Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 916

Chapter 916: Closed Door Practice

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"You guessed it! It's too late!" Zhong Liuli took advantage of the other party's trance, his figure came to the other party's head, and punched him **** the other party's head.

"Bang!" The old man's head was suddenly smashed by her with a punch, and then shattered directly along with the sea of knowledge. A black shadow sprang out of the sea of knowledge and rushed towards Zhong Liuli.

"Look for death!" Zhong Liuli had already prepared, the inner world opened instantly, and the shadow could not bear it and rushed directly into her inner world.

Zhong Liuli's inner world opened a new path, completely a world of flame. Only the flame life can survive in it. The horrible flame instantly wrapped Xu Zhengtian's soul and burned it.

"Ah! The old man died injustice!"

Xu Zhengtian's voice came from Zhong Liuli's inner world, full of unwillingness and desolation.

But in just a few breaths, Xu Zhengtian's soul was completely burned to ashes.

"Good job!" Zhao Yuande nodded at Zhong Liuli and expressed great satisfaction for her battle.

It is very difficult for her to kill the Divine Emperor Realm by the triple of the world while taking advantage of the loss of her mind.

What made Zhao Yuande even more eye-catching was her extreme inner world, which was able to put in the soul of this divine emperor's realm, and it could be burned to death in just a few breaths. The flame of her inner world is definitely not ordinary. Fire, it is quite difficult to maintain this powerful flame in your own inner world.

They packed up the battlefield and collected many objects from the dead. Zhao Yuande looked at Zhong Liuli with some distress and put everything in his pocket. He was also embarrassed to ask for it.

But in the end Zhong Liuli sent the things from Xu Zhengtian to Zhao Yuande's hands, and Zhao Yuande's psychology was balanced.

Zhao Yuande saw that Xu Zhengtian's objects even had their own storage ring, which contained the spirit jade that purchased the Cangyu bird.

The two went on, and no one else bothered. They traveled hundreds of miles, and finally came to a towering ancient tree.

This ancient tree is thousands of feet tall, and hundreds of people are hugging together. It seems that a majestic mountain stands in the swamp, with thick roots and hairs exposed outside, like a python.

There is a tree-hole several feet high under the ancient tree, and a strong rotting atmosphere spread out from the tree-hole.

"The entrance to the secret realm was in the tree cave. We were searching for a long time at that time, and finally we were chased by the terrible beasts and escaped. We found it in the tree cave." Zhong Liuli laughed, "At that time, I only thought what lived in the tree cave The fierce beast, but after entering it, it was found to be a winding passage."

While explaining, Zhong Liuli took Zhao Yuande into the tree cave.

There was indeed a dark channel in the tree hole, but the rotten kind of deep in the channel made people frown.

"This tree hole has been discovered by countless people, but no one can insist on reaching the end, because the breath inside is too unpleasant, even if the breath is closed!" Zhong Liuli seems to have prepared for a long time. The silk scarf blocked the nose.

"It's okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "Although it has an irresistible taste, it doesn't hurt people a bit, it seems to be a test for people!"

"The son is so smart! This is a test!" Zhong Liuli exclaimed, and soon we could see a stone tablet.

They meandered through the tree cave, and after traveling for dozens of miles, they found that their eyes were suddenly bright. They entered a huge stone cave, and a huge stone monument stood in the middle of the cave.

On the stele exudes a kind of invisible matter, the power of space. This kind of space force is like a wave of water rippling around the stele, soft and gentle!

"This..." Zhao Yuande suddenly shined light in his eyes, and he was excited, "This is really a good place, there is such a stable space power. If I understand the law of space here, is it possible that time and space are both The laws merge into the void..."

Zhao Yuande thought that his body trembles a little bit here. If he can really understand the laws of space here, he will choose the fusion of time and space to condense the way of the void. Situation!

"Mr. Zhao, what's the matter with you?" Zhong Liuli on the side saw Zhao Yuande so excited, and was a little puzzled.

Although she can feel the power of space here in her realm, she dare not think about comprehending the laws of space here, because in the mind of ordinary practitioners, space, time, yin and yang...these special laws The rules are very mysterious, and they dare not imagine being able to comprehend them.

"I'm going to retreat here for a while, and during this time, you have to help me protect the law, and you must not disturb me until you have a last resort!" Zhao Yuande couldn't wait to invest in the consciousness, he took it out of the storage space An oil lamp was handed to Zhong Liuli and said, "If there is a situation that you can't cope with, you can urge the oil lamp!"

Zhong Liuli was at a loss to take over some broken oil lamps handed over by Zhao Yuande, and wanted to ask something, but I saw that Zhao Yuande had entered the stele and began to practice with his eyes closed!


Zhong Liuli was helpless, playing with some broken oil lamps in his hand. He didn't feel any terrible breath in it, but could feel a very gentle power of flame in it.

"Can this thing cope with an emergency?" Zhong Liuli didn't quite believe it, but it was Zhao Yuande's solemn explanation, and it should have some effect!

Zhong Liuli was idle and bored, and she even started to cultivate herself, but she did not go deep into the cultivation completely, but kept most of the spirits as a vigilance.

Time did not know how long it passed, Zhong Liuli felt someone outside the tree hole.

"It's broken! How could these two guys be!" When Zhong Liuli's soul explored the two people's breath, his face suddenly changed, "Xu Ze, drunk bear...they are here, this is bad! Absolutely not let They were close to Zhao Gongzi, otherwise they interrupted Zhao Gongzi's cultivation, and I went out to stop them!"

Although Zhong Liuli knew that he was not an opponent of two people, he could only do so.

She gritted her teeth, holding an oil lamp, and burst out of the tree hole.

At this time, a purple-faced man with a white face, like a dissipated look, and the drunk bear full of alcohol came together, and the two quickly appeared before the tree hole.