Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 893

Chapter 893: Real Inner World

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"Okay! Just now I just wanted to strike you down so that you are not so arrogant. Now what I said is true!" The old man with a white beard waited for Zhao Yuande fiercely, but then it seemed to become discouraged. The ball, nodded helplessly, "Okay! Okay! I'm a brother, you are a brother! This is the head office!"

"It's almost the same!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the old man with a white beard and smiled at him. "Brother, you are such a powerful person. It is even more terrifying to eat the inheritance of the Tao. You can sweep the entire world, you don't have What kind of anti-natural skills should be taught to younger brothers?"

"Your grandma, I'm going to be mad at you sooner or later! I've passed it on to you, what else do you want!" The old man with a white beard suddenly became faint, and Zhao Yuande suddenly felt his arm light, The old man with white beard suddenly turned into nothingness and dissipated.

But at the next moment, renewed condensing not far away.

"What kind of exercise is this? Hurry up and pass me on!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man with white beard and his eyes lit up.

"Pass you? This simple, as long as you leave your body and leave the soul, I will teach you!" White beard old man's eyes rolled over, "Old man, I'm just a god's soul, otherwise I thought I would still be trapped in the broken vortex ?"

"Uh!" Zhao Yuande was silent for a moment, sorry, "Brother, sorry, I really don't know that you are just a spirit."

"Forget it! Who told me to send someone under the fence!" The old man with a white beard waved his hand. "If you feel embarrassed, just help me find a new body!"

"No problem, brother. What kind of flesh do you need? I will help you pay more attention to it." Zhao Yuande nodded, thinking this should not be difficult.

"Actually, the requirements are not high. Your physique is so-so, and there is the kid named Zhang Fan, who is also physique!" The old man's mouth showed a smile.

"Uh! Senior, your request is not high!" Zhao Yuande was speechless.

"Actually, I'm not very anxious. Even if you find the body now, I can't fully integrate it with my current soul strength. This matter can be slow!"

"That Senior Brother, you just said..." Zhao Yuande felt that the old man was not honest.

"Hey, your sister is looking for you, hurry and go! Don't miss the big thing!" The old man pointed to the outside world. At this time, Xie Nan shoved Zhao Yuande anxiously as if he had encountered something difficult to choose.

"Then I will go first!" Zhao Yuande returned to his place in a hurry.

"Hey! This kid is a monkey, and the old man, I just recovered, I just played with him, but he hasn't been turned into a brother and sister, seriously disrupting my plan..." The old man with white beard carrying his hands on his back and pacing back and forth Step, muttering non-stop in his mouth!

"Sister, what's wrong?" Zhao Yuande looked at Xie Nan, who was anxious, and couldn't help but be a little strange.

"Brother Zhao, the price of this world stone is too high, it is ten times higher than the price you gave me. I dare not call the shots!" Xie Nan said anxiously, "Now that 10 million Chaos coins have been called, you see... "

Zhao Yuande looked at the auction site, at this time two people had been bidding on this world stone.

"I'm out of 11 million! Situ Nanfeng, if you have the ability, you will continue to go down with me!" A middle-aged man in blue has a powerful body and turns out to be a powerful emperor.

"Twelve million!" Opposite the middle-aged man in blue is an old man in black. His breath is a bit stronger than that of middle-aged man in blue. A light smile appeared on his face. Anger, the highest bidder gets, this is a matter of course, if you want to save and continue to bid, dont say that these are useless!"

"Okay! Situ Nanfeng, let's just talk about the price! Fifteen million!" The middle-aged blue man sneered again and again.


"This price is indeed a bit ridiculous. The outcry of this world stone has exceeded the real value too much. We..." Zhao Yuande frowned and wanted to give up.

"Stupid boy, that thing must be won anyway, anyway..." Zhao Yuande just wanted to give up, and the voice of the old man with a white beard came to his mind.

"Why? This world stone is really helpful to those who practice the inner world, but it is of little help, even more so to me!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Stupid boy..."

"Call Brother Shi!"

"Cough! Okay! Brother!" The old man with white beard was helpless and continued, "As long as you can help me find twelve such so-called world stones, I can help you construct a real body world and let your body The world is perfectly integrated with the other world! However, in exchange, you need to promise to help me find something."

"The real inner world? Am I not the real inner world?" Zhao Yuande was puzzled.

"Can you call it the inner world? It's a joke. The real world of the strong in the star sea is more stable and advanced than the so-called big worlds of you! Some of the inner world of the strong is even worthy "Beyond the fairyland above your head!" the old man with a white beard explained triumphantly, "In the sea of stars, we are most cautious in the promotion of the world. We need the world's stone structure, we need to integrate with the small world, and we don't need to absorb a lot of chaos! Only in this way can an inner world be perfected!"

"What! There are still such cumbersome steps!" Zhao Yuande was surprised.

"This is one of the reasons why the strong man in the Star Sea is countless times stronger than you, the worlds of the heavens! Your training method is wrong!" The proud face of the old man with white beard is even stronger!

"Okay! Brother, everything has been taught to you! As long as you help me play the world, I will promise you no matter what you ask!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that he seemed to be surrounded by happiness. This brother seemed to be A gift from heaven.

Although the world stone is precious, it is not difficult to collect twelve through the Wantong Chamber of Commerce and the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce. He is looking forward to what the real inner world said by the old man with white beard.

"Try your best to win, no matter how many Lingyu!" Zhao Yuande said to Xie Nanxie, "Sister, it's yours!"

"Good!" Xie Nan got Zhao Yuande's reply, and his eyes were shining brightly!

Who doesn't like to use money to smash people, this feels so cool.

"Twenty-one million..." At this time the middle-aged man in blue clothes shouted the price.

"Dear Ping, do you really want to fight with me!" The old man called Situ Nanfeng began to feel some pain, the key is that the price of this world stone has exceeded the real value too much, and it has already been called Not worth it!

"I'm bound to get this thing!" The middle-aged blue man answered decisively.

"Hey! Okay! I'll just..." Situ Nanfeng gritted his teeth and prepared to give up.