Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 913

Chapter 913: Yun Xiaodong

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"Wow! It's so easy to relieve hatred. Song Changlin was almost blown away!" Zhong Liuli waved his fist excitedly.

"Why do you hate Song Changlin so much?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"This guy is a villain, the most favorite thing to do is to secretly count others, and one of my sisters was killed by him!" Zhong Liuli said hatefully.

"Since I knew he was killed, why not kill him?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"There is no evidence at all!" Zhong Liuli shook his head. "He is also the son-in-law of the head of the Song family, so..."

"No evidence is needed in the world of the strong!" Zhao Yuande said lightly, "Cultivate well! As long as you are stronger than him, you can kill him. Your refining sect is stronger than their Song family, even if they know it is You dont dare to come to you to kill you!"

Zhong Liuli heard Zhao Yuande's words, so rude and so neat, she couldn't help but get a little approval, but she thought of other questions and asked with a frown, "But what if they secretly sent someone to kill me?"

"As a cultivator, that day was not spent in the **** storm! For example, I was chased by countless people in the weak hours, and was remembered by many great forces, but you see that now the great force hears my name without fear! Even I want to please you, the refining sect, why is this?" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly, "you think about it!"

"This is because of strength! Because you have enough strength, you have the strength to deter them!" Zhong Liuli nodded, as if she realized something, but she asked again, "My strength is too low..."

"It's not a matter of strength. The problem is that you dare to face all kinds of oppression, all kinds of challenges, all kinds of powerful opponents!" Zhao Yuande paused and continued, "You are in much better condition than I was at the beginning. I didnt have any power behind me, I was fighting alone, and there was a behemoth like the Refining Sect behind you. Everyone should be afraid of three points before doing anything! So, as long as you use your brain, add your talents, and work tirelessly Hard work, plus the courage to face all kinds of difficulties, I think you will grow up soon!"

Zhao Yuande finally made a summary of all his words. He thought the girl was not bad, so he took a little time to dial her.

Listening to Zhao Yuande's words, Zhong Liuli gradually showed a steadfast light in his eyes, and his confidence in his heart became stronger and stronger.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhao, for your guidance. If Liuli has any achievements in this life, it is all due to Mr. Zhao!" Zhong Liuli bowed to Zhao Yuande and thanked him.

"Well! This is actually a way of no return, as long as you step on it, you can't look back! You have to think about it!" Zhao Yuande nodded and made a final reminder.

"I know! I have considered it!" Zhong Liuli nodded gently, but his tone was unusually firm.

"it is good!"

The conversation between the two was not deliberately concealed. The young man named Xiaodong beside them was also a little **** at this time, and secretly vowed that he must get rid of his current identity as soon as possible and embark on the road of true cultivation.

His eyes sparkled with light, his breath suddenly changed, and there were signs of faintly breaking through.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande turned to look at the teenager.

"Good! Good!" Zhao Yuande looked at the young man's determination on his face, and nodded and smiled at him immediately. "I can get an understanding from my words, and it is considered to be destined to me. I will help you if I want to!"

He took out a storage ring from his arms and handed it to the teenager: "The road to cultivation is extremely bumpy. If you don't advance, you will retreat. If you are not careful, you will die without a burial place. If you think about the things inside, It will allow you to embark on the path of true cultivation, if you don't think about it, don't accept it!"

"I think about it!" The boy was overjoyed, and he took the storage ring in Zhao Yuande's hands and put it in his arms.

At this time, the teenager has just stepped into the realm of blood and blood, and has not been so comfortable with the use of spiritual power. He cant open the storage ring under the rush.

"Go! Practice well! Maybe we will meet again someday!" Zhao Yuande waved at the teenager.

"My name is Yun Xiaodong, and I also ask my son to give a name to let Xiaodong be grateful to Dade in the future!" The teenager did not leave, but knelt to Zhao Yuande to pay his respects.

"Okay! Don't ask anymore! We will have a meeting in the future!" Zhao Yuande waved and swept vigorously.

Yun Xiaodong only felt that his body was light, and then he flew out of the fog, so he flew out without knowing how far away.

After he landed, it turned out to be outside the trading floor.

"Although the son refuses to tell me my name, then I will try my best to practice, and one day I will meet with the son again! Time to repay the son's rebirth!" Yun Xiaodong fell to his knees and bowed to the floor continuously. After three weeks, and then got up and turned away, his face was full of perseverance!

"This is a good one, I don't know how to grow in the future!" Zhao Yuande looked at the trading floor and said softly.

"Mr. Zhao, what did you put in his storage ring just now?" Zhong Liuli asked curiously.

"It's actually nothing! A fairly good exercise, a long sword with a middle grade spirit weapon, a thousand grade spirit jade, a hundred middle grade spirit jade, and ten pieces of top grade spirit jade!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly.

"That's it?" Zhong Liuli was puzzled. "It's good that these can support him to practice to the blood sea **** fetus at most!"

"Yes! That's it!" Zhao Yuande smiled. "If I directly gave him a hundred billion yuan of top-grade spirit jade, do you think he still has the direction and goal of struggling? That is not to help him but to harm him, I just Its enough to lead him into real cultivation, as for the people underneath, he needs his efforts and opportunities! But I think his chances should be good. Its already a great opportunity to meet me!"

"Also!" Zhong Liuli nodded, thinking that Zhao Yuande was right.

"Let's go! Let's go to the secret realm you mentioned. After this time, I have more important things to do!" Zhao Yuande waved his sleeves, and the two disappeared in the trading floor in an instant.

The next moment, they have appeared outside the trading floor.

At this time, among the tents behind the Xu's booth, a gloomy old man was listening to the big man's report.

"You mean that the kid is not good enough for the world, but he doesn't care about the hundreds of billions of spirit jade!" The elder old man heard the Dahan's report, and his eyes lit up.

"Yes, the man, accompanied by Refinery Sect Zhong Liuli, seems to have an extraordinary identity." Dahan replied respectfully.

"Well! He is not very old, he has a lot of wealth, and he is accompanied by the refining sect Zhong Liuli. This person must be a disciple of a super power, even a stronger force than the refining sect, such as the Wantong Chamber of Commerce... Another example is the Luo family!" The dark old man's face showed an insidious smile. He gently said, "I don't know that such a heavyweight figure died in the world of fire, will the refining sect be burnt?"

"Great elder means..." Dahan's eyes lit up.

"The family sent out masters and strangled this kid with all their strength! I really want to see what kind of reaction the Refining Sect will have, hehe!" The elder old man sneered!

"I'm going to subpoena here!" Dahan also showed an insidious smile. "But I think the elder elder is still safer by himself. I think the kid seems very powerful..."

"That's good! I'll take a trip in person, but the family should still be dispatched. I can't do anything in the dark!" The dark old man's body disappeared in the tent.

"Hey! The elder is really decisive. It seems that this chick is going to die this time! No, I'm going to go too. Even if the chick is dead, the chick must be refreshed!" Dahan's mouth smiled eerily. , Gently licking some dry lips with your tongue.