Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Void Thunder

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There is no retreat behind, and everyone can only walk towards the altar step by step.

For Zhao Yuande, the first sixteenth ranks had no resistance at all. It seemed that a master of the same realm was confronting him through imposing momentum, and the crushing was not discussed.

At the beginning of the seventeenth order, the pressure became slightly higher, but it still had no effect on Zhao Yuande.

By the time he stepped up to the thirty-third level, he finally understood what the pressure was given to.

This is clearly the master of the same realm and you wrestling, starting with loose training, followed by outer disciples, inner disciples, elite disciples, true disciples, personal disciples...

As long as you are strong enough to sweep across the realm, then you can easily step on the ninety-nine steps and take away the treasures above!

Having reached this conclusion, Zhao Yuande was not in a hurry. Judging from his experience, the other six people could not reach the level of invincibility of the same rank, no matter how hard they jumped, they could not reach the top.

So he simply slowed down his footsteps, and felt the pressure passed on his head step by step, using these pressures to stimulate the potential in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of cultivation.

At this time, Yin and Black Bear's two rivals have already begun to struggle. Yin can't stop at the 58th level. He only felt that the pressure on his head was too great. The power consumed by each step made him unbearable. There was no way to control him. Only temporarily sit down cross-legged, take out the Elixir and stare at the strong pressure to restore his own spiritual power.

And the black bear is not much better. It stops at the 61st level. Although he glanced at Yin with contempt, he couldn't look at it one by one, but the other party had already closed his eyes and sat down, not at all excited by it.

In desperation, the black bear had to fight with the other party to consume, sitting on the steps, but also took out the immortality medicine and thrust it into his mouth.

The body of light lingers in Yi Jie, every step is very solid, but the speed is not slow or slow, but has also reached the thirty-sixth order continuously.

Although Jiang Tianyue is not weak, and has a special physique, but the increase in combat effectiveness is still relatively low. After reaching the 32nd level, he can no longer move forward.

This blow to her self-esteem gave her a strong sense of urgency. She was victorious and had a deep desire for power. She knew that her personal strength is everything. Without strength, she could not be recognized by her family. It is even harder for practicing!

Li Tian's situation is similar to that of Jiang Tianyue, with the same emotion in his heart.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was not in a hurry, and he had reached the 32nd floor of the ground, beside Jiang Tianyue. He sat cross-legged and felt the pressure here.

Jiang Tianyue saw that Zhao Yuande was completely unprepared for herself, and she couldn't help but think of killing the other party, but when her palm quietly stretched out to fall on top of Zhao Yuande's head, an abusive voice came from her ear.

"Miss Jiang, we have no injustice in the past and no revenge in recent days, not to mention that we are still companions, do you decide to do this?"

Jiang Tianyue felt a terrible breath at this moment. As long as her palm was moved down a bit, she would definitely be subjected to the most terrifying attack. She hurriedly retracted her palm in fright, and her body hurriedly distanced from Zhao Yuandela.

"You...I...I don't mean that!" Jiang Tianyue hurriedly explained, trying to hide his killing intention.

Zhao Yuande did not speak, but continued to calm down.


Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a little hungry in his stomach!

This feeling hasn't come for a long time, are you going to be hungry again?

He hurriedly took out a panacea from the storage space. This is a "Taiqing golden pill", which was originally used by the domain powerful to refine the flesh, so that the flesh can withstand the expansion of the world in the body.

The terrible energy contained in this immortal medicine, even if a strong man in a yin and yang environment can't bear it, he is now ready to eat it!

Especially Jiang Tianyue next to him, his eyes widened at this time, what was he going to do with this panacea? Is it to be eaten? Isn't he afraid of being burst into a terrible aura instantly?


Sure enough, as Zhao Yuande thought, a strong sense of hunger surged up, and there seemed to be a hungry tiger roaring in his body.

Zhao Yuande directly threw the Taiqing Golden Medlar Pill into the mouth, and the pill slipped into the abdomen along with the throat.


The panacea exploded like a bomb in his abdomen, and the horrible and indescribable wave of terrible spiritual power instantly expanded, propelling his entire person instantly dozens of times.

He seemed to be a huge balloon, squeezing Jiang Tianyue directly from the thirty-second order.

Everyone looked at this situation and was shocked and unable to speak. Only Black Bear and Yi Jie had taken the strange habit of Zhao Yuande for a long time. They didnt worry about Zhao Yuande, but had a kind of hidden expectation. I didnt know if this guy could What kind of big move.


There was a thunderous roar in Zhao Yuande's body, which was a powerful spiritual force violently breaking through barriers and breaking through shackles.

Most of the spiritual power is absorbed by the black hole at this moment. After the black hole is absorbed, gentle spiritual power slowly flows out from it, as if a transformation has been made, making the spiritual power more suitable for control.

Jiang Tianyue, who was pushed down the steps, looked at Zhao Yuande with a very complicated expression. The other party's terrible practice method she had never heard of before, could he really break that terrible boundary and successfully advance to the realm?

If this is the case, his value is far more than Yin Yin, I want to...

Just as Jiang Tianyue was thinking wildly, there was a terrible sound of thunder in the sky above him.

A thunderous thunder rushed towards Zhao Yuande, who had a huge body.

"What! Actually ignited Sky Lei, and it is the Void Thunder!" Li Tian squatted directly on the steps in shock. He heard the master say that there would be interference only when the Peerless Demon broke through the Void Thunder!

He suddenly felt the correctness of his choice, as long as Zhao Yuande is not dead, there must be a day to take off!

"Hey! Bald man, you said he was so big this time, would he be in trouble?" The black bear took the ring that was going to pass him by heartlessly.

"Can he have something? No matter if you die! I... you are a black blind man, you broke my Zen heart protector!" I gnawed my teeth at the black bear and wished I could kill him!

He had just walked on the steps just now, that is a kind of Buddhism mystic Zen body protector relying on the Tianchen Temple. The most taboo of this mystic technique is discouragement. Just a moment ago, he suddenly removed all the condensed Buddha power, Shoot him down from the high clouds!

"Black blind man! You and I are never finished!" Yi Jie's Zen heart protector disappeared. The mountainous pressure suddenly struck him, and he was almost staggered, almost rolling down the steps directly.

"Hey! Bald man, you can't blame me, you didn't say it in advance!" The black bear also felt a little embarrassed, hey smirked.