Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Zhenyangzong

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"Brother Wei Chi stopped!" Jiang Tianyue saw Wei Chi Yunlong's hands, his face suddenly changed, hurried to block, but it was because the distance between the two was too close to start.

The other party clearly wants Zhao Yuande's life. If Zhao Yuande is really dead, he will be unable to imagine the consequences. Not only will he not be able to make friends with him, but he will also have to wait for the anger of that senior Dan Ding. do not know.

But how did Chi Chilong listen to her, and there was an unknown fire in his heart, and the speed of falling his palm was a little faster.

What kind of person is Zhao Yuande? The Emperor Yuande of the previous life was tricked into the door, and his face suddenly became cold.

If the opponent uses his power, he really can't resist it, but the opponent dares to fight with the flesh, and he is really looking for death!

A jade-like palm protrudes from the sleeve and greets the other's palm.

A bit of sarcasm appeared in the corner of Wei Chiyun's dragon's mouth. A monk in the Qihai Condensed Realm dared to confront himself. Isn't it death?

The mighty middle-aged man saw this scene, his eyes lit up, he wanted to stop Wei Chi Yunlong, but saw Zhao Yuande's movements, he couldn't help but stop.

He wanted to see what kind of energy this young man had, and he dared to cross a large level to face up.

Jiang Tianyue closed her eyes in pain and said in secret, "It's over!"


The sound of banging like a drum beats, and the palms of the two hit together.



A slight cracking sound sounded, followed by a scream.

A figure flew out seven or eight meters away and fell directly on the crowded street.

Only the young man stood proudly, slowly withdrawing the crystal-like jade palm, turned his head to smile at Jiang Tianyue who was stunned, and then turned and strode away.

"Bold..." Chen Tianchao rubbed his eyes in disbelief, only to see that it was actually his family who was so pleased with him. He felt that when it was time to express himself, he would rush up and take it down. Zhao Yuande.

However, before he stepped on his feet, he felt an invisible pressure on himself, making him unable to move.

He turned his head to see that the Seven Elders, whom he regarded as a god-man, shook his head slightly towards him, not only did not look angry, but also had a faint smile.

As the son of General Zuo, he also experienced countless brutal competitions in the General Mansion before he made his head. He suddenly understood that the seven elders were in love with Zhao Yuande.

He felt a little uneasy and felt his position was affected.

However, when he saw the screaming figure in the middle of the street, the uneasiness in his heart calmed down again. The other party offended the young ancestor. Will there be any good fruit in the Huoyunzong in the future?

Jiang Tianyue looked at the back of the boy who was far away in a daze, and was shocked and relieved in his heart. It was a strange thing that a disciple of Dan Emperor was simply killed.

"Ah! Kill him, kill him!" Wei Chi Yunlong lay on the ground holding a soft slumped arm and screamed desperately, his eyes filled with endless resentment and humiliation.

The flow of people on the street stopped suddenly, surrounded the figure falling on the ground, and pointed at it.

"This... Isn't this the Fire Cloud Sect's Yu Chi Yunlong? Really don't know life and death, but the backstage of the Zhenyang Baolou is the Zhenyang Sect. Is it true that a Fire Cloud Sect's young master has eaten the bear heart leopard gall?" The old man with a goatee said it with his hand twisted beard.

"What kind of power is Zhen Yangzong in the end?" Someone asked the people next to him puzzled.

"Zhen Yang Zong! The largest refining sect gate in Zhongyu! There are countless strong men in the sect gate, just come out an elder to destroy the Huo Yun Zong, and..." The goat goat elder seems to be hanging the appetite of everyone. Emphasize elongated.

"And what?" everyone asked in unison.

"And there is a stronger force behind Zhenyang Zong..." Goat Hu is very satisfied with the performance of the people at the scene and continues to stretch his tone.

"Old man Mo, don't worry about us!" Some people seem to know this goatee, and they are also familiar with this goatee's character. "Yeah yeah!"

"Since everyone is so enthusiastic, I will say it!" Enjoying the eye-catching gaze, the goatee was very excited, he lowered his voice, "The true Yangzong is behind one of the three big families of the East Emperor Great World Jiang Family!"

"His!" A sound of breathing in cold air rang out, and everyone did not change color. Looking at Zhenyang Baolou again, his eyes were filled with awe.

What kind of family is the Jiang family? Although they can't tell the truth, they know what the three big families of the East Emperor represent.

That is a powerful force that can be compared with the Holy Land and Shenzong!

I am afraid that such a force will blow a breath, and the entire Huo Yunzong will be overthrown!

The middle-aged man listened to the discussion of everyone, and his face suddenly became difficult to look. He glanced at Zhenyang Baolou and sighed secretly.

The figure turned into a streamer, picked up Wei Chi Yunlong, who was still crying on the ground, and disappeared after several ups and downs.

Chen Tianchao also naturally heard everyone's comments, and then looked at Zhenyang Baolou with fear, and fled.

Only Jiang Tianyue was standing quietly at the scene, and the back in her eyes had gradually disappeared into the crowd.

Looking at those people in awe, she felt a sense of pride in her heart.

For the first time, she felt that the Jiang family brought a sense of belonging to herself, and she also made up her mind that she must rise from the Jiang family at all costs.

"Come here, go check Zhao Yuande's information, don't let it go!" Jiang Tianyue waved her hand, and a man in black led the way.

Soon, Zhao Yuande's message appeared in Jiang Tianyue's hands without any trace.

"The disciple of the Zhao family of the small family was originally a cowardly teenager, but I don't know why it suddenly broke out and became a spiritual master. He helped the daughter of the city master Li Rushuang to cure the body of Xuanyin... The body of Xuanyin!" Jiang Tianyue Suddenly, when I read this, I was surprised.

Xuanyin's body is a very rare and powerful physique, even stronger than her Tianxiang body.

"This Li Rushuang must make good friends!" Jiang Tianyue issued an order again, "Take me to see the mysterious body of the mysterious palace!"

The man in black who followed her all of a sudden felt like this lady had changed a lot in a short period of time, and she became decisive and fierce.

There is also a hint of hope in these people's hearts. They are all children of the Jiang family and have no status in the main family. If they have a choice, they hope to be able to follow a bright master.

At the same time, what happened at the entrance of the Zhenyang Baolou, as if it had wings, spread quickly throughout the entire Skyfire City.

Countless practitioners want to know, who is the face of Yunzong who dares to fight on the street.

For a time, there were many versions of rumors spreading on the streets of Tianhuocheng.

Some say that Huo Yunzong stubbornly and provocatively provokes people who should not be irritated, some say that he and others are beaten up by women and are beaten by love rivals, and others say that he returned with a gambling defeat, and the most ridiculous is that someone said Huo Yunzong provokes Zhenyang Sect. He went to Jing Jing to be guilty and was bombed out of the gate.

How arrogant is Wei Chi Yunlong. Hearing these rumors, he was already very angry and opened his mouth with a spit of blood. He almost explained his life here.