Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 885

Chapter 885: Medicine Garden

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The three looked at each other and couldn't help but smile bitterly. A strong man in fairyland, even if he didn't want to listen to their conversation, could hear it.

With the token, the three men passed through the heavily guarded guards and finally came to a metal gate.

Sitting outside the door were two rickety old men, all of whom had strong auras and were all superb gods.

"Little Qingtian, you are here!" One of the old men smiled at Long Qingtian.

"Grandpa, this is the token of the old ancestor. This friend of mine is going to find some magic medicine to help me treat the injury." Long Qingtian showed the token to the old man.

"Okay, you go in!" The old man took the token and glanced carefully before returning it to Long Qingtian.

"Thank you Grandpa Zu!" Long Qingtian had great respect for the old man. It seemed that the two of them might be as close as they called.

The metal gate slowly opened, and Zhao Yuande and Xie Nan only saw that the thickness of the two metal gates was full, and it was still a metal similar to eternal fine gold, dark and dull.

After the three entered, they found that it was not as dark as it was supposed to be. On the contrary, the two of the treasure house had rows of pearls inlaid, and the soft light shone through everything exposed.

Some metal is stored in the outermost storeroom, and then the Lingbao weapon is inside, and the innermost ones are the elixir and the elixir.

The three of them hurried into the third floor, which was the elixir Lingdan storehouse.

There are so many elixirs of the True Dragon family, and Zhao Yuande is almost dumbfounded. Xie Nan on the side is looking left and right, full of curiosity.

Zhao Yuande asked Long Qingtian to start from the beginning, opening the boxes one by one. He used the elixir of identification to identify the strains. If he knew something, he passed by, especially those rare sacred medicines that he did not know. He began to focus on checking. .

After watching the hour for a long time in the treasure house, Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a dried sacred medicine like dry grass.

"True soul grass, sacred medicine, can firmly understand the sea, medium-grade ingredients... match the recipe..."

"This true soul grass can help you recover faster. The matching elixir is..." Zhao Yuande reported a series of names. The two of them searched in the warehouse for a while, and finally found that the elixir was not found.

Zhao Yuande remembered this recipe and this elixir and began to continue to identify it.

It took three hours for them to appraise all the stock elixirs. Only tens of thousands of elixirs were found, but they only found this elixir to help Long Qingtian recover the damaged spirit.

Of course, some of them have little effect, and can help the Yin-Yang combination of the powerful to recover the soul, but it has no effect on the current Dragon Qingtian.

"Let's go! Next we go to the drug garden, I hope there will be a big discovery there." Zhao Yuande only felt that this trip was not in vain, remembering many precious recipes, so that he had a lot more to help this realm Method of improving cultivation.

"It's really trouble Brother Zhao!" Long Qingtian felt a little embarrassed.

"Brother Long, what are you talking about, we are brothers and friends!" Zhao Yuande pretended to be angry, "If I'm in trouble, I won't come to the real dragon family for thousands of miles!"

"I was wrong! Wrong!" Long Qingtian hurriedly made a smile, but he was very moved.

"Lead the way ahead."

"Girl Xie, will you be bored." Long Qingtian turned to look at the listless Xie Nan, with some embarrassed smiles, "Why don't I take you to a place first, you will definitely like that place, where Wait for me and Brother Zhao to come back!"

"Yes! Sister, I think you are going to fall asleep, let Brother Long take you to see some fun places under the True Dragon family." Zhao Yuande also felt a little embarrassed.

"Okay!" Xie Nan nodded, and she really fell asleep after the two.

She was a lively girl, but she didn't even know **** her, but this kind of boring waiting made her unbearable.

"Good! Follow me." Long Qingtian took the two out of the treasure house, bowed away respectfully to the two old men, and soon stopped in front of a hall where melodious music was spread.

In front of the hall, two pretty maids stood pavilion, and saw Long Qingtian bring people to rush to greet.

"Young Master, you're here! Just today, the Linglong Girl from Cuiyuefang came to the family to perform, do you want to..." One of the maids said something, it seemed that there was something ambiguous between Long Qingtian and this Linglong girl.

"No! Today, I have a distinguished guest. You bring this girl Xie into it. You must be entertained. This is my best friend. If there is anything that makes girl Xie unhappy, you know what I will do. "Long Qing said that her final attitude was very strict.

The two maids were so trembling that they hurriedly and carefully led Xie Nan into the hall.

"Okay! Now there are only two of us, let's go to the drug garden! I think there must be hope to find those few materials." Zhao Yuande was anxious.

"Good!" Although Long Qingtian was slightly curious, Zhao Yuande's approach was very weird and cumbersome, but he is not the kind of person who likes to inquire about the secrets of others. Since the other party is helping himself, what can he do.

The two soon came to a medicinal garden with aura and aura, where the guards were stricter, almost three steps, one post, five steps and one whistle, as well as several powerful **** emperors.

Zhao Yuande is even more curious about what kind of holy medicine and magic medicine can be seen in this true dragon family!

After a lot of investigation, they finally entered the medicine garden. As soon as they entered the medicine garden, Zhao Yuande felt the same rich aura as the fairy hall, and even there was a hint of fairy air flowing.

This time without Long Qingtian's help, he followed the side of the medicine garden, looking at each plant, each plant was holy medicine. After seeing seventeen holy medicines, he saw a huge single flower garden, which Only three elixirs in the form of dragon claws were planted, and a strong aura came out of the three elixirs.

"Dragon claw, magic medicine, can greatly increase the power of the soul, intermediate ingredients... matching recipes..."

"Okay! Found it, this is the Dragon Claw! Just match it..." Zhao Yuande had a long list of elixir names, and then symbolically spoke out the flesh and blood of several fierce beasts.

"This is too precious, but it is a magic medicine. I have to ask my ancestors for their opinions!" Long Qingtian knew the importance, but he didn't dare to make his own decision.

"Qingtian, I have written down all the necessary elixir. I will let someone pick it and send it to the main hall. You can continue to look at it." Long Qingtian didn't expect that he hadn't even asked, the void was already The voice of the ancestor came from him, which moved him deeply.