Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 905

Chapter 905: Miss An Opportunity

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"What's the matter?" Zhong Wu waved his hand and looked at the group of people.

"Master Zu, brother, who is he fighting, we are here to help him shake the flag!" Someone said with courage.

"Yes! Brother Master is brave and invincible. I'm afraid that the kid on the opposite side can be shot dead!"

"It seems that the kid wants to misbehave Miss Six..."

"What!" Zhong Wu heard the eyes suddenly squinted round here. This granddaughter was his sweetheart. Someone even dared to plot against her.

But at the next moment Zhong Wu saw the scene in the field and suddenly shouted in shock and rushed towards the battlefield.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop this evil barrier for me!" Zhong Wu's eyes spit fire.

When Zhong Wu saw it, Master's palm was only less than three feet away from Zhao Yuande.

Master Brother naturally heard Zhong Wu's voice, his heart tightened, is this person really a valuable guest of my refining sect? But at the next moment, he thought that even if he wanted to close his hand, he couldn't stop it. If he forcibly closed his hand, he would suffer the force of backlash and suffer a little bit of injury, and he hated Zhao Yuande, and it was a big deal. Later, he blamed that he didn't hold his hand, and Shizu could shoot me directly.

The elder brother didn't do two or two, and his eyes were full of fierce glory, and the strength in his hand increased a few points.

Seeing the expressions and intentions of the older brother, Zhong Wu couldn't help but feel cold in his heart, he said, his grandson is finished!

Zhao Yuande actually found Zhong Wus figure long ago. He felt that others gave himself a refining vessel, or the grandson of the barbaric dragon emperor. How could he have to give others a little face, if this master brother gave up because of Zhong Wus words, he I decided to spare the other party this time.

But the opponent's performance disappointed him, very disappointed.

"You missed a chance to live!" Zhao Yuande flicked his finger at the other side.

The older brother started to sniff at Zhao Yuande's words, because his palm was already pressed against the other's chest, and the terrible power in his body burst out instantly, even a large mountain can be shot into powder.

But at the next moment, something that made him stunned happened, just like the terror of a violent and overbearing man who could row up and down the sea, it fell on the other person's body like a mud bull entering the sea, and there was no splash.

Instead, his palms were attracted to the opponent, and no matter how he pulled it, he couldn't withdraw it. A terrible breath of death enveloped him instantly.

But at this time he had no hiding at all, no hiding.

Just hearing a soft sound of , he instantly felt a burst of pain from his body.

At the next moment, his body was cut in half by Zhao Yuande's sky-cutting fingers from top to bottom, and even the soul was cut open, leaving no hope of survival.

After the halves of the corpses fell to the ground, blood spattered, and the internal organs rolled over.


A terrified scream came from the side, and Miss Six was so scared that she was pale, covering her eyes and daring not to look at the **** corpses on the ground.

At this time, Zhong Wu came to the battlefield, sighed heavily, and made a helpless expression at Zhao Yuande.

"Grandpa! Grandpa! Kill him, he kills the brother, he..."

"Slap!" Before Miss Liu finished, she felt a slap in her face. She was all flew up and hit the stone wall, and then fell heavily.

"Dare you dare to call me, do you know who you offended! You dare to say one more sentence to me, and I will kill you directly!" Zhong Wu, still not relieved, grabbed this granddaughter, facing She scolded fiercely, "I usually just spoil you too much, but I didn't expect such a thing to happen today! How do you tell me to tell my ancestors!"

"Okay! Let's just go over this matter!" Zhao Yuande was anxious at this time. He wanted to see what the armor he had built looked like, and whether the effect was as strong as he thought.

So he did not want to worry about this kind of juniors, let them go!

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Zhong Wu was very courteous.

"Take me to see things!" Zhao Yuande felt a little urgent in his heart.

"Brother Zhao please


Seeing the back of the two left in a hurry, the disciples of countless refining sect were stunned.

Who is this man? Why is this ancestor so respectful, is it a disciple or son of a certain emperor?

It shouldn't be! The ancestor has been promoted to the fairyland at this time... Is this person behind him also a strong man in the fairyland?

Many people are unclear, so they randomly speculate on Zhao Yuande's identity.

Miss Liu touched the five swollen slap marks on her face, and she was falling into a stagnation with others. Only then did she believe what Elder Rick said, this is really a distinguished guest of the Refining Sect!

Even the elder ancestors personally accompany each other, who is the other person?

It seems that he has not been wronged by this slap, otherwise even if the other party killed himself directly, his grandfather may not dare to treat the other party!

It seems that I am really too reckless and too arrogant...

Zhao Yuande soon followed Zhong Wu to the top of his cave house.

"Brother Zhong Wu, has my armor been built?" Although he knew the result, Zhao Yuande still looked at each other with some expectation.

"Oh! It's done! You accept it!" Zhong Wu also swept the haze mood just now, and waved ten sets of neatly arranged armor in front of Zhao Yuande.

These armor exudes a faint blue brilliance, exquisite craftsmanship, each corner is polished as smooth as a mirror, and each part from head to toe is very complete, as long as it can be worn to isolate the body from the outside world, except the body No other power can be transmitted.

"This set is dark in color, and it is made of 108,000 kilograms. I personally thumped for 10 days and 10 nights before I made this 18,000 kilograms of eternal gold into this set of armor. This set of armor I am afraid that only Brother Zhao can wear it!" Zhong Wu pointed to the front set of armor and proudly introduced it to Zhao Yuande. "This set of armor is far stronger than the innate treasure. I am afraid it is a The strongest of the Divine Emperor's Peak may not be able to sag it. That is to say, as long as the Brother Zhao wears this set of armor, even if he can't defeat the Divine Emperor and strong, he should be able to protect himself."

"Good! Good! Good!" Zhao Yuande rubbed his hands in excitement and put this suit directly on his body. He suddenly felt that he could cut off all breath and the power of the soul, even if he was in the middle of the emperor now. The power of God's soul cannot penetrate this set of armor easily.