Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 912

Chapter 912: Blue Feather Bird

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"I don't know how much spirit jade your Xu family intends to sell?" Many people stared at this dying bird with gleaming eyes.

"Hurry up and say the price, I can't help but buy it back quickly to understand the way of the wind and enter the realm of the emperor!"

"What is the price?"

"..." The crowd below was excited and noisy! If you do not quote again, I am afraid that these people will be robbed.

"This is an opportunity to advance to the emperor, and the road contained therein is still the way of the wind. After comprehension, the speed is very fast, the body is erratic, and it has a very great improvement for the battle! And now this kind of ninth-order blue feather bird is basically Its gone, so our base price is set at 10 billion top grade jade. Everyone can bid at will. The one with the highest price will get it!" The man said for a long time, and finally said the base price.

"Ten billion!" Zhao Yuande was very happy, which was not expensive.

However, Zhao Yuande cannot represent everyone. When other people heard the figure of 10 billion, many people suddenly lowered their heads. They simply can't afford it!

But they can't afford it, but many people can afford it, and the bids suddenly come and go.

"11 billion!"

"Twenty-two billion!"


"Eighteen billion!"


"Thirty billion..."

Soon the price soared to 30 billion, and many people were hit by this price, and soon withdrew.

"Mr. Zhao, don't you want to bid?" Zhong Liuli looked at Zhao Yuande, who was as steady as Mount Tai, and asked, "If you don't have Lingyu, we can take pictures for you!"

"Oh! No hurry, no hurry!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, a kind of metamaterial that can make people promoted to the emperor. The price should not only stop here, but also increase!

Sure enough, the time when the two were talking, the price soared to 50 billion again!

Fifty billion yuan is nothing to Zhao Yuande, but for those who want to be promoted to the Emperor Realm, it is an astronomical figure.

At this time, only two people are already bidding fiercely, and the price continues to rise a little bit.

"Five-eight billion! This is my whole net worth, Song Changlin, you dont want to exceed this price!" One of them is a young man with a fat figure. He gasped with some breath, and looked at the other person with a very sharp look. Bad.

"Five-eighty-one billion!" Opposite was a young man in red. He looked at the slightly fat young man provocatively, but it was only one hundred million more than him!

This is simply hitting the other party's face!

"His mother! If you have the ability, don't you kid touch me. You must cry if you hit me when you touch me!" The fat young man gritted his teeth, but he couldn't really get a spirit jade anymore. .

"Don't blow the atmosphere without Lingyu, wait for the uncle to go back and realize the way of the wind, to achieve the realm of the emperor, and then slap you into a meat sauce!" The young man in red seems to have a lot of hatred with the fat young man.

"These two are young geniuses from Lihuo World. The fat man is called Meng Da. He is a true disciple of Bipolar Gate, one of the three major forces in Lihuo World except our refining sect, and the one named Song Changlin. He is the son-in-law of the head of the Song family, one of the three major forces. He is bitter and harsh, and he is very annoying!" Zhong Liuli pointed to the two to explain their origins to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande nodded, and at this time he reached out and said, "I'm paying 60 billion!"

"Six billion!" Almost everyone's eyes gathered at this time on Zhao Yuande.

Of course, many people also saw Zhong Liuli beside Zhao Yuande!

The big man holding the auction naturally saw Zhong Liuli, and a greedy light suddenly appeared in his eyes, but he was instantly crushed.

"Why does this girl appear here, who is this young man next to him?" Dahan's eyes couldn't help but glanced at Zhong Liuli's bumpy figure, his mouth could not help revealing a drop of crystal saliva, he I thought to myself, "This girl is so tempting! It's really one of the three beauties of Refinery Sect. If you can...hehe!"

"Oh! It turned out to be Ms. Zhong's friend. I don't know if it was that big power's child? Could you give him a face? Don't fight this thing with him!" Song Changlin naturally saw Zhong Liuli. He focused on Zhao Yuande and found that This person is also a triple player in the world, and it seems that the other party is rich and wealthy, and he really does not necessarily have the ability to compete with each other.

"Let's talk about the price!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Song Changlin and shook his head gently.

Zhong Liuli didn't even look at this Song Changlin at all, and seemed very disgusted.

"Okay! In this case, then I will pay 61 billion!" Song Changlin bit his teeth and directly added 1 billion!

In his heart, the other party directly handed over 60 billion yuan. It should be that there are only so many people on his body, and he wants to scare himself away at once.

But his voice just fell, and his thoughts came out before he could finish the quote.

"70 billion!" Zhao Yuande's voice was plain, as if these 70 billion were just ordinary pieces of spirit jade!


Zhao Yuande clearly heard Zhong Liuli swallowing a spit.

Many people who were on the sidelines were also shocked by his wealth and determination.

"It's you who forced me, 800..." Song Changlin felt that he was going to be blown away. This was simply ignoring his own existence and ignoring himself.

The good mood that he had just won Meng Da disappeared, replaced by endless anger.

"One hundred billion!" Zhao Yuande didn't wait for him to finish, and directly quoted the price of one hundred billion. He was shocked by everyone's words.

Zhong Liuli on the side couldn't help but defamation in his heart, you don't have to waste it if you have money! According to the current situation, I am afraid that it only needs to reach 81 billion, and the other party will be directly defeated!

No wonder people are not interested in their proposals just now. It turns out that people regard Lingyu as dung, but in fact, some are Lingyu!

"You..." Song Changlin pointed to Zhao Yuande for a long time without saying a word.

Zhao Yuande ignored him at all, strode to the cage, and said to the big man: "No one bids anymore, announce the result!"

"Oh! Oh!" Dahan just woke up like a dream, looked around, and found that everyone had no intention to bid, and then announced: "This son took the ninth order at the price of 100 billion high-grade Lingyu. Cangyu bird!"

Zhao Yuande nodded and took a storage ring and threw it to the other party. He directly grabbed the huge cage and sent it directly into the body world.

The big man was shocked, and at any moment the soul entered the storage ring and suddenly found that the amount was not much, which made him smile.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande waved to Zhong Liuli and the teenager who were still in a daze.

The two were sober, and left here with Zhao Yuande.