Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 890

Chapter 890: Auction

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At this time, even the middle-aged beautiful lady Rong could not help being slightly shocked. She did not expect that a cultivator standing on the flying boat would directly shout this price, and the other party seemed to be a little girl. Not distressed at all.

This is obviously a child of a big family, because he arrived late, so he did not get a place.

"Five billion! Nothing higher than this price, this girl is the girl!" The middle-aged beautiful woman looked around and found that no one wanted to bid.

"That's good! This girl is the girl, please go backstage..."

Zhao Yuande and Xie Nan quickly came to the backstage, and to Zhao Yuande, the wealthy master, the people of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce were naturally blessed.

They were carefully led to the most prominent seat in the background and sat down.

The seats here are spacious and bright, and have a large backrest, which is definitely for VIPs.

The maid quickly brought refreshments, and finally handed over a thick picture book.

This is all the items of this auction, so that they can watch in advance and choose the auctions that are interested to wait for a while.

The two men studied for a while, and Zhao Yuande took a fancy sacred medicine called Mosang Flower, which allowed the worlds strongest players to stabilize the worlds power when forming their own inner world.

His current inner world has just formed and is not yet stable. He intends to merge it with the other side of the world to become a beginning. This requires many preparations. This elixir is indispensable.

But Xie Nan was not interested in looking at anything else at this time, and she began to study the big toy that she just got.

This sky-turning seal weighs hundreds of thousands of catties, but for her anti-celestial physique, it is just right!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but imagine that Xie Nan was holding the sky-turning seal to fight with those of her teachers. Will he miss all of them in a mess!

The auction went on quickly, and the'Mosang Flower' was quickly announced. This holy medicine is generally a resource stored by a large family, and generally no one will take it out for sale, and the efficacy of this holy medicine is still very strange, all A lot of people stared at it.

Zhao Yuande will naturally not be afraid to bid with these people. This sacred medicine is priceless and unavailable, and it is inexplicable, and it has a huge help for his promotion. He can't let it go.

"Hey! Sister, give you a task to bid with this group of people!" Zhao Yuande poked Xie Nan who was still studying the world, and felt that if he came out, it would definitely attract the attention of many people, and Xie Nan is a raw face , Let these people guess how to go.

"Oh! Good!" Xie Nan heard this task. He turned to his face and asked, "Brother Zhao, how much spirit jade is this elixir worth?"

"This time it should be auctioned with chaotic coins. A chaotic coin is equivalent to 10,000 top-grade spirit jade. I guess it is almost the same as yours!" Zhao Yuande made a rough estimate and said this answer.

"The next sacred medicine to be auctioned! Mo Sanghua, I believe many people have heard of this sacred medicine. Its biggest effect is to allow practitioners to play a role in stabilizing the world in the promotion of the world. Unexpected treasure that can be encountered!"

After Mrs. Rong finished speaking, the scene suddenly fell into chaotic discussions.

"I'm bound to get this thing. My family style is now impacting the later stage of the world. With this Mosang flower, it should be able to improve the grasp of 30%!"

"My young master is striking the world, and I am sure that this beast king's palace will have this thing!"

"I Lingyun Guan..."

"My warrior..."

The voices one after another are all announcing that their family is bound to get, but the strength of the presence is too much, and I dont know who will get this holy medicine in the end.

"Brother Zhao...Look!" Xie Nan looked at many powerful forces and expressed a little timidity.

"It's okay, we have Lingyu, and they will be overwhelming in price!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand in a light-hearted look.

"Good!" Xie Nan was said by Zhao Yuande, and he also came to the spirit.

She had seen the financial resources of Zhao Yuande, and 9.9 billion Tianyin Shengshui gave it to herself without blinking her eyes, and even directly photographed 5 billion sky-turning seals for herself.

Although she didn't know how many spirit jade Zhao Yuande had, she knew it was beyond her imagination.

"The bottom price of Mosanghua is one billion yuan, and the minimum markup should not be less than one million. Let's start the auction now!" Mrs. Rong finally announced when everyone's enthusiasm gradually weakened and everyone's enthusiasm was driven. The auction has started!

"My late winter world Jiang family bid 1.5 billion! I hope the big guy will give a face!" The first voice was a middle-aged man in white flying out of a huge battleship, he arched his hands around , And explained his identity.

"How about the Jiang family, I don't give you this face in the Eastern World University, and Tian Tianzong won't give you this face. I will give you 2 billion!" The voice of the middle-aged white man in the Jiang family has just fallen, and another person flew out of another ship. The big man, this big man didn't give any face to him and offered a cold offer.

"Huh! Then we get the higher price!" The middle-aged man in white suddenly looked cold at the man.

"Don't think this is the battlefield between the two of you. My Beastmaster's Palace will not agree. We will give out 2.5 billion!" The Beastmaster's Palace appeared as an old man in black. His eyes were covered by Sen Han's eyes. Threatening.

"My Lingxiao Pavilion bid 3.5 billion!"

"My Shangguan family bid for four billion!"


"My Tantai family bid for six billion!"

The three family members have not yet fought against each other, and the bidding suddenly started, and the price rose to six billion yuan.

Even Zhao Yuande was stunned at this time. He didn't expect it to rise to 6 billion in a short time, which is much higher than his estimated maximum price.

"Brother Zhao! What should I do?" Xie Nan was already eager to try.

"Bid!" Zhao Yuande is bound to get this thing!

"Good to come!" Xie Nan stood up in excitement, shouting loudly, "I bid one million Chaos coins!"

"His!" There was a burst of air-cooling sound in the field. One million chaotic coins is equivalent to ten billion top grade jade.

When everyone saw who Xie Nan was, he gradually accepted this fact. The little girl always liked to blockbuster. This was the case just now, and it is still the same now.

But this time everyone held a sigh of breath, it is impossible to be scared away by Xie Nan's high price.

"I issued 1.1 million Chaos Coins!" Someone immediately followed suit, and began to use Chaos Coins to bid.

"1.15 million!"

"1.2 million!"

"Thirteen hundred and fifty thousand!"


"1.55 million!"