Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 898

Chapter 898: Dragon King

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The smile on the face of the barbarian dragon emperor was bright, as if he had seen a friend he hadn't seen for many years, he directly grabbed Zhao Yuande's shoulder and chuckled at him.

"Senior, don't you be authentic!" Zhao Yuande's face was not very pretty, but he was not easy to attack because the other party was so far away.

"Hey! Actually, I've seen you already! If someone else has already shot me, but you, Xiaoyou, I want to investigate your cultivation for entry, but I didn't expect to be surprised!" The barbaric dragon emperor smiled, "Okay, don't be upset, I'll help you out!"

The Dragon Emperor turned his head to look at the lady in the auction house. When he faced Mrs. Rong, his face was not as good-looking as when he faced Zhao Yuande. His eyes were full of murderous opportunities.

"Huh! At my auction in Lihuo City, I actually engaged in these things, and I also got my little brother. You Wantong Chamber of Commerce may give me an explanation!" The Dragon Emperor looked somewhere in the void , The voice is cold.

"Hey! What a shame!" An old lady in gray clothes took out the void and slowly appeared.

The old lady's strong breath is not inferior to the barbarian dragon emperor, but it is also a powerful existence beyond the realm of the **** emperor.

"Rongwu, don't blame grandma, grandma can't do it!" The old lady in gray clothes said softly.

When Mrs. Rong heard the words of the old woman, she suddenly looked scared, and fell to the ground with a thud, and kowtowed to the old woman.

"Grandma forgive life! Grandma forgive life!" Madam Rong's beautiful face has been scared without a trace of blood, and her forehead was already full of blood, but she did not dare to stop.

"Hey! I knew why it was today!" The old lady of the meeting sighed softly and flicked her finger.


Mrs. Rong exploded, and the stunning beauty instantly turned into a flesh and blood.

"The unknown ore has also belonged to Xiaoyou. I don't know if Xiaoyou can be satisfied!" The old lady looked at Zhao Yuande, her face showing a somewhat unpleasant smile.

"Senior, you are damaging me!" Zhao Yuande didn't dare to look at the strong man who surpassed the Divine Emperor.

"Now that the little friend is satisfied, then I will rest assured! The auction will continue!" The old lady waved her hand and disappeared into the void.

Soon someone gave the unknown ore to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that there seemed to be something strange in this ore.

"Yuanci Shenjing, has terrible suction, ignoring all avenues..."

What does it mean to ignore everything? Seeing this introduction, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show doubts in his mind.

Forget it, wait a moment and ask the old man with a white beard!

"Let's go, let's talk over there!" The Dragon Emperor dragged Zhao Yuande to the entrance of the auction house.

Everyone was looking at Zhao Yuande with some fright at this time. They didnt know who this one was. Why was it only the cultivation of the early stage of the world to kill a Divine Emperor Peak Power, and it would also make the Refining Sect One of the old ancestors of China, such as the Dragon Emperor and the Dragon, is so valued that even the old lady of the Wonderland of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce must ensure his satisfaction.

"Who is this person?" Someone was puzzled and asked the manager of a Wantong Chamber of Commerce around him.

"Cough! This person is awesome. Have you heard of the world's first gourmet?" The deacon of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce has also seen Zhao Yuande's portrait. Just a glance at the moment has recognized Zhao Yuande's true identity.

"The best food in the world? Was he the Zhao Yuande who killed a **** emperor? Is it the Zhao Tiande, the genius who swept all his opponents in the fairy class of the Wanjie City?"

"What... he turned out to be Zhao Yuande! No wonder..."

"Wantong Chamber of Commerce is that it's just **** mold, it's such a thing, this reputation..."

"Looking like the Dragon Emperor has nothing to do with it, it seems that the two had known each other for a long time!"


"Everyone, everyone! The auction continues, let me preside over the auction for everyone!" An old man with a white beard walked onto the stage and continued the auction.

However, the mood of the crowd was not high at this time. They saw that Xie Nan was being used to raise the price. They were not sure whether the next auction of Wantong Chamber of Commerce would continue to do so.

However, these things are no longer related to Zhao Yuande. At this time, he and the barbaric dragon emperor have gone out of the auction and came to the street.

"Boy, you don't mean enough! Come to my site and don't say hello to me, your brother can now be my proselytized disciple, and you don't often come over to see him!" The barbaric dragon emperor came out suddenly. He said something that made Zhao Yuande very interested.

"Zhong Man! How is he doing now? Are people there?" Zhao Yuande hurriedly asked. The brother hadn't seen him for a long time, and he missed him in his heart.

"He was sent by me into Lihuo Cave for trial now. This kid is also striving. Now he is the strength of the later stage of the world. Although he is not as good as you, it is enough to satisfy me." Road.

"Okay! It seems that I can't see him this time. I don't know if my predecessors can find someone to help me build an armor and a weapon!" Zhao Yuande thought that the old guy in front of him was the ancestor level of the refining sect. The character, does he still need to ask others?

"Oh! Boy, this is no problem at all. I can't let my apprentice build it for you personally. I don't know what materials you got?" Emperor Barbarian was curious. What material did the little guy find.

To know that there are too many treasures on the other side, the materials he is going to create must be extremely precious.

"Oh, it's actually some eternal fine gold!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Eternal gold? This thing is not rare!" The Emperor Dragon God's eyes are strange, he suddenly laughed, "Are you getting a lot?"

"Yes, I got a lot!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"That's okay, build a good pair of armor that can defend against all spiritual and immortal attacks." The Dragon Emperor nodded.


The two chatted first, and soon came to a mountain in the middle of the city.

This big mountain is full of low red plants, and there are blood-colored fruits on top of it, and a scent of fragrance comes from it, which makes people feel clear.

"Large Pyracantha, but why are these Pyracantha so small?" Zhao Yuande was puzzled.

"Boy, let's see! This is our volcano away from the city of fire. All master smelters use the fire to smelt in this volcano and walk up the mountain with me." The Dragon Emperor took Zhao Yuande away As he climbed off the volcano, he smiled expectantly on his face.