Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 880

Chapter 880: Different Ideas

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At this time, Zhao Yuande also joined the ordinary battlefield and began to kill the disciples of Shadow Soul Sect.

Because the Shadow Soul Sect hasnt built a mountain gate here, there is no such thing as a defensive lineup, and they dont even think that there are two strong men who surpassed the God Realm to sit here, and some people dare to come here and make a big move attack.

Therefore, the arrival of several superpowers this time brought disaster to the Shadow Soul Sect.

And at this time, in the far north, there was a terrifying battle between a large number of powerful people who surrounded the Beihuangshen Mountain. The powerful forces led by the Jiang family and several other families united with the Beihuangshen Mountain to attack the Shadow Soul inside and outside. In the camp of Zong, in just a short half hour, all the strong men of the Shadow Soul Sect were destroyed here.

Several large families, including the Jiang Family of the Northern Wilderness God Mountain, formed a coalition and began to sweep around the forces of the Shadow Soul Sect around.

The whole world of the East Emperor was boiling up at this moment, and the countless endless cultivation had been shot at this time, as long as the people who saw the Shadow Soul Sect all hurt the killer.

Even some aliens were unpredictable at this time, because they were suspected to be the running dogs of the Shadow Soul Sect.

For a time, the whole world of the Eastern Emperor, the foreign alien forces, some people were panicked at this time, I wonder if the powerful coalition forces will find them.

After a long and fierce battle, with the help of the horn, he successfully killed the old man in red, and then the three surpassed the powerful existence of the **** emperor, and instantly killed the old man in black. So far, the power of the Shadow Soul Sect is in the east. The emperor's world disappeared completely.

But Zhao Yuande was not a little happy at this time. He led a few super powers and water spirits and horns to search for the location of the person he just tracked.

Eventually, the dismantled formation was found, and there were still a lot of hidden traces of the powerful.

Zhao Yuande was sure that these people were ambushing himself, and his mood became heavy.

It seems that no matter what you do in the future, you must be careful, otherwise you will probably be seized the opportunity.

The victory of the local forces of the Eastern Emperor Great World is a serious warning to the outsiders. The three powerful powerful emperors of the Divine Emperor openly stated that if something like the Shadow Soul Sect happened, they would not hesitate to take all All foreign forces are emptied.

This also made all foreign forces begin to tremble, they began to supervise and remind each other.

East Emperor Great World is also considered to have re-entered the quiet period.

"Little guy, you promised to do our business." Everything was over, and Shui Ling looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes showing expectation.

Fire Spirit also looked forward to it, and even breathing was a bit heavy at this time.

Jiao looked at Zhao Yuande silently, and he felt that Zhao Yuande's trouble was coming.

"Yes, absolutely no problem." Zhao Yuande smiled, and with his big sleeves, he brought three huge objects directly to the huge steps of the Wa Palace.

"This... this... is really the Wa Palace, I can feel the richness of the source gas!" Shui Ling's excited body was shaking.

"Huh, but why do I think that the imperial palace's momentum is magnificent, but it's weird?" Huo Ling frowned slightly, and looked at Zhao Yuande's face with doubt.

"Hey! Senior Huo Ling, after endless years, the Emperor Wa and her old man left to the depths of the Chaos Sea. This Wa Palace is in disrepair and naturally a little..." Zhao Yuande smiled a little embarrassedly.

"Hi, brother, don't care about these, these are trivial things! There is always a day to repair the Wa Palace, do we still care about this time? Hurry up and take a look, I heard that there is the blood of our ancestors, Xuanwu Emperor's bloodline relatives!" Shui Ling could not wait any longer.

"Yes! As long as this legend is true, if the blood brother of the Xuanwu Emperor is willing to give us a drop of essential blood, we are considered to be a good result!" Huo Ling's eyes are bright as stars, he is excited, "I am willing to This drop of essential blood gives everything!"

"I am willing too!" Shui Ling nodded hurriedly.

"Haha! Master, you found two coolies so quickly!" At this time the gate of Wa Palace was slowly opened, and the old servant and the child slowly came out from inside.

"Brother?" Shui Ling and Huo Ling felt something was not right at the same time. They turned their heads together and looked at Zhao Yuande, their eyes showing doubt.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande coughed lightly, blinked at the old servant, and said solemnly, "Don't talk nonsense, what is coolie, these two are my friends, they just want to see Xuanwu Heir is a blood relative, only a drop of essential blood is required!"

Zhao Yuande said while thinking about the old servant and the child winking.

The old servant immediately understood, packed with a chuckled smile: "So this is the case, then please go inside, please!"

Shui Ling and Huo Ling brothers took a long breath, nodded and entered the Wa Palace with everyone.

"Xuanwu heirloom indeed has one of us here, but if you want to ask for his blood, you have to be mentally prepared, and it will cost you a lot!" The old servant laughed, his eyes showing a hint of cunning. .

"As long as this ancestor is willing to give us, our brothers are willing to give everything!" Huo Ling heard that there was really such a person, his eyes lit up, and hurriedly expressed his attitude.

"Oh! Two seniors, go in by yourself! I have something to go out to solve first!" Zhao Yuande nodded gently to the old servant, then looked at the corner and asked him, "Corner, you want to stay at Wa The palace is still going out with me?"

"I was originally part of the Wa Palace, and I want to stay to contribute to the Wa Palace." The horn nodded solemnly.

"Okay! I'm gone now!" Zhao Yuande left the Wa Palace without waiting for others to say anything.

He wasn't very embarrassed to stay here. For a while, if the water spirit and the fire spirit knew to do the coolie in the Wa Palace, he didn't know what kind of grudges that eyes would be. .

But what Zhao Yuande didnt know is that the real idea of such beasts as the Water Spirit and the Fire Spirit, as long as they are given enough benefits, its not a big deal for them to work hard. They are so long-lasting that they can live with the world. Shou, if they give them the hope of promotion, they will only be happy to let them do a bit of hard work.

Zhao Yuande, who resolved this matter, was also relieved.

He took Xie Nan back to the Broken Star City, originally wanted to return it to Zhao, but found that the blacksmith shop went to the empty building, and the earth fire was gone!

I asked my neighbors to find out that the Earth Fire Sect heard that the East Emperor Great World had returned to normal, and had already repaid the rent here and returned to the East Emperor Great World to develop.