He could only give up helplessly, stirring the mud under the water to cover the gate again, and then returned to the shore.

"It was a treasure of a congenital god, but no one has been able to open it after the endless years. When I was wandering around the world of the East Emperor, I was caught by the old guy and let me help him to keep it here, Dont let people explore this treasure. And after so many years, the old guy never came back, and he didnt know if he was dead!" Shui Ling said of this face-faced anger, whoever was caught inexplicably and then in There is no end to the years, no one will be happy.