Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 911

Chapter 911: Four Methods

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Why is it called Cangyu City, because the most fierce beast in the southern Daze is the Cangyu bird.

This is an eighth-order beast, extremely powerful, but its feathers are the strongest, can be used as arrows, and can be made into feather coats. It is really a low-cultivator who can get a feather and use it as a growth sword.

The long beak of the Cangyu bird is extremely sharp, even if it is not processed, it is comparable to the innate spirit. The flesh and blood of the Cangyu bird contains an extremely strong force of wind. If it can grasp the leader of the Cangyu bird, then it is comparable to the existence of the emperor. The flesh and blood of this existence contains the power of the Tao of wind. Increase the emperor's comprehension of the way of the wind...

The claws, eyes, and internal organs of the blue feather bird have a huge effect on the practitioner, so the value is extremely high.

Many strong men are stationed here all the year round and go out to hunt the Cangyu bird. Over time, this place has become the entire world from the fire, and even the entire Cangyu bird trading center in the beginning. People will think of the Cangyu bird here, So simply remove the original name and call it Cangyu City directly.

After listening to Zhong Liuli's introduction, Zhao Yuande immediately became very interested in this kind of green feather bird. He could not wait to see this kind of green feather bird.

"Let me take my son to the trade fair to see! There are all kinds of green feather birds over there. If we are lucky, we can still see a nine-level green feather bird." Seeing Zhao Yuande curious, Zhong Liuli hurriedly suggested. .

"Okay! Let's go and see!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

They soon came to one of the most prosperous streets in Cangyu City, standing in front of a huge building like Yanwuchang.

There are three big characters on the building, the trading floor!

"Miss Liuli, you are here!" An old man looking yellowish outside the trading floor saw Zhong Liuli and greeted him immediately.

"Um! Jiushu, I'll take a friend to take a look." Zhong Liuli nodded at the old man, and then asked again, "I don't know if there are any nine-level green feather birds recently?"

"Return to Miss Liuli, there are some but the Xu family got a head. If you want, I am afraid it will cost you a lot!" The old man replied respectfully, with a trace of embarrassment on his face.

"No! Uncle Ji, don't bother, we just go to see it!" Zhong Liuli shook his head.

"That's easy to do! Xiaodong took the lady to the Xujia store to see the ninth-order Cangyu bird!" The old man waved at a young man beside him, and suddenly asked, "Don't be with Xu's People conflict."

"Yes!" The young man looked very clever and bowed to Zhong Liuli and saluted. "I have seen Miss Liu and I have seen this son!"

"Go!" Zhong Liuli nodded.

The teenager took the two into the trading floor.

As soon as he entered the trading floor, Zhao Yuande immediately understood why he had to lead the way.

The trading floor is too big, occupying half of the size of the entire Cangyu City. There are countless practitioners. There are a variety of materials on the stalls. Only a small part can see some fierce. The beast carcass, as for the Cangyu bird, they didn't see it at all.

"Isn't this the market for Cangyu birds? Why can't I see Cangyu birds, but there are many other materials?" Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled.

"This son, you must have come to our Cangyu City for the first time! After tens of thousands of years of killing, the number of Cangyu birds has been greatly reduced, and now you may not be able to see a Cangyu bird quilt for a few days. Hunting, not to mention the ninth-order Cangyu bird, your luck today is very good luck, just the Xu Jiaqiang beheaded a Cangyu bird and showed it on the trading floor." The teenager carefully helped Zhao Yuande explain.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded, but there was some slight disappointment in his heart.

He originally engaged in a large number of Cangyu birds to keep their own food, let friends and relatives try it out, to see if they have the opportunity to understand the wind.

But now it seems that this desire is not easy to realize!

Seeing the disappointment on Zhao Yuande's face, Zhong Liuli couldn't help whispering: "Mr. Zhao doesn't have to be disappointed. When we go there, there may be a blue feather bird, maybe we can hunt one. And last time we In search of the secret realm, the entrance to the secret realm was found after being chased by the Cangyu bird."

After Zhao Yuande heard it, he suddenly felt shocked.

Under the leadership of the youngsters, they walked around the trading floor and walked for half an hour before they came to a large booth.

The stalls here are connected together, and there is a tall tent at the back, which has great power at a glance.

"Everyone! Today we are showing you the first nine-stage mid-level green feather bird that has been hunted for the first time in nearly ten years. This green feather bird killed 11 powerful emperors in a row, and finally exhausted I was captured by the Xu family. The tragic battle at that time was simply bloodshed..." A nine-foot tall man stood on a temporary high platform in front of the booth and explained hard.

"Don't be wordy, we're not here to listen to you wordy, quickly take out the Cangyu bird, let us know!" Someone on the stage listened to the guy's quacky barking, and immediately showed dissatisfaction.

"Yes! We don't listen to the story, we need to see Cangyu bird!"

"Go down, take out the Cangyu bird, we will see!"

"Hurry up! I want to buy Cangyu bird, don't delay I understand the way of the wind!"


The crowd below was excited and threw garbage on the stage.

"Okay! Okay! Pull the Cangyu bird out to me!" Dahan was hit by a few stones in his head, and suddenly yelled in pain, but he hurriedly stepped down.

The two big men pushed a huge cage out of the tent.

In the cage, a head is long, the feathers are bright, and big birds with long beaks and short legs appear in front of everyone.

This big bird's breath is weak and seems to be able to swallow at any time, but the terrible breath that comes out of the body unconsciously makes everyone change color.

"Cang Yu bird, the ninth order beast, the power of the wind in the flesh, the intermediate ingredients...match the recipe..."

It really is the power of the wind!

Zhao Yuande was secretly surprised in his heart, knowing that he can actually hit the emperor realm at any time now!

There are actually several ways to promote Emperor Realm, one of which is to realize a avenue! For example, the way of the wind in the Cangyu bird in front of him, if Zhao Yuande can get enough blood of the ninth-order Cangyu bird, he can understand the way of the wind from it. As long as he understands the way of the wind, he can be promoted into the realm of the emperor.

Secondly, it is a variety of rules, rules, and fusion of these rules, which may be able to produce other ways in the fusion. For example, the three rules of water, fire and wind may obtain the way of thunder through fusion, and the fusion of time and space rules may get the void. The way of yin and yang, the fusion of the two rules of yin and yang may get the way of yin and yang...

The third is the blood **** stone that Zhao Yuande had previously obtained, in which he was impregnated with the blood of the ancient demon god, hiding the avenues understood by the ancient demon god. .

However, the blood **** stone can not be met, and many people do not know this kind of thing at all, so it takes luck to find it.

Fourth, it is also the lowest level, that is, the seniors of the family or the elders of the school instill the avenue of their understanding to those who need to be promoted, and then get the Tao mastered by these elders through the understanding of this person!

Although this is the safest and most secure method, it is basically adopted by some practitioners with lower potential, because as long as you understand the Tao of the elder, you will be limited to the elders knowledge and In the comprehension, he can't surpass this elder's realm for life.

For these four methods, Zhao Yuande actually expected the third one, but the blood **** stone was not easy to find, so he had to choose the second one, but now the materials of the first method are in front of him. I think I should be able to try it.