Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 892

Chapter 892: Old Man With White Beard

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The voice was old and strong, but it was extremely anxious.

"I'm... hey! I won't be able to say anything at all at one and a half, you hurry to vote again... about thirty-five more!" The old voice was very urgent.


Zhao Yuande said he was speechless. If he voted for 35 more, he would vote for a total of 49 fairy jade. This guy is too extravagant!

However, Zhao Yuande didn't feel any unfavorable atmosphere from the vortex, and he simply escaped and directly threw thirty-five immortals into the black vortex.

After the black vortex absorbed thirty-five immortals, the rotation began to gradually slow down, and began to gradually expand and expand again!

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that there was a horrible existence hidden in the black vortex, and he seemed to be breaking free from the shackles.

He felt as if he had done a wrong thing. If the vortex really had a terrible existence, he would soon break free. How should he face him? Or can you suppress it?

The black vortex eventually expanded to almost cover the entire sky, and Zhao Yuande only felt a terrible force passing from the vortex.

"Ah! I'm finally alive again!" An old, wanton laugh came from the whirlpool.

Then Zhao Yuande saw an old man with a white beard in the middle of the vortex.

The old man looked a little disgraced, as if he had just crawled out of the garbage dump, and there was a thick stench all over his body.

The old man with a white beard touched a long messy hair that was more messy than the chicken coop. He shrugged his nose, and immediately frowned.

"His mother, it's really stinking!" His fingers flicked gently, and a bright drop of water emerged from the top of his head, and then shattered at once, and the dirty things on the old man with white beard were washed away in an instant. Clean.

"Well! That's a bit of a fairy bone, and it's in line with my distinguished identity!" The old man looked up and down, and then nodded in satisfaction.

"Er! Senior, who are you? Why did it appear in my body?" Zhao Yuande could feel the powerful breath from the old man and could not help but ask carefully.

"But you have become our heir to the Taoism, called the master!" The old man with a white beard looked at Zhao Yuande with his head raised, very master's style.

"Eat Taoist?" Zhao Yuande looked at this old man with a white beard inconceivably. "Then you really taught you to eat Taoism? Why have I never heard of such an inheritance before?"

"At that time, I was in the sky and the sky, playing the invincible hand of the stars and seas! But I accidentally fell into your little heaven and earth, trapped in the barriers of chaos, and then caught by an inexplicable guy and stuffed In your body, can you grow up so fast over the past years if you didnt rely on the food I inherited to you?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande with a beard and stared at him, feeling that he was respectful of his disrespectful teacher. Very angry.

"Void, Dao, Star Sea?" Zhao Yuande felt that he had never heard of such a place. He couldn't help but have such a question in his heart, is this old man with a white beard a powerful overseas chaos?

"How? Silly! Have you never heard of these places!" The old man with a white beard smacked the white beard very proudly, "These two places are the sky wider than the worlds of you. Dont look at what a master you are in the heavens and the heavens, but in the sea of stars, it may just be a person with good qualifications! But if you reach the void, you may just be an ordinary person!"

"Uh!" Zhao Yuande felt that the old man said that it was a fantasy of nonsense. It was pure nonsense, but he was one of the four major sacred bodies. His physical strength was beyond the invincible hands of his peers, and he was able to kill the enemy across the two big realms. Is it just an ordinary person?

"Boy, don't look at me with your ignorance, the reality is more cruel than I said!" The old man sneered, "We eat this way, it's powerful enough, enough to go against the sky! But in the void Its just a common heritage!"

"Since it's a common heritage, how did you predecessors go through the void and beat the stars invincible?" Zhao Yuande suddenly grasped the loophole of the old man's speech and caught the key, asking rhetorically.

"Oh!" The old man froze a little bit, and insulted himself in his heart that he was bragging too much, and now he has beaten his mouth, but Jiang is still old and spicy, and his face is not ordinary thick, "The key is To teach my qualifications against the sky, the perception against the sky, so..."

"Since you are against the sky, how could you be caught by Zhou?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help smiling.

"It turns out that this guy is called Zhou! Damn, if it wasn't for me to be trapped by the chaos barrier, how could he be caught by him!" The old man's face showed a fierce look, but Zhao Yuande clearly saw a thread in his pupil Fear.

"Don't lie to me here! In fact, Zhou has already told me that you were caught after he was defeated!" Zhao Yuande's face sneered, but what he said made the old man's face change suddenly. Very pale.

" know!" He was revealed to Zhao Yuande by a sudden, as if he was a deflated ball.

When Zhao Yuande saw the old man's state, he was very happy in his heart. It turned out to be true. I asked you to brag me.

"No! Your kid is cheating me..." The old man with a white beard widened his eyes and thought of the key to the matter.

Zhao Yuande has grown up under his eyelids all these years. He didn't know what Zhou was, the true identity of Zhou, and he had never seen Zhou. How could Zhou tell him this?

This kid clearly cheated himself!

"Senior, I saved you out. It's wrong for you to cheat me like this!" Zhao Yuande began to talk to the old guy about the conditions. He said, "I don't deny your right to eat. Im very helpful, but dont think of cheating me as your disciple! You must know that I am the reincarnation of the universe, and you are the captive of the universe. Let's just match our brothers and sisters!"

"Your kid, you get cheap and sell well, and you want to be commensurate with my brothers and sisters. You don't know how powerful we eat in the void."

"Senior, don't you say that eating is just a common inheritance in the void of the Tao? It turns out that you just lied to me." Zhao Yuande seized the loophole in the old man's words and attacked continuously, trying to gain the upper hand in the next negotiation.