Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 915

Chapter 915: You Are Lying To Me

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"Yao! You two know that it's time to die, and you don't even run away!" The big man looked at Zhong Liuli and gave a burst of groaning smiles, "Zhong family chick, as long as you promise your uncle my request , Ill spare you, but this kid must die!"

"Xu Daniu, is your **** brain broken, this girl must die!" Another middle-aged man of the Xu family, Emperor Realm, glanced fiercely at the other party.

"Second brother! I just talk about it, just talk about it! This girl is also dead, and my brother and I are also not dead." The big man known as Xu Daniu suddenly changed his face when he heard this. A flattering face.

"Okay, don't be verbose. The elder elder gave the death order. They must kill these two people.

"Brothers, give it to me! The elder said, we can get half of what they have!"


More than a dozen big men rushed towards Zhao Yuande in a murderous manner.

Zhao Yuande grabbed the empty hand, and a shadow flew towards Zhong Liuli.

"Pick it up, this Xu Daniu is yours!" Zhao Yuande's voice rang in Zhong Liuli's ear, and then she saw a person flying towards herself.

Zhong Liuli's body suddenly exploded, a huge flame world slowly turned behind her, countless terrible flame beasts roared continuously in her world, the endless flame power followed her with a punch The coming Xu Daniu blasted away.

"Die to me!"

Xu Daniu followed two dozen big men toward the two, but his gaze was staring at Zhong Liuli.

At the moment when he was stunned, he felt an irresistible and terrible force grabbing himself, and then he felt himself flying.

The next moment he felt a terrible power of fire, as if a terrifying fire dragon was rushing towards his teeth and claws.

In the imperial family, he hurriedly greeted the fire dragon with his palms, trying to stop the attack of the terrible fire dragon.


Zhong Liuli bombarded Xu Daniu's palms with a punch, and suddenly made a sound of bone fragmentation.


Xu Daniu felt that his two arms were suddenly cut off by the terrible force, and the whole person flew out like a short-line kite.

He suddenly knew that although his cultivation practices were the same as the opponent's triple dominance in the world, but the combat effectiveness was too great, he finally understood why others were geniuses of the younger generation. Anonymity!

Zhong Liuli Ruying immediately caught up with Xu Daniu who flew out, and punched him **** his chest.

"Rao Ming!" Xu Daniu died.

"Humph! You scum, only die!"

Zhong Liuli threw a punch without hesitation, and immediately knocked the opponent's chest into a depression. The terrifying flame power suddenly rushed into the opponent's body, just a moment to burn the opponent's internal organs and body, the body meridians It became ashes.

Xu Daniu's body was turned into a dust by the wind, and even the soul had disappeared.

Zhong Liuli only felt very happy and comfortable, but what made her wonder was why there was no fighting next to Ha?

She turned her head curiously and suddenly saw Zhao Yuande smiling at herself, but there was a dead body in front of him.

The appearance of these people is the same, they are split into two halves directly from top to bottom, and even the spirits in the sea are split in half!

She was shocked in her heart. Is this the fighting power of the other party? Just now he just made two punches, and the other party killed a dozen powerful enemies silently in these two punches, among them there are even three powerful players in the Emperor Realm!

At this moment, he saw Zhao Yuande frown suddenly.

"Well! Don't leave since you come!"

Zhao Yuande's palm pointed towards the void.

"Ah!" A scream of screaming eating came from not far away, and a figure fell from midair and fell to less than a hundred feet from them.

This is a gloomy old man. At this time, the old man seems to be separated by a sharp knife, and his internal organs are almost exposed. A terrible force is constantly leaking from his body. Zhao Yuande even pointed out with one finger Directly tearing up the old man's inner world, letting the endless power of the world leak out, and turning the old man into a half-waste man instantly.

"You... kid, you're bold! You dare to kill me, but I am the elder of the Xu family!" This sly-faced strongman yelled at Zhao Yuande and some screamed inwardly.

"The elder Xu family... Xu Zhengtian, a strong man in the middle of the Divine Emperor Realm!" Zhong Liuli looked at the old man and immediately recognized him. She saw this person once at the fair.

The strong middle-aged emperor of the Tangtang, how excited, did not expect to be opened with a single finger, the chest and abdomen turned into a lamb to be slaughtered.

This means that Zhong Liuli was dumbfounded!

"Xu family, you don't know who caused the trouble, and who is standing opposite you, your destruction is in sight!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold and quiet, as if he was a trial judge in hell!

"You... you don't want to be alarmist, no matter if you don't have that ability! My Xu family has a strong man who surpasses the Divine Emperor!" Xu Zhengtian, the big elder, knows that he will die, but he doesn't believe the other party can Exterminate the Xu family!

You should know that Xu Jia Nai is a hidden family, although the power is not as good as the Refining Sect, but it is not far away. What is the other party's virtue and dare to kill Xu Family lightly.

"Huh! Xu Zhengtian, you don't know who this one is in front of you, so dare to make this assertion!" Zhong Liuli was also awake from the shock at this time, she continued to hope that this Xu family was full of hatred for her, she I think it's time to let the other party die in panic.

"Huh! Little girl, although the old man lost his hand today, but how can you treat my Xu family! Your refining sect has no confidence or ability to fight against my Xu family!" Xu Zhengtian looked at each other, estimating the distance If they dare to enter within ten feet, he will immediately explode his soul and die with the other party!

"Huh! You can easily kill your young people with the threefold practice of the world, and you still have a good relationship with my refining sect, can you still guess who he is? You are really confused!" Zhong Liuli never missed a chance to strike at each other.

"He...he... isn't it..." Xu Zhengtian was reminded by Zhong Liuli, he thought of a person's name, his face suddenly changed, he pointed to Zhao Yuande's incredible expression, "No...absolutely It could not be him. He should be in the Xianban of Wanjie City now, how could he come here! Its impossible, you are lying to me!"