Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 910

Chapter 910: Cangyucheng

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Originally, she did want to go back to the refiner sect to find the help of Master Brother and re-explore the secret place. It also happened to crack down on the arrogance of the gang, but she did not expect that Master Master died in the hands of Zhao Yuande.

This made her suddenly lose hope for the secret place. She gave Zhao Yuande a map of the secret place, and wanted to borrow Zhao Yuande's hand to teach the gang, but Zhao Yuande invited her to come together, which made her really incomparable. Excitement.

Its too early to run into a drunk bear here. On Xiu Xiu, she is not afraid of drunk bear at all. In fact, another companion of drunk bear is the most troublesome thing for her. Xu, who is known as the first genius of the world from the fire Ze, a mysterious hidden family, is the disciple of the Xu family!

This Xu Ze is similar to their age, but the cultivation base has reached the early stage of Emperor Realm, and only her master brother can resist.

"Refining Sect! Hey, what's the matter with the Refining Sect? Don't think that Lihuo World is the site of your Refining Sect. The Xu family is not a weaker family than your Refining Sect, and our Zhengyang family is not good. Annoying!" The drunk bear was drunk and hazy, but he was sober when he talked.

"The shopkeeper, what about my thirty detoxification pills?" Zhong Liuli didn't want to chatter with this guy anymore, turned his head to look at the shopkeeper.

"Jie Du Dan first give me, otherwise I will smash you this broken shop!" Although drunk bear speaks to the shopkeeper, but a pair of eyes looked at Zhong Liuli provocatively.

"This...this..." The shopkeeper was in a dilemma, not knowing what to do.

"I'll come first! Give me first!" Zhong Liuli looked gloomy and looked at the drunk bear coldly.

"This girl did come first, or this distinguished guest..." The shopkeeper was a fair man. After looking at the two, he finally handed a potion bottle to Zhong Liuli.

"I'm fucking, you old thing is dead!" The drunk bear burst into rage, raised his slap and shot towards the shopkeeper.

This drunk bear's cultivation is threefold in the world, and the power of the inner world is surging out. The entire store is directly overturned by the terrible power. The several stores next to it suddenly collapsed into a ruin, and the master who has been covering the sky and the sun Zhao Yuande, Zhong Liuli and the shopkeeper shrouded in together.

The shopkeeper was so terrified that he sat on the ground with a sullen face and a pale face.

"Drunk bear, you're so deceiving!" Zhong Liuli just wanted to start, but only saw Zhao Yuande around her, and flicked a finger in the void.


A tragic scream was heard, and a palm crashed down on the ground, and the entire ground was smashed down by a large area, and there were cracks around it.

The terrible palms in the sky were missing, only the drunk bear screamed over his broken wrist, which was bleeding constantly.

"This man's physique is similar to that of the prison body, and his body is also very heavy, and it has some meaning." Although Zhao Yuande said something interesting in his mouth, he didn't look interested at all.

"Not yet!" Zhong Liuli saw the drunk bear's palm being cut off, and her face suddenly showed a look of hate. You must know that she has had many battles with this drunk bear, and every time she collides with it, she will be upset by the qi and blood. Now The opponent has lost his palm and his combat power has been removed by 30%. He should be able to stabilize the opponent's head over a period of time.

"Good! Very good! Zhong Liuli, you are very good!" Drunk Xiong looked at Zhong Liuli fiercely, not daring to look directly at Zhao Yuande.

Although Drunk Bear is constantly guessing Zhao Yuande's identity, he has no idea at all. The other party just did not feel it at all. This might be more powerful than Xu Ze, who is known as the first genius of the world from the fire !

If this guy were beside Zhong Liuli, it would be awful to enter that secret place!

Although the drunk bear looks reckless on the surface, it is a delicate and calm person.

If ordinary people are cut off their palms, they will surely be frightened and run away. Although he is exaggerated, he still dares to be here, which is enough to explain many problems.

He wanted to observe the man who beheaded his hand a lot to see where he was.

"Not yet!" Zhong Liuli suddenly became angry when he saw that the other party still refused to leave!

"Humph! Today, I was planted here by drunk bears, not enough. I want to know who I planted in. You dare to report your name!" Drunk bear hesitated for a moment and looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Leave the shop to compensate! Get out!" Zhao Yuande saw the other's eyes groaning, knowing that the other person was a sly man with a sly appearance and a cunning heart. His heart was already murderous.

"Okay! I'm going!" The drunk bear was startled, suddenly escaped a storage ring and threw it at Zhong Liuli, then turned around and left.

After Zhong Liuli handed over the storage ring to the frightened shopkeeper and got to know Dudan, they walked out of the broken shop.

"This person has deep ambitions and is a powerful figure. You will have to kill this person in the future." Zhao Yuande continued to Zhong Liuli. "And I feel that this person's physical exercises are special. Your current cultivation is possible. Its not his opponent, he still has to work harder."

"Not right! I only had hands with him a few days ago, and none of us could help each other. Could it be... that he was awkward!" Zhong Liuli suddenly changed his face, and she seemed to understand something at once.

At that time, they were fighting, and there were many people watching around. Obviously, the other party did not show his true strength. He wanted to paralyze himself. When he was fighting alone, he killed the killer because of his negligence.

Zhong Liuli's complexion suddenly turned pale!

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande pointed out the power of drunk bears. In fact, he wanted to let Zhong Liuli know the evils of the practice world and wanted her to take fewer detours in the future and increase her mind.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhao!" Zhong Liuli was very grateful to Zhao Yuande. She could feel that the other party had regarded herself as a friend, otherwise she would not say more to herself.

"Okay! Don't be restrained. In fact, I am a few years younger than you. You let other people see you and think I am some old immortal monster. It's tender!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Zhong Liuli.

"Huh!" Zhong Liuli nodded with emphasis, feeling a moment of excitement in her heart.

The two quickly embarked on the teleportation array and left the temporary town.

The teleportation array from the World of Fire is obviously not as good as that of the Eastern Emperor Great World. Both the teleportation distance and the efficiency are much worse. The limit teleportation distance of the teleportation array here is one hundred thousand miles, if the distance between the two cities exceeds 100,000 In the middle of the two cities, the relay transmission will be built, so many transmission cities have also been formed.

It took them nearly a day to transfer from Lihuo City to a large city outside Daze in the south, Cangyu City!