Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 896

Chapter 896: No More

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The old man in purple clothes was called an old guy, and he was suddenly angry. He originally wanted to close his hands, but now it seems that he is going to pit him big!

"50 billion one million!" The old man in the purple clothes gave a sly price, and he sneered again and again, "Little girl, follow me when you have the ability! I don't have more, one million more than you!"

"One thousand..." Xie Nan deliberately prolonged his tone, but the one hundred million word had not been spoken, and suddenly he smiled embarrassedly on his face, and changed his mouth, "Oh! Forget, Brother said more than 50 billion. We dont want it! Senior, you won! Congratulations, this unknown stone is yours!"

"..." The old man in purple clothes couldn't help but hear Xie Nan's words!

The auction was originally very profitable, and waiting for Xie Nan to call out Mrs. Rong with 100 billion is also a stay!

All the powerful people participating in the auction couldn't help but stun.

The old man in purple clothes glanced at Mrs. Rong for help. The two people exchanged their eyes for a moment, but countless people still saw the abnormality of the old man in purple clothes.

Some people immediately saw that the old man in purple was clearly the entrusted by Mrs. Rong, and wanted to sell this unknown ore for a high price.

As a result, Kuang failed, and instead he fell in.

Many people clearly saw the smug smile when Xie Nan said the sentence just now.

They immediately understood that the other party was deliberate at all, and he used his own way to cure his own body, and wanted to pit each other.

Although 50 billion wont let the old man in purple clothes and Mrs. Rong go bankrupt, it is still not a small number, which will make them a bit more difficult in the next practice.

"Uh! The old man looked at it, and didn't bring so many spirit jades. It's better to give you 50 million yuan than the little girl!" The old man in purple clothes stopped for more than ten breaths, and his complexion changed three or four times. Only then did an apologetic smile, said to Xie Nan.

"Oh! I'm in a bad mood, I don't want it anymore!" Xie Nan waved his hand.

"You..." The old man in purple clothes looked cold, and just wanted to say a few threatening words, only to see Xie Nan smiled at him slightly, and pointed his finger at the top of his head, and also made a handshake gesture.

This clearly warns him not to come, otherwise the last middle-aged man in blue is his end.

The old man in purple clothes sagged slightly, and once again looked up at Mrs. Rong for help.

"Cough! This little sister, if this person really didn't bring Lingyu, you can indeed re-bid!" Mrs. Rong coughed and smiled at Xie Nan.

"No! I'm not interested. This person is a powerful Emperor Emperor Realm. Why can't he even get out of the region's 50 billion yuan! And your Chamber of Commerce is the biggest force in the realm, even if you give him time to let him go Wouldn't it be good to work together? Would he still dare not pay the bill?" Xie Nan shook his head, his face showing a smile.

"Uh!" Mrs. Rong was stunned, with a very ugly expression on her face.

"Little girl, if you are acquainted, take this picture quickly, otherwise! Hum..." At this moment, Xie Nan's ear suddenly heard the voice of the old man in purple clothes.

"Brother Zhao, the old guy in purple clothes threatens me!" Xie Nan hurriedly relayed the voice to Zhao Yuande.

"Huh? They really dare to be so shameless, it seems that I really want to beat their faces today! Wait for you..." Zhao Yuande's voice was very cold, and Xie Nan was grinning with a smile on his face.

"What do you want to do, I just don't want, what can you do to me!" Xie Nan passed on the voice to the old man in Ziyi, with a trace of fear in his voice.

"Huh! No! You try, as long as you dare to walk out of this auction, I will make you regret it for life!" The old man in purple clothes felt that the other party was obviously a little scared. As long as he added more oil and vinegar, the other party would definitely succumb. Fifty billion yuan in losses can be avoided.

"Dare you! Do you know what kind of family I am? It scares you out, I am the person who thanked the family of the Eastern Emperor World, and my ancestor is a strong person who has surpassed the God Realm! You are not afraid of my family. Patriarch is in trouble for you?" Xie Nan's voice trembled, and the interpretation of Se Li Nei was vividly expressed.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but praised Xie Nan's acting skill secretly and could not help secretly laughing.

"Hum! To tell you the truth, I am the deacon of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. Will you go back and ask your ancestors if he dares to come to my Wantong Chamber of Commerce to find trouble?" The old man in purple snorted and continued to threaten, "If you don't I photographed this as an enemy of my Wantong Chamber of Commerce. At that time, your family will probably not be able to eat it, so think about it!"

Xie Nan's body seemed to tremble a little, seeming to be afraid, but she couldn't help laughing at the next moment, and said, "Old guy, you dare to threaten me, you're done!"

Xie Nan's remarks were obviously not transmissions, but were spoken in front of many people in the auction.

"You... what do you say? I didn't do anything!" The old man in purple clothes can admit.

"It's too late if you don't admit it! Master Deacon, I have recorded your words here, or will I let you listen to it on the spot?" Xie Nan took out a jade charm and shook it at the old man in purple clothes.

"Are you talking nonsense! What a deacon..." The old man in Ziyi's face is constantly changing, and his legs are shaking like a sieve at this time. It is difficult for him to imagine what he would be like if he actually recorded it. The end.

The rules in the Wantong Chamber of Commerce are the most stringent, and they are not allowed to do this at all. It must be understood that the reason why the Wantong Chamber of Commerce will become the first major force on the Ming Dynasty is because of their credibility!

Now, his deacon dared to risk the world, openly entrusted his auction items, and was discovered again. I am afraid that the only thing waiting for him will be the direct outcome of the Chamber of Commerce.

He can't bet! Regardless of whether there is a record in the other party's jade rune, they must grab it.

"How dare you dare to defile me so much, today I must teach you a lesson!" The old man in purple clothes suddenly disappeared in place, and the next moment appeared in front of Xie Nan less than three feet away, he reached out and put it in Xie Nan's hands. The piece of jade was grabbed.

A jade-like palm protrudes from behind Xie Nan, and a finger gently strokes in the void.

The old man in purple suddenly felt an indescribable sense of danger. His body was now in front of him, and it was too late to dodge this finger.

In desperation, the old man in purple clothes can only be turned into a palm and greeted in the direction of the finger.


The old man in purple clothes only felt an invisible force, and he swiped across his palm at once, as if a sharp knife was cutting off his five fingers at once.