Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 914

Chapter 914: Fortune Is Touching

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Zhao Yuande and the two quickly entered the slow swamp.

"The entire southern part of the world from the fire is a swamp. It is said that an ancient water dragon is sleeping in the deepest part of the swamp, but many people almost turned the entire swamp and did not find this ancient water dragon." The two sides Flying above the swamp, Zhong Liuli explained the legend of this swamp to Zhao Yuande.

"This swamp is filled with mist, and we can't see our five fingers. If we are not strong, we can't see the distance beyond five feet, and there is a force in the fog that can block the spirit of the gods, so that our spirits can't be extended. It seems that this place is really a dangerous area." Zhao Yuande felt his surroundings and frowned slightly.

"It's still the periphery. If we walk in, the water mist will be more dense, and we can't fly at all. We can only roll down and walk in the swamp." Zhong Liuli continued, "There are all kinds of evil ahead. Beasts and poisons, even terrible poisonous galls rush out from under the swamp anytime, anywhere. If people under the world enter, there is no way to live."

"I feel as if there is a terrible beast entrenched in the front. Is there still a beast beyond order ten?" Zhao Yuande looked strangely at a towering tree in front of him. The big python, the forehead of the big python bulged high, as if it were a big python that is about to turn its feet.

"The big python has a gentle personality, never hurts people, and can exchange treasures with it, even if the big families have issued orders to not attack this big python." Zhong Liuli couldn't help laughing when he saw the big python. "We entered here for the first time to see that it forgot the family's instructions and attacked it, but it did not fight back, but communicated with us with the spirit of the soul, and finally gave us a section of dragon blood vine as a gift. "

"Oh! There is such a strange thing! Then what does he need? What will he exchange for you?" Zhao Yuande heard Zhong Liuli's interesting words and couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Every kind of elixir is needed, but it has only one thing: the dragon blood vine! This kind of dragon blood vine close to the holy medicine seems to have grown a large piece, no matter how many elixir and fruit we take out. If it exchanges, it can bring out the corresponding dragon blood vine!"

"Oh! There are so many dragon blood vines!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help looking at this python again.

This time, he not only used Sky Eye, but also swallowed the appraisal technique!

"Red Moon Profound Scale Python, half-beast, with ancient water dragon bloodline in his body..."

Have ancient blood dragon bloodline? Is the legend here true, there are ancient water dragons hiding under this swamp?

Seeing this information, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his curiosity was hooked.

But this time a more weird discovery made him frown.

His heavenly eyes vaguely discovered that this large tree entwined by the Chiyue Mystic Scale Python had a weirdness. Under the tree seemed to be the corner of a huge formation. This formation was surprisingly large, as if covering the entire swamp, all People walk into it as if walking into this large formation.

"The Refining Sect has not given you some warnings for those disciples who came out to practice?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Warning? Just don't attack this big python, but the rest didn't say anything!" Zhong Liuli replied for a moment,

"That's good! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande nodded. It seems that the Refining Sect should know the secrets here. They can safely let the disciples come to experience it, indicating that they have some kind of agreement with the existence under the swamp, or Maintain a delicate balance.

"Well! The secret realm is not far in front of us. We speed up and should be able to arrive after an hour."

"it is good!"

The two fell into the swamp and fell thousands of feet away from the python.

The big python gave Zhao Yuande a very alert look. The body coiled around the big tree couldn't help but tighten, it seemed very nervous.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be surprised, the python's perception was so keen.

Zhao Yuande didn't say much. He nodded lightly at the python, which meant that he shouldn't be nervous.

The python seemed to understand Zhao Yuande's meaning, and nodded slightly to him, as if responding.

An old voice rang in Zhao Yuande's ears.

"A strong presence, I hope you don't forget the agreement between us and don't destroy the formation here!" This turned out to be the voice from the big python.

"Relax! I just protect this girl to explore a secret realm." Zhao Yuande whispered to the python.

"I hope you can keep your promise!" The python's voice slowly dissipated, and the python on the tree gradually closed its eyes.

What agreement does it have, I will not destroy it!

Zhao Yuande certified the thoughts in his heart, and naturally cleared his doubts, and his mood became cheerful again.

The two walked about hundreds of miles, and he suddenly felt something behind him seemed to be following behind.

The fog was thick in this swamp, and even his soul could not sense a thousand feet away, which was purely a wonderful hunch.

Just when he wanted to go back and search for a clear look, he thought of the python's voice again in his ear.

"A strong presence, there are a few bugs trailing behind you, do you want me to help you solve it!"

Zhao Yuande was stunned, and then he understood what the other party thought. The other party must be afraid that he would destroy the formation under the earth if he shot.

"No! I will control the size of the shot."

"We seem to be being followed. We are waiting here to see who is who." Zhao Yuande made Zhong Liuli stop.

Zhong Liuli's face showed a bit of excitement. With Zhao Yuande beside her, she was not afraid of anything at all!

"Let's wait for them here!" Zhao Yuan was faintly German, looking behind him.

But within a moment, I saw dozens of silhouettes flying by.

"Huh? What happened to the Xu family? How dare they..." Zhong Liuli was a little surprised

"It's nothing. The wealth is touching, and my mysterious identity. They thought that you, the refining sect, would be in big trouble, so..." Zhao Yuande looked at these people, most of whom were the world's triple strongest. There are also three powerful emperors.

Among the powerful people in the world is the big man who is in charge of auctioning Cangyu birds. This person is looking at Zhong Liuli with unbridled eyes.

"That guy is interesting to you!" Zhao Yuande smiled and said to Zhong Liuli, "This guy will leave it to you later!"

Zhong Liuli naturally saw the big man too early, and the kind of brazen eyes fell on her as if crawled across the skin by maggots, making people feel a chill.

"This guy is really looking for death!" Zhong Liuli's silver teeth clenched, hoping to shoot this guy to death.