Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 886

Chapter 886: 30 Recovery

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The ancestor was afraid of him, so he always transmitted the soul to himself and protected himself at any time.

"Yes! Ancestor!" Long Qingtian focused on his head and accompanied Zhao Yuande through the medicine garden.

Although Zhao Yuande didn't find any more recipes that could help Long Qingtian, he did not help him much. As long as he finds these materials by himself, he can help himself and his friends improve their cultivation!

They cautiously withdrew from the medicine garden and finally returned to the main hall where they started.

Less than a quarter of an hour after they returned to the main hall, some people had taken all the elixir and spirit materials reported by Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Long, next, you have to take the hand. It will take a long time for me to deal with so many elixir spirits." Zhao Yuande couldn't help pointing Long Qingtian, and there were a lot of forty or fifty kinds of elixir in front of him. Lingcai.

"Haha! It is an honour to be able to fight for Brother Zhao and see how the world's first gourmet owner prepares gourmet food." Long Qingtian was also eager to try, saying that Zhao Yuande's gourmet cuisine is unparalleled in the world, and he is really looking forward to having his desired results. .

"The old lady also came over to see, Xiaoyou don't mind!" At this time even the elder ancestors of the Zhenlong clan came together and looked at Zhao Yuande's movements without blinking, as well as the gluttonous true Lingding.

"Seniors want to see what they want." Zhao Yuande didn't worry about what the other party could see. He had long wanted to get rid of the undead body skills on the gluttonous true spirit.

"Well! Good congenital treasures, it's shocking to see your big tripod making food alone." The old lady's vision is not non-toxic, and at a glance you can see that the gluttonous true Lingding is not easy.

"Senior laughed!" Zhao Yuande added materials to the tripod while calmly talking with the old lady.

This gave Long Qingtian on the side a heart of admiration. The cultivation of this ancestor was too high. Even if the cultivation had been converged, there was still a hidden pressure. He and the ancestor together It's a little bit off.

"Qingtianna! You should study with your friends. Look at others and look at you! It is really enviable!" The old woman had high expectations for Longqingtian, so the demands will naturally be very high, Zhao Yuande's performance made her see the deficiencies in Long Qingtian's body, so she opened the door.

"Yes! Patriarch! Qingtian must study with Brother Zhao!" Long Qingtian nodded.

"Okay, my wife, I won't disturb you anymore!" The old woman turned back to the place where she practiced and began to practice with her eyes closed.

Long Qingtian felt his body relaxed for a while.

Five hours later, a strong fragrance came out from Dading. Even the old woman who was practicing cross-legged couldn't help but open her eyes fiercely, and the golden light shone in her eyes.

"Haha! Brother Long, this time I'm going to touch Brother Long's light too!"

Zhao Yuande took out a set of jade bowls, and first gave Long Qingtian a bowl, and then a bowl for himself. The two just had a big meal, but they felt that the old lady was standing in front of them with full expectation.

"Cough! The old lady smelled the fragrance and couldn't help it..." The old lady was also shocked. She has been digging into the valley for many years. She has never had a little appetite for anything. Unexpectedly, she smelled the fragrance today and her stomach was not disappointed. Started gurgling.

"Oh! Understand!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly filled the old woman with a bowl and handed it over. "This training for seniors may be useless. The seniors can only satisfy the desire of the tongue, but for those of us who are cultivators. Say, but it is very beneficial."

The old lady took it, sniffed it gently between her noses, and suddenly there was surprise on her face.

Zhao Yuande and Long Qingtian had already started. They were eating bowl after bowl, eating with relish.

The old woman, after eating a bowl in her hand, turned back to her cultivation ground.

Although she didn't feel that the food in this bowl brought any benefits to her cultivation, but she had an aftertaste in her mouth. This was the first time she had eaten for centuries, and it was an indulgence.

Long Qingtian ate more than ten times, and suddenly felt a warm current rising in his body. He immediately put down his jade bowl sitting cross-legged on the ground and began to slowly guide the warmth into his sea of knowledge, and began to slowly repair The spirit of being injured.

In fact, the damage to his soul was extremely heavy. At that time, the coming strongman almost smashed his soul directly. If it wasn't for Donghuang Zhong to help him gather the soul, then he fell.

After returning to the True Dragon family, he was reorganized by the ancestral ancestors with a mysterious method. From the appearance, he is no longer a problem, but only he and the ancestors know that his gods and souls are now more than the cultivators who have just been promoted to the union of yin and yang. fragile.

Before Zhao Yuande came, the family went out many times to look for the panacea that can restore the soul, but each time he returned with disappointment, it seems that someone has bought this panacea in all realms, and he cant let the soul out of it. The soul of the real dragon recovered.

Just when he was desperate, Zhao Yuande suddenly came and gave him hope.

Now she can clearly feel that her soul is gradually recovering...

Zhao Yuande didn't completely consume Yi Ding's soup. He had to stay with Long Qingtian. I don't know how much this guy needs to recover to the limit.

Although the main function of this kind of food is to help restore the soul's injury, it also has certain benefits for the strength of the soul. After eating some, he also began to meditate and practice, slowly improving his power.

I don't know how long it took, Long Qingtian opened his eyes in surprise!

"How is it?" Just when he opened his eyes, two voices sounded simultaneously.

The old lady suddenly appeared in front of Long Qingtian, looking at him expectantly.

Zhao Yuande also looked at him nervously.

Feeling the two people's concern for themselves, Long Qingtian showed a warm smile on his face, he said: "Old ancestor, brother Zhao, at this time my injury has recovered 30%..."

"Thirty percent... thirty percent is enough, the soul can begin to repair itself, and your soul can be fully restored in at most one month! Really God bless my true dragon family!" The old lady's eyes showed a beam of joy, especially when looking at Zhao Yuande, The eyes are full of gratitude.

"Brother Long, there is still here, you drink it quickly, maybe you may recover 10% to 20%!" Zhao Yuande pointed at Dading, and there was a trace of joy on his face.

"Okay!" Long Qingtian was more anxious this time. He didn't taste the taste of the soup anymore. He only drank all the soup in one breath, and then entered the cultivation state again.

"Little friend, can we talk?" The old lady pointed at Zhao Yuande not far away.

"Natural energy!" Zhao Yuande nodded and followed the old lady to leave Long Qingtian.