Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Jiang Tianyue's True Face

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Zhao Yuande has been continuously hit by the Thunder at this time. His body has been confused, but every time the Thunder falls, it will make his body a small circle, and after the nineth fall, he just returned to his original state.

But at this time there was a fleshy fragrance around him, and his flesh was electro-cooked under the thunder!

"Oh! It's so fragrant! I really want to eat this kid in one bite!" The black bear tapped his mouth, his big tongue licking his lips constantly, and the saliva was even clattering.


As if the sound of a broken eggshell came, the layer of burnt flesh on Zhao Yuande's body was torn apart at once, and a crystal-like jade and white flawless body came out of it.

"I rely on! This kid has an addiction!" Yi Jie looked at the perfect body, and couldn't help being jealous.

"Hey! It's so sweet and delicious, warm and soft jade slippery." Black Bear barked his mouth and commented very carefully.

Jiang Tianyue was blushing, but he couldn't control his impetuous heart, and his eyes went from time to time to investigate secretly.

Zhao Yuande waved a set of clothes on his body instantly, finally ending the moment of appreciation.

Through this hunger, Zhao Yuande devoured a Taiqing golden pill, which directly broke through the mid-term of the Blood Poseidal fetal realm, making his fetal fetal charm even more like his body!

Next, he bite and take Sanshen Fenyuan Pill. Through the anti-healing effect of this pill, the fetus is divided into three parts, forming three kinds of gods: fire, thunder, and void!

Zhao Yuande broke through the realm and stopped at his feet, striding toward the top of the altar!

His speed was extremely fast, and some obstacles only appeared when he reached the 90th floor. The terrible pressure came toward him like a mountain, and he had reached the extreme power of his realm, which was the innate **** and demon in his childhood. level.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande's strength had surged to 800,000 catties. Although it was not easy to cope with it, it was not too difficult.

He walked through the last nine steps step by step, and finally came to the altar. The three things in front of him were so quietly placed, waiting for his request.

Everyone on the steps had various thoughts, including those who were inspiring, those who hated and those who sneered silently, and Jiang Tianyue happened to belong to the last one.

At this time there was an additional scroll in her hand, it was the scroll that recorded the location of the secret realm.

He gently dropped a drop of blood into the scroll, and the scroll suddenly had a wonderful change. It seemed to be connected with the entire secret realm at this moment.

It was also at this time that a non-existent portal appeared on the scroll! There seemed to be a trace of black smoke in the portal. These smoke seemed to be permeable monsters, which immediately corroded the entire scroll.

"Quick! Quickly take one, and the remaining two are mine!" Jiang Tianyue whispered like a dream, with two eager eyes in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande felt the abnormal fluctuations in the air, but he looked around and found no abnormal conditions. He no longer hesitated to grab the palm-sized copper furnace in his hand.


As soon as the copper furnace started, he suddenly felt that the pressure around him disappeared, and the copper furnace seemed to be a huge mountain, pressing him almost staggered. If it was not for the copper furnace to fall to the ground, he would directly roll down the steps.

This copper furnace is so heavy that he can't pick it up with the huge force of 800,000 catties now, and he can only take it through refining!

He calmed his mind and charged the soul into the copper furnace.

Above the distant nine days, passing through layers of mist and breaking through countless obstacles, it is a land of immortal spirit.

Among the immortal spirits, there is an illusory fairy palace, and at this time there is a burst of laughter!

"Spirit Emperor Lingxu, the gate of the fairy realm once every 8,000 years is about to be opened again. How many seeds have you picked out from the beginning realm?" A bearded man with white hair, silver head and curvy dragon horns on his forehead The old man is playing against people.

"Hey! The beginning is weak, now there are three seeds in total!" Playing with the old man is a middle-aged man with a fairy bone, three strands of long beard gently twisting in his hands, a little sadness on his face, "Lao Long! How many seeds do you have in Brahma Realm?"

"Haha! Brahma Realm, now 12 or so seeds are selected, and a few are still being screened! It is less than a hundred years from the limit of eight thousand years, and I think we can add at least three more!" The old man who called the old dragon was a little proud. "The Feng Shui turns to my house this year. You have too many geniuses before the beginning of the realm. The light has been taken up by them. It is time for us to see the scenery!"

"Huh!" Immortal Emperor Lingxu just wanted to say something. Suddenly, he seemed to feel something. He shot two golden lights in his eyes. The golden lights instantly penetrated the endless void, and made Zhao Yuande's current situation clear!

"A chaotic holy body! And I got my enchanted spirit treasure, interesting! It's really interesting!" Lingxian Emperor's face showed a very interested look, "I left a secret in the world of the East Emperor. The earth was even discovered, and the six-armed Sage Demon that I suppressed was released. Lets see how this kid responded!"

"Chaotic Eucharist! Very interesting physique, I don't know what is special after enlightenment?" The old man waited and looked, as if expecting very much, "This young man may be able to cultivate seeds! But a hundred years may not be enough. !"

And at the moment when Zhao Yuande wanted to refine the copper furnace, the pressure on all the steps suddenly disappeared, and everyone screamed and rushed towards the remaining two treasures.

However, Jiang Tianyue smiled a little at this time, and the scroll was displayed in her hand. She grabbed it casually on the scroll, and two things broke through the obstacles of space and fell directly into her hands.

"Sorry everyone, you are going to be buried here today!" Jiang Tianyue grabbed the scroll again, and Yin could not return to Jiang Xianji with Jiang Xianshi in an instant.

Jiang Tianyue threw the scroll towards the sky, and a huge space portal appeared above everyone's head. The portal was dark and gloomy, constantly swarming outward.

And Jiang Tianyue suddenly smashed a square jade pendant, a white light instantly wrapped the three people's bodies, and the next three had disappeared into the secret realm.

At this moment Black Bear and Yi Jie had come to Zhao Yuande's side, watching him closing his eyes to refine the copper furnace, his face showing anxious color.

Li Tian watched Jiang Tianyue disappear into the secret realm, and the black mist from the huge space door reminded me of Master's words in his heart, and his face was scared pale immediately.

"Quick! We are going to leave here, otherwise we will be eaten in a moment! A powerful devil is suppressed in the space door!" Li Tian exclaimed in horror.

"Don't disturb him, otherwise it will lead to backlash. In that case, none of us can live." Yi Tian stopped Li Tian, although he was shocked by what Li Tian said, but now he can only wait for Zhao Yuande to wake up.

"It's okay! As long as this kid wakes up, I believe he will have a way!" The Black Bear is determined to believe in Zhao Yuande, because he belongs to the kind of mindless, and he doesn't know what to do except to believe Zhao Yuande. .

Although Li Tian was anxious like the ants on the hot pot, he was helpless.

A sea of fire beneath the altar cannot be left at all. Unless there is a space shift symbol like Jiang Tianyue, nothing can be said today.

Everyone could only stare at Zhao Yuande dryly, and this time the space portal also changed.