Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 889

Chapter 889: Imitation

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"Okay! This young man got the Dragon Dragon Furnace. Please ask the young man to go to the back office for delivery. At the same time, the young man will also get a back seat to be able to participate in the auction more closely."

As soon as the beautiful woman said this, everyone in the audience suddenly boiled again, especially those strong men who did not get a good position at first, their eyes were almost shining.

They did not expect that there will be such a rule at the auction, it seems that as long as a treasure is photographed, they can get their position in the background!

You should know that this auction will last for three days and three nights. Thousands of treasures will be put out for auction. If you have been standing on the flying boat, it is too shameful.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but rush to auction a treasure, the idea is to be able to sit at least without standing in a corner of this little flying boat.

"Have something to tell me quickly, we will change positions later." Zhao Yuande whispered in Xie Nan's ear.

"Really?" Xie Nan looked excited.

"Yes, you'll see what you're looking for in a while, and you'll just bargain!" Zhao Yuande patted his storage ring and said softly, "We have money!"

"Brother Zhao seems to be an upstart! But, I like it!" Xie Nan smiled, his face full of anticipation and excitement.

Of course, they were not the only ones excited at this time, and almost everyone started to be excited.

With this beautiful woman's sentence, a small strategy made the entire auction floor boil up at once. This shows that the Wantong Chamber of Commerce's auction experience is rich and the grasp of the people's hearts has reached a point of perfection.

Therefore, there is a reason why Wantong Chamber of Commerce can stand up forever.

Soon the next lot was also lifted up. This lot was about the size of a table, square and square and covered with a red cloth.

"This piece is a statue made by Wan Zai copper mother and innate gold essence, personally created by the seven elders of the refining sect, the windless **** emperor, and the sky is sealed!" The middle-aged beautiful woman gently took off the red cloth and suddenly revealed a party The big seal of the table size.

The weather is flowing on the big seal, it is definitely a congenital spirit treasure!

"Mrs. Rong, isn't this earth-shaking seal a legendary thing? Has Elder Zhong seen this thing or it is in your refining sect? Otherwise, how could it be faked!" Suddenly someone asked the key of the matter and let Many interested people began to have their own calculations.

"This friend laughed, how could our refining sect have such a divine thing, and if it did exist, we would have already delivered it to the fairy sect of the realm, how dare to stay and invite disasters!" The middle-aged beautiful woman responded Freely, the words spoken were reasonable and reasonable, and also pointed out the behemoth of the Immortal Realm Sect, so that some interested people suddenly let go of their plans.

"We got this production method from the Immortal Refining Sect of the Immortal Realm, so the seven elders were able to make it. Although it is only a congenital spirit treasure level, its power is comparable to the innate treasure. Attacking and defending is definitely a rare top quality!" The middle-aged woman not only took the opportunity to frighten those who have no intentions, but also praised Tiantianyin, which made many people have some hearts. Just about to move.

"This piece has a base price of 300 million yuan in top grade jade, and each price increase must not be less than one million!"

As soon as the price of the middle-aged beautiful woman came out, there was another joy in everyone's heart. This price was absolutely low, and the threshold was lowered at once to allow many people to participate directly.

"I'm out of 350 million!" Someone suddenly made the first offer. This man was a tall man standing on a ship.

"Huh! Innate Lingbao is also something that you like people can touch. I'm paying 500 million!" The second bidder obviously did not deal with the first person. This person is a thin, middle-aged man standing on another ship On the ship, there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth and he was tit-for-tat.

"Your mother, you will be uncomfortable without damaging Lao Tzu! It's Lao Tzu with you today! I'm paying 800 million yuan!" The big man jumped like a thunder, and directly increased the price by more than double.

"Huh! Can your Zhu family's financial strength compare with our Qi Mu Zong? Today I will give you a lesson, let you know what is called self-restraint, I give out 1.2 billion!" The thin high school middle-aged man sneered.

"Wang Dongfeng, you don't have to blow cowhide here! Is Qi Muzong opened by your house?" Dahan glanced contemptuously at the other person, and a number in his mouth made a jump in his heart. Billion!"

Almost everyone was disappointed looking at the sky-turning seal at this time. They knew they had no chance with this treasure.

The two people's series of bids directly kicked nine out of nine people out of the game.

The price of 2 billion basically reached the price of an ordinary innate spirit treasure, but I am afraid it is still not enough for this sky-turning seal, and some wait-and-see people are not in a hurry to bid.

"Twenty-one billion!" The thin middle-aged man's face really showed a dignified color, and the price was somewhat beyond his control. Then by calling it down, he really would give up.

"2.5 billion! Wang Dongfeng, it's not Lao Tzu who looks down on you. Although your Qi Mu Zong is a big family, but you don't have a lot of shares to share with you, unlike our Zhu family, it's my father!" Dahan looked at The scornful face of the thin tall middle-aged man.

"His mother, I'm out today! The big deal is to go back to the school and get some punishment! 2.8 billion!" The thin high school middle-aged man bid again.

"Hey, it's time for the blood! I'll mention it again, twenty-nine!" Dahan laughed.


"Brother Zhao, how much can the final price of this ups and downs be photographed?" Xie Nan suddenly turned around and asked.

"Look at this, at least it can reach 5 billion!" Zhao Yuande estimated it and reported a number.

"Oh!" Xie Nan nodded, suddenly letting out his voice and shouting to the bottom, "I'm paying 5 billion!"

"Uh..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but grin. He saw that Xie Nan was interested in the world, but he didn't expect her to be so direct and rude, completely ignoring what other people could bear, and directly reported the final price.

Not only was Zhao Yuande speechless, but the big guys and thin middle-aged middle-aged people who were still bidding at this time could not help but stun.

They looked down together and found that on a small airship, a beautiful, slightly childish woman was raising her eyebrows provocatively against them.

"This little girl skin! Can't you save face without saying anything?" At this time, bitter tastes appeared in both populations, and their originally high emotions were wiped out by Xie Nan.

"five billion!"

Those remaining bidders, when they heard the price, all cancelled their bidding plans.