Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 903

Chapter 903: Neat

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"Yawn... kid, I'm a little tired. Let's rest for a while! Call me if you have something!" The white-bearded old hair made a lazy yawn and disappeared into the inner world.

"Okay! The time is more than a month, I think I should go and see if my armor is built." Zhao Yuande got up, and after sitting for two months in a row, even he felt a little bit Numbness in hands and feet.

He slowly moved his hands and feet, and just about to push the door out, he heard a girl's smirk from outside.

"Six Sister! You are finally back! I don't know what kind of spoils I brought back this time?" This voice is very sweet and soft, and people can't help but imagine a quiet and gentle girl.

"Jiumei! Guess... As long as you guess the sixth sister, you will be a big surprise!" The voice was a little wanton, stern, and it must be a lively and restless girl.

"Well! There should be gorgeous fur! And... precious minerals, fierce beast teeth!" The previous girl guessed softly.

"These are all wrong! This time I went into a mysterious secret area for the six sisters. Two holy fruits were stolen under the eyes of a big white monkey, one for the mother and the other for the nine. Sister you!" The lively girl's voice was very proud.

"Ah! I have no talent for cultivation. I can't do it. It's a waste if I take it, or keep it with Six Sisters!" Wen Wan girl seemed a little moved and a little cramped.

"Jiumei, don't be discouraged, maybe this holy fruit will heal your body, maybe you will be able to practice with me, and then Sixth Sister will take you out to the world and take you to kill the bad guys!" The lively girl's voice was full of anticipation.

"Oh! The Sixth Sister is right, maybe it can be!" The Wenwan girl seemed to know that she was ill, and she was numb to these comforts, but she was embarrassed to attack the emotion of the Sixth Sister.

"Go, sit in my cave house!"



"Miss Six, you are back!" Old Ricket saw the two girls in front of him, and couldn't help but feel a little big!

Now that the distinguished guest has not come out, but the Sixth Miss has already returned. I dont know what will happen when the Sixth Miss sees her cave house occupied!

I also blame myself for being talkative. Why did I have to dedicate myself to give this noble guest the cave of Miss Six!

"Uncle Ping, why are you here?" Miss Liu saw the old Ricket standing in front of her cave house, looking a little unsightly. "Did I go out and experience this time, what happened?"

Miss Six turned her head to her nine sister, which was Miss Nine.

Miss Nine shook her head, saying that she didn't even know.

"Miss Six, in fact, this is the case!" The old Rickie gritted his teeth and was planning to make things clear to the Six Miss, and he would have to bear to punish him.

It was at this time that the gate of Dongfu was pushed open from inside, and Zhao Yuande walked out innocently.

"Who is he? Why is it appearing in my cave house!" Miss Liu is a spicy girl with short hair and big eyes. At this time, she stared at Zhao Yuande with a pair of eyes, and questioned the old ricket with a very bad tone.

"Miss Six, please punish me! This is a distinguished guest of my refining sect, I made my own proposal to arrange him in your dedicated cave mansion, I originally thought that the guest will leave soon, but I did not think about it..." Uncle Ping Head down and explain in a low voice.

"Huh! What a distinguished guest! Uncle Ping, do you think you are very qualified, I won't be able to move you! Believe it or not, I'll go find Grandpa and let him drive you down the mountain directly!" The favor of a big brother is extremely arrogant and overbearing.

Zhao Yuande had also reported a trace of apology to her, and felt that the woman was kind and kind to her sister, but now it seems that the woman is really arrogant and arrogant, and it is tiresome.

"Six Sister! Don't do this, Uncle Ping is already an old man! You are wrong to do this!" Miss Jiu's long hair fluttered and her face was very beautiful, but she had a bit of sickness on her face. Give pity.

"Miss Six is indeed a noble family guest, or the ancestors personally sent it, if you don't believe it, you can ask the ancestors!" The old Ricki thought of the situation at that time.

"Huh! You know that your ancestors are in retreat recently, and you can tell the reason for this ignorance!" Miss Liu's eyes coldly said, "Do you want to use the ancestor to crush me?"

"The old slave didn't dare!" Elder Chen's face changed and turned to look at Zhao Yuande, pleading with his face, "This son, you are fair, otherwise the old slave will be killed injustice!"

"Old man, don't worry! At this point I will understand it!" Zhao Yuande nodded to the old Ricket. At this time, because of him, he naturally wants to help the old man to speak justice.

"This girl, I am an old friend with Barbaric Dragon God Emperor. This time I came to refining a few pieces of armor. Because I need to retreat for a period of time, I came to your cave mansion. No movement!" Zhao Yuande will make things clear whether the other party is arrogant or arrogant.

"You have an old relationship with my ancestor?" Miss Six looked up and down at Zhao Yuande, and she couldn't help but show a playful smile. "I said you really dare to say, how old are you, what are you doing, and have the opportunity to know my ancestor?" ?"

"Oh! To be honest, I'm really not as old as you, but what can I say about age? For example, this old man, he is old! You are still so merciless to him!" Zhao Yuande looked at this Miss Six, found that the other party's eyes seemed to spew out fire.

"You... you're clever! But you can only speak your tongue. Believe it or not, I'll let you show it right away!" Miss Six's heart was angry, and the old lady's temper suddenly came up.

A long whip was raised in his hand, and his head was pulled towards Zhao Yuande and he pulled it off.

There was a coldness in Zhao Yuande's eyes, and he gently raised his finger.

"Slap!" The long whip drawn by Miss Liu suddenly broke into two pieces, and the broken section was drawn directly on the mountain, pulling the mountains out of a huge hole.

Zhao Yuande glanced coldly at the other party, and suddenly a terrible momentum suddenly broke out. A huge world phantom slowly turned behind him, almost covering the whole sky.

Miss Liu only felt that a huge mountain was repeatedly pressed down on top of her head. She could hardly breathe because of the pressure. Her body could not move at all, even her eyes could not move!

"If it was outside, you would have died!" Zhao Yuande's voice poured like ice water on Miss Liu's heart, filling her with weakness.