Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 902

Chapter 902: Drawer Lattice

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Two days later, Zhao Yuande hurriedly left Cultivation Cave House and went to Wantong Chamber of Commerce, as well as the treasure houses of several other large chambers of commerce, and took back all 36 world stones he bought.

"Well! These world stones are in good condition, and there are as many as 36. I can use the extra 24 world stones to further strengthen your inner world, so that its barriers are comparable to the barriers of the fairy world! No one in this realm can destroy your inner world. Hurry up and help, you will these..."

The old man with a white beard is also dedicated to helping Zhao Yuande explain in detail how to use the world stone to stabilize the solid inner world and how to expand the scope of the inner world.

The old man with white beard taught me the trouble, and Zhao Yuande studied hard. Although the structure of the world stone is very cumbersome, it also requires a lot of formation operations, but under the guidance of the old man with white beard, Zhao Yuande quickly mastered this method. .

If there is enough world stone, he can help others to start building in the inner world.

I don't know how much time has passed. When Zhao Yuande was almost exhausted, the two talents completely structured his inner world, and now he only waits for the integration of the other side of the world.

"Boy, in fact, I have a bold idea, I just don't know if you dare to do it!" The old man with a white beard suddenly said very solemnly.

"What a bold idea?" Zhao Yuande felt curious.

"You know, the wider the space, the more integrated into your inner world, the more stable your inner world will be, of course, the stronger you will be! In addition to the other side of the world, you now have another space As long as you dare to take this space and integrate it into your body world, I can guarantee that it will be 30% more powerful than originally expected!" The old man with a white beard follows the path of temptation. "And there is a time acceleration function in this space, as long as you Incorporate it into your inner world, you can even perceive the Avenue of Time by observing and feeling the time acceleration function!"

"Time Avenue!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned. If you can master the avenue of time, wouldn't it be like the universe, with the terrible ability to go back in time to change history dozens or even hundreds of years ago?

"Cough! You don't want to think about it too beautiful, only you guys in all the heavens and the whole world will fully comprehend the time avenue, otherwise I won't be captured by him with my wise magic!" Old White Beard In a hurry, Zhao Yuande broke the cold water channel again, "Time Avenue is extremely difficult. Even in the starry sea, few people master it. You need an extremely long way to master Time Avenue."

"Okay! In fact, I haven't fully explored the space of the Eternal Tower. After I was promoted to the world, I seemed to be able to open the battlefield of life and death in the Eternal Tower!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this, and he was really busy recently, even ascending The welfare to the world is forgotten.

"Actually, kid, you dont have to care, you can fully integrate this space into your inner world, and then explore slowly! The Eternal Tower has recognized you as the master, you should be able to try to slowly integrate it with the inner world. Fusion, because even after the fusion, it can still be detached again to become an independent individual, and the Eternal Tower should not object!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuande obviously moved.

"Of course it is true! This is the secret story of my eating. As long as you find a higher-order, more stable world, you can give up the Eternal Tower and extract it from the inner world again, and replace the new one. The world is back in!" The old man with a white beard laughed, hey, "just like a drawer, you can change it at will!"

"Uh! So against the sky... Can the Wa Palace be..." Zhao Yuande thought of the Wa Palace.

"Nature can, as long as you are not afraid to break up in the time of integration with the world in your body! I just said to stabilize the space and stabilize the world. If the Wa Palace is restored to nature as usual, it is the best choice. If you will be completely restored now. With the integration of the Wa Palace, I am afraid that you can directly use the Wa Palace to crush the powerhouses of the fairyland!" White Beard explained carefully.

"Okay! Then I arrange things in the other side of the world, and then it can start after passing through the spiritual ditch of the Eternal Tower!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and the Soul of God had entered the Eternal Tower.

"Go quickly! I'm all looking forward to..."


Two months later, Zhao Yuande suddenly opened his eyes.

He only felt that his body seemed to be connected to a world that was so vast and boundless.

An unspeakable force was passed from this world into his body, giving him a powerful feeling of being able to destroy the stars by throwing his hands and throwing his hands.

In this vast world, there are many places covered by chaotic fog, even if he can't detect it now.

A holy tower that does not know how much is standing in the center of the world. As long as his heart moves, this tower will take the initiative to fly out to defend the enemy, which is more handy than the previous eternal tower.

Before he wanted to use the Tower of Eternity, he first had to communicate with the Tower Spirit before he could grasp his own hands, but now it is different. The Tower of Eternity is a part of his body, and it is very convenient to move as long as the mind moves.

As for the spirit of the Eternal Tower, after bargaining with Zhao Yuande for a while, he went to retreat himself! Waiting for Zhao Yuande to be strong after harvesting his first leeks.

The body of the other side of the world was originally a broken copper furnace, which was later supplemented by Zhao Yuande with a supplementary stone to become a real world. Now it stands on the land that originally belonged to the other side of the world, like a monument.

His inner world is now divided into three parts, one is the original world on the other side, for human habitation, and the other is the trial space in the Eternal Tower, which can adjust the speed of time lapse at will, but the maximum can only be ten times! The third is the undeveloped area of the Eternal Tower, because his cultivation level is too low, and will not be opened until the next promotion to become an emperor.

According to the old man with white beard, his inner world is still too small, let him find more treasures with the world.

The old man with white beard has already laid the foundation, as long as he finds other treasures that have the world, they can be inserted one by one like a drawer!

Of course, the drawer grid is not endless, and the old man with a white beard has reserved three places for him!