Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 881

Chapter 881: Everose Gold

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"Why don't you follow me to Wanjie City? With your physique, it shouldn't be a problem to temporarily join the fairy class," Zhao Yuande suggested.

"Well! My dad has given me to you anyway, don't you want to get rid of me!" Seeing this man go to the empty courtyard, Xie Nan's face did not show disappointment and sad expression at this time. Instead, there are faint surprises.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande was helpless, it seemed that the girl could not get rid of herself.

"By the way, here is not far from the real dragon family, let's go first, I'll go to see my friends!" Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered Long Qingtian who was seriously attacked by someone and was seriously injured. I don't know how this guy is now. .

"True Dragons!" Xie Nan couldn't help but widen his eyes, expecting extremely, "Can we see the real dragon?"

"Okay, don't dream!" Zhao Yuande gave her a chestnut without a word, "You have to use your brains. The ancestors of the true dragon family may be the true dragon. They are just the blood of the true dragon! If true. How can the dragon appear in this lower realm!"

"Oh!" Xie Nan felt his head feeling uncomfortable. "Can you not knock on your head afterwards, people are not smart!"

"Look at you!" Zhao Yuande chuckled.


They boarded the teleportation team from Broken Star City, teleported more than ten times in a row, and finally came to the real dragon world.

The True Dragon World is very powerful, but it is not prosperous.

Walking in Zhenlong City, the largest city in Zhenlong World, Zhao Yuande found that there were very few shops opened here, and the things were very expensive, expensive people doubted life, and there were almost no customers on the street.

"What the **** is going on here? Why is it so expensive underground, will there be a fool to buy it?" Zhao Yuande came out of a shop and could not help whispering.

"Here, a top-level Lingbao actually needs 50 million top-grade Lingyu. Are they robbing?" Xie Nan still has an incredible long mouth, she whispered, "This top-level Lingbao , My father and I will be able to make one in three days. If my blacksmith shop is here for a year, it will be issued!"

"Don't dream, although the things here are expensive, but do you see a buyer? No one, why is it like this here?" With Zhao Yuande's knowledge, I can't imagine why this is the case.

"This son, this is the first time you have come to the real dragon city!" Just when the two husbands and monks were puzzled, someone said suddenly.

This man was a straight-hearted man, and looked at Zhao Yuande and nodded and smiled at them kindly.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"This big brother, how did you see it?" Xie Nan was very curious.

"It's not easy. Those who came to this street today don't know the rules of Zhenlong City. Zhenlong City holds a large exchange meeting in Zhenlong Hall one day every month. Shops in other places are not allowed to operate, or if you want to do business, you must increase the price of the items in the store by ten times!" Han Zhihan explained.

"Why is this?" Xie Nan puzzled.

"Because of protection! All the booths of this exchange meeting are free, and most of them are out of the real dragon family to deal with things they don't need, and they are cheaper!" Han Zhihan laughed, "This is actually for us. A kind of welfare for free repair, do you want to go to Zhenlong Palace together?"

"Go! Why not." Zhao Yuande became interested as soon as he heard it.

"Thank you this big brother!" Xie Nan said thanks.


The three of them chatted all the way. This straight-hearted man was very real. Zhao Yuande asked what they asked, and the man would answer in detail.

Soon the three of them appeared on an extremely wide street. At the end of the street was a grand palace. At this time, there were people coming and going in front of the hall.

"This is the True Dragon Palace! Before, here were the gathering places of the True Dragon Clan Powerhouses. We can only see a few things in the distance, all in our eyes are envious, but now we can come in once a month, I feel that the sea of true dragons is really good!" Han Zhihan showed an excited expression on his face. After waving goodbye to Zhao Yuande, they soon disappeared into the vast crowd of people in the hall.

"Let's go shopping too! Don't be polite if you value anything. Brother bought it for you." Zhao Yuande sent his own breast,

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Xie Nan was excited and began to wander around the stalls.

Most of the stalls here are middle-aged or elderly people, all of whom have a strong breath, and each is above the realm of the field.

Most of the things in their stalls are also some fine products, good things!

The place where the two had changed was only one-tenth, Xie Nan took a fancy to four kinds of babies, and the prices were not very cheap.

Zhao Yuande was the one who did what he said, and he had too much spirit jade to spend. He didn't even care about this small amount of money, so she bought it for her.

"Brother Zhao! You came to see this piece of material, it seems to be eternal gold...... Wow! What an expensive price!" Xie Nan seems to have discovered the New World and pulled Zhao Yuande to a booth.

There was a fist-sized piece of eternal fine gold on the booth, and the stall owner even directly asked for the top-quality Lingyu.

One billion! Even Zhao Yuande's heart slammed at this time.

This thing, but I have four one-kilometer chains. If it is at least ten million times the weight of this piece, if it can really be worth one billion, then the four eternal fine gold chains in my storage space But it's really worth it!

"Senior, can this thing be cheap?" Zhao Yuande asked the stall owner.

The stall owner is an old man with white beard. He has very long eyebrows and holds a blue cane.

"Young man, do you want this thing?" The old man slightly raised his head and glanced at Zhao Yuande, revealing a surprised look.

"It depends on the price of the predecessors." Zhao Yuande is not so stupid as to buy it. There are so many in his storage space, he just inquired about the price.

Zhao Yuande grabbed this fist-sized eternal gold in his hand, and felt that it weighed a few thousand pounds. He tried to pay attention to a trace of aura but it was as expected.

"Young man, don't try it, this is eternal gold, and it can only be used as an auxiliary material for the refiner, or to create a pure weapon." The old man saw Zhao Yuande's movements without blocking, but only gently reminded.

"Can we only build pure weapons? Or auxiliary materials?" Zhao Yuande was immediately interested and asked with some expectation. "Can the senior elaborate?"

"Little guy, are you here to buy things, or have you come to see?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande with some interest and smiled at the dazzling array of goods on the stall. "As long as you buy the same thing in my stall I will tell you something!"

"Senior, aren't you a strongman? These are more expensive in your booth than others..." Xie Nan looked at the stalls and couldn't help but stunned whenever he saw the price. Cheap, everything else is billions, even billions!

"Love to buy or not to buy, the old man is not difficult to be strong!" The old man plucked his white beard, smiled lightly, and didn't care about Xie Nan saying that his things were expensive.