Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 882

Chapter 882: Explain

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Zhao Yuande glanced at the old man's stall, the same glance at the sky, and finally stopped his gaze on a small jade box.

He picked up the jade box and felt the slight power in it, and could not help smiling from the corner of his mouth.

When the old man saw Zhao Yuande picking up the box, he couldn't help revealing a slight difference in his face. The price marked on the front of the box was 9.9 billion high-grade spirit jade. What's more important is that the things in this box are the most precious in his stall. Things, he couldn't help but scratched his face at Zhao Yuande, and felt that this little guy had a good vision.

Zhao Yuande gently opened the box, and saw a drop of cyan water droplets suspended in the box, a circle of wonderful ripples rippling out of the cyan water, and a clear breath seemed to be washing his body.

Xie Nan, who was curious to come aside, closed his eyes as if intoxicated, and a groan in her mouth sounded comfortably.

"Uh! Um..."

This voice attracted many practitioners who traveled around. They all looked in this direction with very strange eyes. Xie Nan's voice made people feel that there was a wicked fire rising, and even Zhao Yuande felt his body burst. heat.

Zhao Yuande was startled and hurriedly closed the box.

"Oh! What's wrong! Just now I felt very comfortable, as if my whole body was bathed in fairy light." Xie Nan opened his eyes and recalled the feeling just now, he couldn't help looking at Zhao Yuande very much, "Brother Zhao ,this thing"

But when he saw the price of this thing, his face suddenly changed, 9.9 billion top grade jade!

"Buy!" Without any hesitation, Zhao Yuande directly received the box into his storage space, and then took out a storage ring and handed it to the old man.

Zhao Yuande received six billion yuan of chaotic currency for rent collection. Although most of it was turned over to Rushuang, he also injected a part of Tianyi Chamber of Commerce. However, he still has a lot of spirit jade on his body, which is absolutely rich and rich.

The old man couldn't believe it and took Zhao Yuande's storage ring. The soul suddenly found that there was a lot of spirit jade in it, and he was a little dumbfounded!

"Brother Zhao..." Xie Nan looked at Zhao Yuande with some expectation at this time. She felt that the contents in the box were extremely important to herself, and she could even change her life.

"It's inconvenient here, and wait until there is no one else to talk about!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Xie Nan.

"Oh!" Xie Nan agreed with some souls, and at this moment her soul seemed to be taken away by the drop of water in the box.

"Senior! Let's talk!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man with interest.

"Cough! The little guy is really a real person! Are you afraid of being stared at?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande and looked at the young man carefully again.

This young man looks like he is eighteen or nineteen years old. He is cultivated as a world of chaos, and his body is extremely powerful.

"Don't be afraid! I am the least afraid of trouble. Who dares to come to me for my trouble is naturally extremely welcome." Zhao Yuande smiled at the old man and showed great calmness and calmness.

"Okay! Now that you have bought something, then I will tell you about this eternal gold!" The old man gently nipped the white beard and laughed, "Why is this eternal gold so called eternal, Because it has one of the biggest characteristics, that is, it will never rust and will not be corroded, and its solidity can be comparable to Chaos Lingbao, even a strong person in the fairyland cannot be destroyed."

"Only these?" Zhao Yuande felt that if it was just this characteristic, it would not be worth the price.

"Little fellow, you are really anxious, I haven't finished it yet!" The old man chuckled and looked at Zhao Yuande, feeling that the other party was very frizzy.

"Nonsense, if you have a pile of eternal fine gold like a hill, you must be more anxious than me!" Zhao Yuande was sullied in his heart, but he couldn't say it, but he was more eager in his eyes.

"Actually, there are two other characteristics of this eternal gold. One is that it is very heavy. The size of a slap is thousands of pounds. As long as the formula is reasonably fused with several rare metals, then it is added to the Lingbao. It can make Lingbao very heavy, like a mountain."

When Zhao Yuande heard this, he couldnt help but see his eyes lit up. The strong body-building practitioners had very high demands on Lingbao, and it was best to be very heavy, so that they could exert their maximum fighting power, if they could be in an innate Lingbao or innate treasure If it is mixed with some eternal gold, it should be able to enhance the strong combat power.

After his strength has improved, the Mirror Sword has been useless for a long time. He intends to find the Refining Sect and add some eternal gold to the Mirror Sword.

In this case, you can still use it for a while.

"Second, eternal Adamantite has one of its greatest characteristics, that is, it cannot transmit spiritual power and immortal power. This is a disadvantage for ordinary people, but for those who exercise alone, it is a huge advantage. The weapons made with eternal gold, even when fighting against the strong, all kinds of spiritual power and even fairy power of the strong cannot be passed through the weapon. This is a perfect match for fighting on some occasions!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nod again. The old man said that this is indeed an advantage. If it can be made into a weapon, it will not only be very heavy, but also difficult to convey the powerful power of the opponent. This is simply for the body-building powerhouse. It is a perfect match.

Expanding the thinking, if this eternal gold is made into a set of armor, wouldnt it be impossible for any force to penetrate, if it is worn on the body, in addition to the absolute crushing above the power, it can be immune to various spells Law attack, even if you wear it, even the powerful in the fairyland can't kill yourself...

If he meets the man covered in mist, if he wants to kill himself, then...

Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly turned very bright. He wished he could immediately create such an armor and wear it on his body.

"How about it, little guy, do you want this eternal fine gold?" After the old man finished, he looked forward to Zhao Yuande, feeling that the other party had taken out 9.9 billion. After listening to his own story, it would definitely be very Happily paid for this piece of eternal gold.

But as soon as the old man finished talking, Zhao Yuande hurriedly waved his hand.

"Senior, this thing has little effect on me. The key is that it is too small. If there is such a size, maybe I will consider it!" Zhao Yuande said that the size was a stroke, he had a stroke. The size of the house makes the old man look at him with a mustache and glares.