Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 919

Chapter 919: Look For

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Under Zhao Yuande's careful explanation, coupled with Zhong Liuli's high talent, but in just a short incense, she initially mastered this skill, and the rest is slowly used in combat.

At this time they also crossed the river several miles wide and came to the opposite bank.

The trees on the other side are obviously sparse, and there are large areas of trees spreading in the forest, as if after a fierce battle.

"Here is the white monkey who chased us. The white monkey is so powerful that several of us joined hands and slapped it out!" Zhong Liuli suddenly felt a little low, "In order to save me, Ling Zheng fell into the river and lost his track, and the other two were also seriously injured, so we had to exit the secret realm."

"Take me to the white monkey!" Zhao Yuande felt her sorrow and spoke softly. "The man just fell into the river. You didn't see his body, or saw him killed, Im not sure he will die! We will go down the river for a while and find it!"

"Good!" Zhong Liuli listened to Zhao Yuande's words, and suddenly looked forward to his eyes.

The young man named Ling Zheng treated her very well, and she felt good about the other party, but the other party was only from a small school with improper doors, so she could only pretend to be indifferent.

This time the other party fell into the river in order to save herself, filling her heart with apology and guilt.

If he can survive, I promise him!

Zhong Liuli made this decision in his heart at this time.

"What's wrong with you?" Zhao Yuande keenly felt Zhong Liuli's mood swings.

"Hmm!" Zhong Liuli thought about it and decided to tell the matter to the other party, so that he could hear what the other party said, "That saves me..."

"Confused! Really confused!" Zhao Yuande heard Zhong Liuli's words, and immediately screamed, "You big families and big forces are really unpleasant. This kind of heartfelt emotion between the two should not be limited by this boring condition. You cant see a persons future clearly, and you cant decide what a persons ultimate achievement will look like. According to what you said, this persons talented understanding is not weak, maybe he will grow up in the future, and it will become your practice. The strong man that the ancestors must look up to! Ten thousand steps back to say that even if he can't become the strong man, you will be very happy with him! Cultivate the exquisite things, the thoughts are thorough, the mood is happy, there is nothing The burden of thoughts is the only way to cultivate to the point that ordinary people can't imagine! But on the contrary, if you marry a person you don't like, the cultivation of the two of you will be full of demons in this life, the road ahead will be bumpy, or even never Inch!"

Zhao Yuande's words made Zhong Liuli's face pale, and she knew that Zhao Yuande was right!

As Zhao Yuande said, the disappearance of the other party made her very upset recently, especially when she was emotionally in conflict with Zhao Yuande in front of the cave house from the volcano, which almost ruined her life.

"Okay! Expect this person to be fine!" Zhao Yuande shook his head gently and continued, "We're not going to look for that white monkey, let's go down the river first and see if we can find Ling Zheng you said!"

"Huh!" Zhong Liuli focused on his head, his eyes showing expectation.

"How long has he fallen into the water?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"It should be six days!" Zhong Liuli recalled with some pain.


The two changed direction and flew down the river.

This mystery is very large. Two people flew for several hours before they saw the forest in front reach the end, and a big lake with blue waves appeared!

They searched all the way and did not find Ling Zheng's corpse or anything left by him, which made the two of them suddenly rejoicing.

They looked at this big lake and found that the big lake was endless, as if it was a huge ocean, and there seemed to be a terrible creature lurking under the big lake, giving a very dangerous feeling.

"I felt a dangerous breath, and the next search should be careful!" Zhao Yuande looked at the sky with some caution. He felt that there was a hidden danger in the sky. He was facing Zhong Liuli Whispered, "There seems to be something terrible in the sky looking at us, it seems we can't fly."

They fell lightly by the lake and dared not make a sound.

"You follow me, don't be too far away from me!" Zhao Yuande told the other party.

"Good!" Zhong Liuli also felt a kind of feeling that made people feel extremely depressed, a powerful crisis surrounded him at any time, as if there would be a hardship coming next moment.

"According to the direction of the impact of the big river, if he went down the river, he should be able to be washed to the nearest island. We stepped over the water!" Zhao Yuande looked far away, and the sediment brought by the river formed a square number. In the islands of the size, there are lush trees on the island, and occasionally flying birds rise from the forest. It seems that there is no danger.

The two walked on the water, being very careful, and finally landed on the island without fear after a dozen breaths.

The island is very small, and at a glance you can see occasionally a small monkey or two in the chaotic wood at the end.

"That's..." Zhong Liuli suddenly pointed to a little monkey, her eyes straightened, because the little monkey was wearing a broken shirt randomly, and she pointed at the little monkey excitedly, "This is his Clothes, I'm sure this is his clothes!"

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande also had a look of joy, his hand caught towards the little monkey.

The little monkey is just an ordinary fierce beast, and was instantly caught by Zhao Yuande's void.


The little monkey cried in horror, daring not move.

Zhao Yuande pulled off the ragged shirt on the little monkey and handed it to Zhong Liuli.

"Yes! That's right! It's his clothes. The blood on it...he won't be..." Zhong Liuli saw a little blood on his shirt, and his face suddenly appeared horrified.

"Wait, let me search the memory of this little monkey!" Zhao Yuande waved at her, beckoning her not to worry.

Zhao Yuande always had a power that was reassuring. Zhong Liuli saw his movements and suddenly became quiet, and began quietly waiting for Zhao Yuande's results.

Zhao Yuande's soul is so powerful that he is already comparable to the mid-level powerhouse of God Emperor, searching for the memory of a little monkey.

"In the memory of the little monkey, I saw a man rushed to the island by the river. He was unconscious for a long time before waking up. Finally, he was caught by a big white bird that appeared suddenly! He was fighting with the big white bird. It was shredded at the time!" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and slowly spoke out the memories he saw in the head of the little monkey.