Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Give Up A Forest For A Tree

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Inside the portal, it seemed that an unknown horror monster was constantly pushing the portal, and bursts of roar came from the portal, making people feel a bit creepy.

The portal was pushed a little bit away, and as the gap became larger, countless black clouds were drilled out of the gap. These black clouds traveled through the space as if they were soul monsters, eroding all around.

Zhao Yuande's soul entered the copper furnace and suddenly found that it was an incomparably vast space. It seemed to be an independent small world. There was a barren land in it. A pungent smell.

"This is a small world! It is a small world where living creatures can live!" Zhao Yuande felt that there was a touch of aura in the space, and he couldn't help revealing the color of surprise.

"Quick! I'm going to find the master of the formation in this copper furnace quickly. I feel that something has changed outside!"

Zhao Yuande felt something abnormal and hurriedly opened a powerful soul to search the entire small world.

After his recovery for a period of time, his soul has become quite a strong person in the ordinary world, and the range covered by the soul has reached hundreds of thousands of miles, so he will be released without any care, and he will soon find out The main control of the formation.

It was a boulder with a dappled color. It stood so quietly on the barren land. If it wasn't for his powerful spirit, he couldn't find the secret.

The soul invaded the dashi instantly, without too much hindrance, it was easy to get the ownership of this small world.

"This teenager has some skills! He has such a powerful spirit!" Emperor Lingxu showed a slight difference, he did not expect Zhao Yuande to find the master control in just a few breaths, and it was successful. The copper furnace was refined.

"It seems that the Emperor Lingxu found another seed, and I congratulate the old dragon first!" The old man of the game also saw this scene and couldn't help but bow to the Emperor Lingxu.

"It's not a seed yet, let's watch it first!" Lingxian Emperor said with an unpredictable smile on his face, "Let's see how he handles the current crisis!"

Zhao Yuande got up slightly, opened his eyes and looked at the copper furnace in his hand, knowing that this is definitely a powerful treasure beyond the existence of Lingbao, but he did not know whether it was an innate or acquired spirit.

"Brother Zhao, you finally woke up!" Li Tian saw him awake and immediately pointed anxiously at the huge portal in the air. "Jiang Tianyue took away Yin Yun and Jiang Shisan, leaving such a space. The door, there must be some terrible monster hidden inside, what should we do now?"


Zhao Yuande's attention was removed from the copper furnace. When he saw the black mist drilled out of the space gate, his face suddenly changed.

"Mo Qi! This is Mo Qi, there must be a Demon Clan sealed behind the door of the space! Damn, Jiang Tianyue, a bitch, she actually released a Demon Clan, and she should be utterly stern!" The powerful and terrible, an ordinary demon can instantly turn a city into a demon market, and their powerful destructive power is even afraid of the gods and demons.

Tens of thousands of years ago, many innate gods and demons teamed up to drive the demon out of this starry sky. How could a demon be suppressed here? Could it be that the master of this secret realm suppressed here before his life?

Zhao Yuande's head turned around, trying to come up with a solution to the current crisis.

The gap opened by that portal was getting bigger and bigger, and the devil erosion space made several people's activity space smaller and smaller, and their faces showed fear.

"Brother Zhao, think of a way! Otherwise, a few of us will be eroded by the devil qi and become the devil's head!" Li Tian shivered all over, and the words of the master were still in his ears.

"Bald, do you think we are going to die?" Black Bear suddenly asked, holding his ring.

Yi Jie looked at the Black Bear unexpectedly, and felt that this guy was not quite right. "Maybe it will! If Brother Zhao really can't think of any way, we might become an unconscious devil."

"Is there no other possibility?" Black Bear asked again.

"Maybe if you are lucky, you may be assimilated into a demon by devil qi, and then you can save your own sense of consciousness, which is half dead!" Yi Jie's face also showed dignified color, and he set his sights on Zhao Yuande. Have expectations.


The black bear bite **** the arm of a ring, he bit his teeth and grinned, even his face was deformed with pain!

"Bear blind man, what do you bite me for?" A backhand is a slap on the black bear's forehead, angrily angered.

"Bald, you forgot the last time you slapped me last time. Grandpa Xiong has never had a chance to return. Today, he is dying and he can't leave regrets!" The black bear grinded his teeth hard and tore with Yijie.

"Xiong Blind Man, the poor monk came over you today... oops..."

Li Tian had been immersed in the grief before the death, but these two guys were so at a loss that he was at a loss for a while. He didnt understand why these two guys had such a big heart!

"Okay! You don't want to resist first, I will send you to a place!" Zhao Yuande saw the demon qi becoming more and more dense, and couldn't help remembering his previous life's understanding of the Demon Race.

Devil qi is actually a kind of devil spirit attack method of demons. Anyone or fierce beast eroded by devil qi must go through a process of erosion. This process is the attack of **** soul.

His soul is now comparable to the world's strongest, compared to their three countless times more powerful, only to throw them into the copper furnace space can temporarily ensure their safety.

"Good!" Black Bear and Yi Jie heard Zhao Yuande's speech, and suddenly no longer troubled.

Zhao Yuande grabbed the two guys and moved them directly into the barren space.

"Brother Li, do you believe me?" Zhao Yuande did not send Li Tian in the first time, but asked very solemnly.

"Believe!" Li Tian watched the black bear and Yijie disappear, even if they didn't believe it, there was no way to focus on it.

"Hey! What is this place? Why is it so desolate?" The black bear scratched his head and looked around. Just now he only felt the space change, and then appeared on this barren land.

" it the inner world?" Li Tian looked incredulously around him and found that there was a gray area around him, as if it was a mixture of void, his voice trembling, with excitement in it, "Does Brother Zhao hide Xiu Wei , Is he actually a powerhouse in the world?"

"No! This is not the inner world!" Yi Jie shook his head. "The inner world is full of vitality. This is a spiritual treasure's internal space. I feel a familiar taste, probably in the hands of Brother Zhao just now. That copper furnace!"

"That's a spiritual treasure with internal space! At least it's the acquired spiritual treasure..." Li Tian took a breath, his eyes showing envy.

This is an acquired treasure! Even the Dali dynasty and the mountains and rivers for tens of thousands of years, there is only one Zhenguo Lingbao. Such a young boy holds the acquired Lingbao in his hand. This is against the sky!

It seems that there is nothing wrong with me. Jiang Tianyue, that silly woman, gave up a virgin forest in order to be unable to be such a towering tree, and she regretted the day!

"Hey! I knew this kid had the ability." The black bear smiled proudly. The next moment, his soybean-sized eyeballs suddenly turned around, grabbed a ring and said an idea, "Hey, bald, you Say if we keep some fierce beasts here, can we have a fresh bite at any time?"

"It makes sense. It seems that we can't be too violent in the future, we must catch alive!" One ring is also bright, and I think that the black bear is also reliable.