Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 908

Chapter 908: Southern Daze

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Zhong Jiuer almost leaped towards Zhao Yuande, his eyes gleaming brightly.

"Don't follow you! Practice at home, maybe one day when you reach the realm of God Emperor, maybe I will come back to find you!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhong Liuli behind him and smiled softly. "Practice well, don't chase slack!"

Zhong Liuli was stunned, but with her cleverness, why didn't she know what Zhao Yuande meant by saying this!

"Thank you, son! Thank you, son! I know!" Zhong Liuli almost jumped up in excitement. She turned and rushed back to her home, but she thought of something, and took a roll of animal skin from her arms. He said to Zhao Yuande, "Zhao Gongzi's great grace, Liuli has nothing to do! This is a map of a secret place that I stumbled upon. It contains powerful beasts, and my cultivation base cannot be penetrated at all, but even so I got two holy fruits on the periphery of the secret place, and I asked my son to accept them!"

"Oh! There is such a place!" Zhao Yuande suddenly became interested. He himself treated Zhong Jiuer, and he needed to identify a large number of elixir or even divine medicine to find a solution. If there is such a place, he still needs to be true. Go in and explore.

"Isn't this place far from Huocheng?" Zhao Yuande took the hide roll and looked at the incomparable strangeness of the mountains and rivers above.

"This mysterious realm is in the southernmost part of the world where we are away from the fire. In the southern Daze, I just came back from there. If the son needs it, I can take the son at any time!" Zhong Liuli said, his face exposed Some excitement.

He was chased around by the white monkey in that secret place. If it was not for the two holy fruits, she really did not want to provoke the guy, if she could go with Zhao Yuande...

He was all looking forward to the situation in which the white monkey's fart was pissed.

"It just happened that I had a month's time, and treatment of Zhong Jiu'er needed a lot of elixir, so please take me there!" Zhao Yuande thought for a while and nodded.

"Okay! I'll go back and prepare!" Zhong Liuli returned home with a gust of wind, the excitement on his face could not be concealed.

Middle-aged people had heard Zhao Yuande's words before, and they were also happy in their hearts, but they also lost a little bit. Girls like their daughters who want to be beautiful and talented, dont know how many people have broken the threshold to raise relatives. But he was rejected by him.

However, although those people are all from a large family, and each one is excellent, but compared with this son Zhao, it is simply a small firefly.

If you can become the maid in front of you, slowly becoming a partial house or concubine in the future can also benefit your daughter!

But seeing each other is just a test for his daughter, the daughter is still free, he does not know whether it is joy or disappointment.

But seeing that her daughter actually caught each other in a secret environment, alone men and widows, who knows what will happen, maybe...

The middle-aged man's mind is cranky, and his expression is a little trance.

Zhong Liuli soon reappeared in front of Zhao Yuande. The broken clothes on his body had been replaced by a bright yellow jersey, and his beautiful body was perfectly outlined.

Zhong Liuli itself has short hair and big eyes, and this dress really makes Zhao Yuande feel bright.

"Go! You lead the way, I will send your sister into my body world first!" Zhao Yuande waved to Zhong Liuli, beckoning her to move ahead.

Zhong Liuli nodded, leaping lightly, turning into a streamer in mid-air and flying towards the south.

Zhao Yuande didn't catch up immediately, but smiled at Zhong Jiuer: "Okay, Jiuer, you first enter my body world and take a good rest in it. Since I promised your parents and sister , You will be healed!"

"Um! Thank you, Gongzi Zhao, my sister and she are very kind to me. All these years are all for me to run around. If there is no sister, I may have lost my hope of living!" Zhong Jiuer's eyes were red, just now. The elder sister really made her feel what is called flesh and blood affection, what is called a real sister.

"Relax! I won't embarrass her, maybe I will help her to make her more powerful!" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously at Zhong Jiu'er.

"Really? Thank you, Mr. Zhao! Thank you, Mr. Zhao!" The joy on Zhong Jiuer's face could not be suppressed, and his heart was as sweet as honey.

"Okay! Enter my body world and take a good rest, someone will take care of you!" Zhao Yuande swept Zhong Jiuer into the body world with a swipe of his sleeve.

At the same time, a ray of his soul turned into another appearance of his own, and he also entered the inner world. Although his wives were very at ease with him, this kind of thing still needs to be explained to reassure them.

After Zhao Yuande sent Zhong Jiu'er into the inner world, he carefully sensed Zhong Liuli's direction, and his body disappeared in place in an instant. When he appeared again, he was already in the sky dozens of miles away, and his body was so powerful At a terrible point, the speed of the flight was more than several hundred times the speed of sound, and his figure could not be seen at all during the flight, as if it were a teleportation.

After a few breaths, he saw that a figure in the sky was flying in the sky, it was Zhong Liuli, and her speed was not slow.

Zhao Yuande carefully observes Zhong Liuli in the back. This woman is also the practice of the world's triple dominance. It looks like she is only twenty-four or five years old. Her qualifications are very good, even stronger than the Jiang family Jiang Tianling!

If such a person is placed in the East Emperor's World, he should be a genius.

But what he didn't know is that this Zhong Liuli is really a famous master of the younger generation from the world of fire, just comparing with someone!

The next moment Zhao Yuande came to Zhong Liuli and nodded slightly to her.

"Mr. Zhao, your speed is too fast. I have tried my best, but I didn't expect you to catch up with just a dozen breaths!" Zhong Liuli's resentment and the bones in his heart since he knew the identity of Zhao Yuande Pride is gone.

In front of such peerless geniuses like Zhao Yuande, even her elder ancestors had to bow down to make friends, and even her grandfather had to respect and respect her, what would she do.

Now in front of Zhao Yuande, she seemed to face her ancestors, with curiosity and awe in her heart, and an inexplicable excitement.

"I'm just a little physically stronger!" Zhao Yuande asked with some doubt. "Hey! Do we want to fly directly to Daze in the south? Is there no teleportation array here?"