Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Great Demon Sacrifice

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Zhao Yuande frowned and looked at the smaller and smaller space in front of him, surrounded by patches of black magic energy, and there was a burst of laughter in the magic energy, as if there was a horror monster with fangs wandering.

After he sent the black bears into the copper furnace space, he began to find a way, but unfortunately every temptation returned without success, and was finally trapped in this small space.

"It's really not possible. I also entered the copper furnace space. Since the demon was suppressed by the owner of the copper furnace, it must have lost vitality and it is impossible to break the defense of the copper furnace...No, this is definitely a dead end."

"Otherwise, I will wait for this Demon to come out of the space door. If the other party is a mess, I will go in to hide. If it is not much different, I will fight with him!"


The door to the space was pushed away by something. A three-armed six-armed, four-legged Mozu probe protruded his head from the door to the space. Six eyes showed a vigilant light.

The three faces of the Mozu represent compassion, anger, and killing. The six hands were holding the tower, the tower, the bell, the tripod, the furnace, the car, and the six arms, with four legs on the ground.

"Huh! This is... Ascension!" The monster's voice was harsh and unpleasant, as if the spatula was scratching the iron pan fiercely. It saw the tall altar below and Zhao Yuande wrapped in a group of spirits on the altar. "Is this man releasing me? It seems that I want to thank him well!"

Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique pointed out that, as expected, it was still a question mark and could not be identified!

As soon as this demon appeared, Zhao Yuande felt a trembling breath. According to his estimation, the other party was a world in the world!

"In order to thank you, human beings, I will promise you a request!" Among the three faces of the Demon Race, representing the charity's face, they looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile, "Humanity, tell your request!"

"Can I ask that I leave here safely?" Zhao Yuande faced such a powerful opponent and guarded with all his strength. As long as the other party moved slightly, he would enter the copper furnace space for the first time.

"Gqua! Yes!" The face that represents the killing among the three faces quacks, "But after I send you out, I will turn the whole world into a magic field! How about, do you still have to go out?"

"I don't want to!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help shivering when he heard the other party's words. The other party really had this ability!

Although he is not a good person, he is not willing to let hundreds of millions of lives become his funeral.

"Then can I ask to improve my strength?" Zhao Yuande tentatively asked again.

"Yes! Of course!" sneered on behalf of the angry face. "However, you have to dedicate your freedom and let me control your body! Do you really want to increase your strength?"

"No! Don't die without freedom!" How could Zhao Yuande be willing to become a puppet for others.

"Say your request, this is the last chance!" The angry face suddenly became very cold.

"I give up this opportunity!" Zhao Yuande knew that no matter what the request was, it would not benefit him.

"Can't give up, otherwise I will kill you directly and demonize your corpse!" The angry face opened its mouth wide to reveal its white teeth, and a drop of bright red blood flowed on the teeth.

"Okay! Let's do it!" Zhao Yuande felt that the other party seemed a little weird. The Demon only killed and plundered. Is this really the Demon's style?

"Then I'm welcome!" The weapons of the six hands of the Demon Race rotate like a windmill, suppressing them toward Zhao Yuande Qiqi.

Zhao Yuande only felt a monstrous coercion pressing toward him. The power of terror seemed to be like a mountain. His body was backing up again and again, and there was a fire cloud monument in his hand, and he turned back against the monstrous pressure.


The Huoyun Monument collided with six kinds of weapons and made a loud blast of tremendous power.

Zhao Yuande was shocked by the powerful force, and then stopped again and again for more than ten steps before he stood still. There was a ray of blood in the corner of his mouth, but his face was showing surprise at this time!

The demon's huge body flew out directly, and fell down to the altar. The flames under the altar burned and sent out a terrible howl!

"It turns out that you are a silver wax gun head, I said why there are so many flying flowers! It seems that Grandpa Zhao is about to beat the water dog today!" Zhao Yuande rushed down the altar with a laugh, and the flames did not pose any threat to him at all. .

What Zhao Yuande and the Mozu did not find is that the Huoyunbei seems to have life at this time, and it begins to absorb the magic energy in the space. Every time it absorbs a point, the color of the Huoyunbei becomes black, and The inscriptions on the stele turned out to be gray.

"You... how could you be so powerful! Your flesh, this is wrong, impossible!" The demon jumped from the sea of fire, with an incredible expression on his face. He could hardly imagine that a little monk in the realm of the blood-sea **** turned out to be The following will knock himself off, how strong his physical body is!

At this time, Zhao Yuande's physical strength has reached a huge force of 800,000 catties, and the pure physical strength of the powerful in the later stage of the ordinary field may not necessarily reach this level.

Although the original state of the demon was the Emperor Realm, but because it was sealed for too long, the strength was less than one ten thousandth of the original. He has been delaying the time in order to restore more power, but he did not expect to encounter it. Zhao Yuande's perversion is also considered bad luck.

"Haha! Come on! Unlucky ghost, let's fight a battle!" Zhao Yuande waved the Huoyunbei and slammed at the Demon Race who wanted to jump onto the altar.

"Oh! I'm going to swallow you alive!" The demon killing face exuded a terrifying killing intention, and the soul turned into an invisible sharp arrow and shot towards Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge.

Zhao Yuande felt the killing intention arrow, but did not dodge, let the arrow rush into the sea of knowledge.

"Haha! Little human, you're done!" The killing face laughed wildly. He felt that his soul would puncture each other's fragile knowledge of the sea instantly.

"No! What is this! This is impossible..." But at the next moment, there was extreme panic on the face of the killing face.

Because his soul rushed into Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, he suddenly found himself as if he had entered an endless golden ocean, so strong that his trembling soul breath instantly locked it.

A big hand covering the sky and the sun grasped the invading soul, and the boundless golden flame swept across the space instantly.

Although Zhao Yuande's soul was restored to the world realm at this time, his foundation is too strong, but it is a living emperor, even if he takes out a trace of Yu Wei, he can kill the opponent alive.

The killing face lost its brilliance in an instant, and the entire head was pulled down. The two arms controlled by this face also fell down, and the weapon in his hand fell to the ground.

"You're going to die!" The other two faces instantly became terribly fierce, and a majestic demon rushed out, and the whole space was shaking, as if something terrible was coming.

"Da Tian Mo sacrifices!" The obscure incantation spelled in the two faces, the killing face and two arms instantly exploded into three groups of blood mist, a gap opened suddenly in the void, and a huge tongue opened from the gap Stretched out in the middle, directly rolled away three groups of blood mist.

"Humble servant, you sacrifice blood and flesh, what do you want from me?" A thunderous thunder came through the crack, and it turned out to be a powerful person who made Zhao Yuande tremble. The endless void came.

"Powerful master, we want to kill this humble human!" The devil pointed at Zhao Yuande, and all four eyes were crazy. Zhao Yuande killed one of their most powerful bodies, and the only criterion for identifying power among demons is the number of arms. In the past, their three heads and six arms were respected by the people as the six-armed Holy Devil, but their name will be changed to four from now on. Big arm demon.

They are unwilling, they want revenge, so they urged the most terrible sacrifice and summoned their most powerful ancestors at the cost of their own flesh and blood!

"Oh! Is that just the case?" A huge eyeball in the gap turned his eyes to Zhao Yuande, "A district human, hey! This is... Chaos Eucharist! Reincarnation of the universe... Ah!"

The eyeball suddenly shed black blood, and the powerful person, who did not know how far apart, was injured!