Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 901

Chapter 901: True Path

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"Ten sets of armor will take about a month. Let's come again in a month!" Emperor Barbarian looked at the chains piled up in the cave with some reluctance. If these chains look insignificant, if they are taken out I am afraid that the auction can attract countless old antiques and monsters from all over the world, and the final transaction price may be based on the world!

In exchange for a few big worlds under the name of these old guys! This kind of thing can't help but even the wild dragon **** emperor's blood boiling.

However, he still strongly resisted this urge, these materials left behind can bring the formidable fighting power of the Refining Sect, and the overall strength of the Refining Sect can be at least 30% stronger!

"Senior, help me find a place. I have to retreat for a period of time." Since he has to wait for a month, he cannot naturally be idle. This month, if he enters the trial space, it is almost equivalent to one year. .

He is confident that within a year he can perfectly integrate his own inner world and the other side of the world, and build you into the triple **** of the world!

As long as he has reached this level, he has the confidence to be able to kill the strong middle-aged God Emperor!

"OK! Come with me!" The Dragon Emperor took Zhao Yuande to the mountainside away from the volcano. There are rows of caves. "These caves are the best places for me to practice!"

"Old ancestors!" An old rickety old man appeared in front of them, saluting to the barbaric dragon emperor very respectfully.

"Well! Find the best cave mansion for this distinguished guest!" The barbaric dragon emperor nodded and ordered.

"Yes!" Old Rickets turned to look at the rows of cave houses, and finally stopped their eyes at the cave house at the top. "Old ancestor, this cave house is a cave house dedicated to Miss Six, but Miss Six is now out for training. How is it?"

"Okay, you arrange it! But you must remember that this little brother is a valuable guest of my refining sect, you have to wait for life, otherwise no one can hold you!" The barbaric dragon emperor beat the old man fiercely. Fan, then turned to Zhao Yuande and said, "Xiaoyou, you can rest assured to practice here. You can let him inform me of anything. I am going to supervise that kid's refiner now. Don't waste such good materials for refining. !"

"Senior, please feel free!" Zhao Yuande nodded to the Dragon Emperor.

The barbarian dragon emperor disappeared in place as soon as he turned around. He was really anxious. With so much eternal gold, he could not make any mistakes.

"This distinguished guest! Please come with me!" Old Ricket looked at his family's ancestors to be so polite to Zhao Yuande, and immediately had infinite conjectures in his heart, very curious about Zhao Yuande's identity.

However, he also knew the priority, and respectfully introduced Zhao Yuande into the practice of the cave mansion, and he personally guarded at the gate of the cave mansion.

When Zhao Yuande entered the Dong Mansion, he suddenly saw that the Mansion was completely decorated with pink, and a faint fragrance wafted in the Dong Mansion.

But he didn't care about it, just found a place to sit cross-legged.

He reentered the soul into his own inner world. He found that the old man with a white beard was boring in the inner world.

"Brother, what are you doing?"

"Hey! Boring! When will the World Stone come, I can't help but want to move!" The old man with white beard rubbed his hands and looked very boring.

"Boring, let me talk about the sea of stars!" Zhao Yuande is also waiting for the arrival of the world stone. He wants to see if it can be cultivated into a perfect inner world, as the old man with a white beard brags. The inner world of the big world!

But now there is no world stone, this time just can ask this cheap brother, what kind of world is outside the chaotic sea.

"Star Sea... Hey! I really want to go back!" The old man with a white beard sighed softly, "Since it seems boring, then I will tell you about the Star Sea! The Star Sea, as the name suggests, is the sea of stars, in the sea of stars. There are countless large and small stars, most of these stars have no life, but each of the stars with life is extremely powerful, the practitioners above are all powerful existences above the truth, and each star is strong Those who get you, the so-called heavens and the world, can easily crush."

"The truth... what kind of state is this?" Zhao Yuande easily grasped the key points of the old man with white beard and asked curiously.

"The so-called true Tao is the true cultivator! The people in your heavens and the world can only be regarded as cultivators or immortal cultivators, while the people in the Star Sea are cultivators and avenues of cultivation! Fight by understanding and understanding the Tao "Old man with a white beard, glanced at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help shaking his head. "Unfortunately, your heavens and the heavens are broken, I can't sense the existence of the complete Tao, otherwise I can restore my injury instantly, and I can let you know the real The power of the avenue!"

"Our Heavenly Path is broken here?" Zhao Yuande didn't understand, "Why is the Heavenly Path broken here, is it broken by someone?"

"No! In fact, it is hidden in a mysterious space and time in the sea of stars. There was once a legend that the heaven and earth wrapped in the sea of chaos were transformed into the inner world of a mighty man. , This piece of inner world is hidden by people into the sea of chaos." The old man with a white beard longed, "If this is really a powerful inner world, then how powerful must he be! Maybe from the void. Dao came, and maybe Dao Zu Dao from a fairyland!"

"Don't! Don't talk about it... I can't digest too much! You have broken your worldview in your eyes, and then I will lose the motivation to practice!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand quickly.

"Also, since that's the case, I'll find a place to stun for a while. When the world stone arrives, I will teach you how to build a real inner world!" The old man with a white beard doesn't want to attack Zhao Yuande too much. Is gone.

Where did Zhao Yuande get so much information from the old man with a white beard, he suddenly thought of what Zhang Fan said at the time, the heavens and the realms are just a small pond, the pantheon and the fairy realm are a big lake, and the sea of chaos. It is a real ocean, it is said to be outside the ocean...

I dont know how many geniuses are waiting for me to challenge in the star sea. I must improve my strength as soon as possible and strive to enter the fairy world as soon as possible.

Go to meet other geniuses, and defeat those guys in Zhang Fan's mouth.

Zhao Yuande immediately entered the trial space and began to pay close attention to all cultivation.