Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 895

Chapter 895:

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However, there are plenty of temporary mineral veins in the beginning realm. There are no ten or eight high-grade spirit stone mines in that big world, and there are thousands of big worlds in the beginning realm. This is still a tens of thousands of high-grade spirit stone mines. As long as one of the ten spirit stone mines can be found, this world stone is not too rare.

Moreover, although the effect of World Stone is good, there are many alternatives. Although World Stone is very precious, it is not precious enough to be indispensable.

After listening to the old man with a white beard, Zhao Yuande felt that this world stone had great value, and all of it was bought. When his children grew up, he could not help them use the real inner world of the world stone structure.

After a while, the middle-aged man in gray clothes hurried to the middle of the room.

"Guest! I now have nine world stones in the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. May I ask you..." The middle-aged man's face showed a look of inquiry.

"I want it all! You can directly report how many Lingyu!" Zhao Yuande is very simple.

Nine plus one on the body is ten, and you only need to find two more!

"A total of 50 million chaotic coins are needed. You are my VIP of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. You can get a 20% discount. That is 40 million chaotic coins!" The middle-aged man in gray replied cautiously, his heart thumping, If this sale is really done, you will never have to worry about your cultivation in the rest of your life!

"No problem!" Zhao Yuande handed out a storage ring directly. "When will I receive these nine world stones?"

"One day later, you can come here in one day!" The middle-aged man in gray clothes dived into the storage ring and was stunned by the neatly arranged top grade Lingyu. When has he seen so much? The top grade Lingyu, the whole person started to tremble, almost fell to the ground without grasping the storage ring.

"That's good! I'll come back and pick it up in a day." Zhao Yuande hurriedly left with Xie Nan and came to several other big chambers of commerce.

Half a day later, he finally visited all the chambers of commerce here and got a total of 32 world stones, but these world stones need to wait for one to two days before they can arrive.

His Tianyi Chamber of Commerce naturally also has a branch here, but in the end they are the newly established chambers of commerce, and even no one world stone survives. Zhao Yuande passed the news of collecting the world stone to Liu Dong, so that he can collect how many How many.

They just returned to the auction site.

At this time, the auction has gradually come to an end. In addition to the mysterious ore that Zhao Yuande wants, there are finally three mysterious lots. He wants to see what the finale of this auction is.

"The following auction is a mysterious ore. This ore was excavated from a copper-rich concentrate and wrapped in a copper-rich concentrate. This mysterious ore has a very strong magnetic force and can pull a mountain like If we dont seal it now, I am afraid that the spirits of everyone present will be sucked in by this demon ore." At this time, a piece of black ore about half a human height was placed in front of Mrs. Rong.

A silver rune paper was attached to the ore, and a piece of silver light circulated, which seemed to be the seal Mrs. Rong said.

"Ore with a huge magnetic force, if it can be mixed into the weapons I have forged, may have a miracle effect." Zhao Yuande nodded gently, "Sister, give me all the power!"

"I'm the best at this!" Xie Nan rubbed his hands and glanced at the Quartet.

"Mrs. Rong, I don't know if this mysterious ore, can you build a weapon?" Someone suddenly asked the key point.

"This...should be possible!" Mrs. Rong embarrassed. "However, the refining master of our chamber of commerce, and even the powerful refining sect, cannot melt it."

"Can't be melted!" Suddenly many eyes eager to try suddenly lost interest.

"I don't think it can't be melted, but I haven't found a flame that can melt it. I think if someone has a congenital fire, it should be successful!" Mrs. Rong didn't want this ore to be shot for this reason, so try to Saved a bit.

"Innate true fire! Who will have that thing? Even if it is not in the refining sect! Otherwise, it will not be tested early!" Some people shook their heads, and more people gave up in disappointment.

"What! No one wants such a good thing? I want it! This sister, hurry up and bargain!" At this time Xie Nan cut off and said that he took over very generously.

"Oh! Little sister want? Well, the bottom price of this thing is ten million high grade Lingyu!" Madam Rong suddenly smiled on her face.

"15 million!" Just when Xie Nan wanted to bid, a voice came not far away.

Xie Nan looked in the direction of his voice and found that this was an old man in purple clothes. This old man had a strong breath and should be a **** emperor.

The old man's eyes are like eagle falcons. He looks at Xie Nan momentarily, giving her a very dangerous feeling.

However, Xie Nan has a strong backing, even if the other party is a powerful person who surpassed the Divine Emperor, she will not show cowardice.

"50 million top-grade spirit jade!" She didn't want to increase the price with the other party.

In her feelings, Zhao Yuande's wealth is endless. Hundreds of billions are taken out without blinking. How can he care about the tens of millions in this area.

"Fifteen million!" Lao Ziyi's eyes were cold, but he did not give up.

"One hundred million!" Xie Nan found the feeling of smashing people with money extremely cool, compared to the time when she was in the Broken Star City and those brothers.

"One hundred and one million!" The old man in purple clothes is not slow, but his eyes are even colder.

"500 million!" Xie Nan decided to explore the other party's details.

"501 million!" The old man was still keeping up, and his eyes were somewhat provocative.

"Ten..." Xie Nan hadn't said the price of one billion, but was taken by Zhao Yuandela around him.

Hearing Zhao Yuande's voice, her face suddenly became very unsightly. She gave the old man in purple clothes a cold look. Leng Leng reported a number.

"Ten billion!"

The price that Xie Nan burst this time almost stunned everyone in the audience. This guy's offer is too jumpy. Is this the rhythm to scare the dead?

The eyes of the old man in purple flashed.

"10 billion one million!"

"Old man, do you have to be shameless, you can tell me again if you have the ability, 50 billion!" Xie Nan, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at the old man, staring at the old man in purple clothes, his mouth is wearing a thick dress. Angrily, said angrily, "If you have the ability, you will go home for another million, and I will direct you to 100 billion, believe it or not!"