Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 909

Chapter 909: Drunk Bear

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"We are in the Fire City, the teleportation is outside the city, so we have to fly out of the City of Fire alone!" Zhong Liuli saw Zhao Yuande puzzled, and continued to explain, "In fact, it is because the fire under the City of Fire is too overbearing. The teleportation array could not withstand a long period of fire and it would quickly collapse, so after several consecutive collapses, the ancestors could only say that the teleportation array was built three thousand miles outside the city. The effect of fire."

"It turned out to be so!" Zhao Yuande nodded, which was really overbearingly abnormal, but how could he be able to refine the innate spirit treasure without being so overbearing!

"Here, where is the hall of transmission!" At this time, Zhong Liuli pointed forward.

Zhao Yuande saw a small city standing beneath the mountains, and the largest building in the city was a hall of teleportation!

The two fell outside the city. There were hundreds of people outside the city and they were undergoing a unified inspection by the guards outside the gate.

Zhong Liuli looked at Zhao Yuande's puzzled eyes and hurriedly explained: "Because there is some distance away from Huocheng, various shops have gradually been built due to this large transmission line, and the family has also stipulated to ensure the safety of the transmission line. No flight allowed during depression, and the requirement to check identity when entering the city!"

"Well! Don't break the regulations of the Refining Sect, let's follow the procedure!" Zhao Yuande said very well in peacetime.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhao for your understanding." Zhong Liuli originally thought that Zhao Yuande would be unhappy, but when he saw him being so kind and reasonable, he suddenly let go of a heart.

Zhong Liuli took out a jade card and lit it in front of the guard. The guard immediately gave the two respectfully and released them.

The face of the person standing in line suddenly showed dissatisfaction.

"Shut up! Just now, Miss Liuli, who is the proud daughter of Refiner Zongtian!" one of the guards whispered coldly.

"What! That is Miss Zhong Liuli Zhong who is known as one of the three beauties of Refining Sect! It's really heroic!"

"Although they are beautiful, but they are not vases, she is still one of the top ten talented female nuns from the world of fire, and her qualification is definitely rare for a thousand years. Although she is only twenty-five years old, she has reached the world's triple dominance. for!"

"It used to be said that she was so beautiful! Today I finally saw a real person, and it's more famous to meet me!"

"This Miss Zhong Liuli doesn't seem to have an **** yet. Such a beautiful person doesn't know who will be cheaper..."

"Anyway, it won't be cheap for you..."


Zhong Liuli, who had entered the city, heard these comments, and suddenly felt feverish in his face, and wished he could find a ground seam.

If it was changed before, she would find it very interesting, but her tiny strength in front of Zhao Yuande seemed like a joke.

In particular, Zhao Yuande heard these comments, and she immediately felt extremely embarrassed.

Zhao Yuande naturally heard these comments too, and then he realized that this Zhong Liuli was really not easy. He couldn't help but looked at the other party up and down again.

It was found that her appearance was indeed beautiful, but she was biased by her short hair, which made her look a bit different, but this kind of alternative also gave her a unique taste.

"I don't think you are so famous!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, "I really underestimated you before.

"In front of Master Gong, I am nothing!" Zhong Liuli's posture was very low.

"Okay! Don't be arrogant. It was just a joke to ask you to be a maidservant before. You can forget it and let's be friends!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and indicated that Zhong Liuli should not be nervous.

"Yes! Prince Zhao!" Zhong Liuli's heart burst into ecstasy.

Although the other partys obscure mark was just a test, but it wasnt said. Now that the other party has said it personally, the oath that day was useless, and the other partys initiative to be a friend made her heart beat. !

Become a friend of Zhao Yuande. If this is said, I don't know how many people envy and die.

To know that she and a bunch of sisters, the most talked about on weekdays is what geniuses are in the beginning, that genius is the most powerful, and that genius is the most handsome!

And the person they talk about the most is Zhao Yuande, the few sisters who look very high, said many times that if they can become Zhao Yuande's women, even if there is no name!

If he could become Zhao Yuande's friend, he would even be willing to die for thousands of years.

Among the many stories about Zhao Yuande circulated in the beginning, each story shows that Zhao Yuande is a person who is very committed and affectionate. For friends, he can live and forget his life, and for friends can go to the fire!

Being a friend of Zhao Yuande is the dream of countless people in the beginning, especially the dreams of boys and girls.

The two walked towards the teleport hall not far away. The heart of this clock Liuli was opened, and the mood became much better, and the words on the street became more.

"Mr. Zhao, let's buy some antidote first! There are a lot of poisonous malaria in the mystery. If it is poisoned, it will be very troublesome!" Zhong Liuli saw a spirit medicine shop, and then remembered this moment.

"Okay! I'll go in and see if there is any elixir that can be used." Zhao Yuande nodded and followed Zhong Liuli into the shop.

Although the shop is very small, but the goods are very complete, the shopkeeper is a middle-aged man with slightly gray hair.

The middle-aged man saw the two enter the store and hurriedly greeted him with a smile.

"What does this distinguished customer need?"

"The shopkeeper, is there any Xuanji Jiedu Pill?" Zhong Liuli asked.

"Xuanji Jiedu Dan, yes... yes! How much do you want?" When the shopkeeper heard that Jiedu Dan was going, he immediately ran to the counter and took out several jade bottles.

"Thirty!" Zhong Liuli thought about it and reported the number.

"Please wait!"

"The shopkeeper, give me fifty Jiedu Dan! Hurry up, get it for Lao Tzu!" Just as the shopkeeper was busy separating Jiedu Dan into the jade bottle, a tall and burly figure broke in. .

This is a big man with a full height, a bearded man with a full face, and a huge wine gourd in his hand, and his body is full of alcohol.

As soon as the big man entered the shop, he began to knock on a counter in the shop. A pair of drunken and hazy eyes kept scanning Zhao Yuande.

"Ah! Isn't this Miss Zhongjialiu of Qingguoqingcheng?" Dahan saw Zhong Liuli, and his face suddenly showed a grinning smile. He said a bit fiercely, "You are also here to buy Jiedu Dan, and also brought a helper , Do you want to go back to that secret place to explore again?"

"Drunken bear, dont think Im afraid of you if you have too many people. The map of that secret place was bought by me for a large price. Why do you occupy it? Is it that you are fooling me? There was anger rising.