Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 907

Chapter 907: Sisters Love

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Under the leadership of Zhong Jiu'er, they soon appeared in front of a large courtyard, and they could vaguely hear a burst of crying in the courtyard.

"It's a real obstacle! Didn't that noble guest occupy your cave? You not only made the noble guest unhappy, but also lost the life of your brother, see me not killing you!" A thick man's voice Came out from the yard.


"Your cruel old thing, this is our daughter, do you beat her like this for an outsider?" A woman's voice sobbed softly, as if she was powerless to stop and could only cry beside her.

"Mother, it's me wrong! I know it's wrong, let dad beat me!" Miss Six's voice was a bit stubborn and a bit remorseful.

"Dad! Don't fight! Don't fight!" Zhong Jiuer beside Zhao Yuande heard this voice, and suddenly tears burst out of his eyes, pushed open the courtyard door and rushed in.

Zhao Yuande shook his head and followed into the courtyard.

As soon as he walked into the courtyard, Zhao Yuande saw the six young ladies kneeling on the ground at the moment, the clothes behind were ragged, and **** scars appeared on the bare skin. The flesh turned open, and the clothes were impregnated with blood.

Beside Miss Liu, a middle-aged man holding a steel whip was being hugged by Zhong Jiu'er at this time.

"Okay! I'm not so stingy! Let's stop here!" Zhao Yuande waved to the middle-aged man. "You still care more about Zhong Jiuer!"

"Thank you, son! I taught my daughters not to be strict, but also ask me to punish me!" The middle-aged man bowed and respectfully raised his hands to Zhao Yuande with respect.

"I said that this will stop! Haven't you heard?" Zhao Yuande's voice was a little bit harder.

"Yes!" The middle-aged man shivered and hurriedly took back the steel whip.

"Okay, I have nothing to do!" Zhao Yuande nodded and looked at Zhong Jiuer again, whispering to the middle-aged man, "Take care of Zhong Jiuer! Her life is too bitter!"

"You... you see it!" The middle-aged man shivered and his face was unbelievable. He suddenly gritted his teeth, fell to his knees with a thump, and began to slam his head towards Zhao Yuande!

Zhao Yuande was also stunned by the middle-aged man!

"Dad! What do you... what are you going to do?" Miss Liu, who was beaten and flicked on the side, didn't know what was happening, only to see that her father kept kowtowing towards Zhao Yuande, and would pull forward in a hurry.

"Keep me down and kowtow!" The middle-aged man shouted and gave his daughter a hard look.

Miss Six was also scared and fell to her knees, but she didn't understand why she was kowtowing.

"What are you doing! Get up!" Zhao Yuande probably understood what the other person was thinking, and hurried forward to help the middle-aged man.

"I also ask my son to be kind and merciful to save my family Jiu'er, my family is willing to make cattle and horses for my son!"

"Master! Please!" The woman knelt down when she saw that her husband and daughter were on their knees, and sobbed on the ground in a hurry. "My Jiuer, my life is too bitter! Please beg your son for mercy, little woman." Willing to do everything!"

"Please also ask my son to save my sister! As long as you promise to save her, I can give you a slave!" Miss Liu just knew Zhao Yuande's true identity just now. Zhao Yuande was originally her most admired person, Zhao Yuande's deeds She knew everything, and if she said that Zhao Yuande could save her sister, she would not doubt it at all.

Zhao Yuande heard that the sixth lady was willing to be a slave to his sister, and suddenly felt that the girl might not be bad, but he still needs to verify whether the other party is sincere or just talking.

"Oh! Are you really a slave-servant? As long as it is true, I promise to save your sister!" Zhao Yuande's face showed an unpredictable smile, especially a pair of eyes swept away on Miss Liu, and suddenly let this Miss Six suddenly panicked.

"No...Six sisters! No..." Zhong Jiuer can make his sister waste a great future and become a slave-in-law for others!

The middle-aged man didn't expect Zhao Yuande to say that, but he couldn't help but stay awake, but soon his brain turned, and if he wanted to stop the export, he immediately swallowed it.

He looked at his daughter like this, waiting for her choice.

"No! Xiaoliu! You can't..." The woman wanted to pull her daughter, but found that she couldn't speak the words below, even if she couldn't move her body.

"Okay! As long as you promise to save my sister, what does Zhong Liuli promise to be your maidservant!" Miss Liu Zhonglili looked at her sister's bitter expression and thought of the painful appearance she had when she became ill. Down.

"Can't just talk about it!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold and quiet, as if the bitter cold wind blew into Zhong Liuli's heart.

"Then I will make the oath of heaven!" Zhong Liuli showed a determined expression on his face, and directly said, "I Zhong Liuli swear, as long as..."

"Sister Six... No, it's not worth it! I'm just a waste...Sister Six!" Zhong Jiuer's voice choked, because he was emotional and finally passed out.

The middle-aged man supported his daughter and gently injected gentle spiritual power to help her sort out her body's blood, and Zhong Jiuer slowly came to life.

Listening to Zhong Liuli's oath, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nodded slightly. Although the woman was arrogant and arrogant, she was able to sacrifice so for her sister, enough to touch his heart.

"Okay! I promise you! But this treatment may take a long time. I can't stay in your alchemy sect all day long. She needs to follow me!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhong Jiuer, "Zhong Jiuer, don't you Dont you want to return to being an ordinary person? Dont you want to practice with your siblings?"

"I hate cultivation, I don't want to cultivate, I just ask my son to let my sister free, I..." Zhong Jiuer's eyes were red, and he looked at Zhao Yuande so beggingly.

"Hey! Silly girl, in fact, I was just kidding with your sister! I just wanted to see if she would really do that for you!" Zhao Yuande sent a voice to Zhong Jiu'er, but on the surface, he said, "You Do you think that the panacea for increasing Shouyuan is a panacea? Similarly, if you eat more panacea, the effect will be greatly discounted! Do you want your parents, brothers and sisters to watch you slowly die, do you know how sad they will be?"

"I..." Zhong Jiuer looked at her sister, then at her parents, and of course, what Zhao Yuande secretly said, so that she finally nodded.

"Okay! Zhong Jiuer will follow me!" Zhao Yuande waved to her.

"Good!" Zhong Jiuer nodded and looked back at the father with a complex look, the mother with a sad face, and the sister with a happy face on her face. She suddenly felt so happy!