Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 920

Chapter 920: Fruitful

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"Catched by the big white bird? Won't..." Zhong Liuli's face was pale for a while, his body almost flicked and didn't stop.

"It should not be, the big white bird does not seem to mean to kill him, it seems that he simply wants to take him away, even in the battle, he just torn his clothes and did not hurt him!" Zhao Yuande Shaking his head softly, "This thing should have happened three days ago, he might be alive now!"

"Then let's go find him quickly!" Zhong Liuli showed joy and longing in her eyes, and she looked at Zhao Yuande beggingly.

"The big bird should be flying in that direction. We can only follow the water!" Zhao Yuande pointed in one direction.

The two figures walked in the direction of the water. Although the speed was not as good as that of the flight, they were within ten miles.


The two had just ran out dozens of miles, and suddenly heard a roar from under their feet.

Immediately afterwards, a huge wave hit them!

A huge golden shadow rushed out of the water and slammed towards Zhao Yuande.

"It's such a big fish!" Zhao Yuande swept his eyes, and suddenly found that this was the tail of a golden fish. The two halves of the fish flipped in the water at least hundreds of feet high, and they were photographed towards the two.

Zhao Yuande felt a little, and found that this is a big fish equivalent to a semi-beast, even if the ordinary Divine Emperor strongman is swept by this tail, I am afraid that it will be directly photographed as meat.

"Get out of here!"

Zhao Yuande shot a huge palm print and hit the fish tail with a bang.


I saw that the tail of the fish was beaten back, and a large golden fish thousands of feet under the water, the body that was beaten suddenly appeared on the surface of the water and backed away for dozens of miles to stabilize the body.

As the golden fish retreated, monstrous waves rolled on both sides, revealing a black lake channel that was hundreds of feet deep.

Numerous fish and shrimp beasts at the bottom of the lake were all shocked to death under the bombardment of this terrible force. Numerous corpses rumbling up, the whole lake was covered with white-bellied fish and beasts for a while .

"Great strength!"

Does Zhong Liuli look at this scene, his heart can't help but jump out, is this really a punch that human flesh can punch?

The two golden eyes of the golden fish looked at this little human in horror.

At the next moment, the big golden fish plunged into the lake water and never dared to appear again.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande's calm voice came.

"Oh!" Zhong Liuli nodded subconsciously.

"This is nothing, your knowledge is too shallow, I advise you to walk out of the world of fire, and look around, you will find that the outside is extremely wonderful!" Zhao Yuande's voice is flat, but the content is to let Zhong Liuli couldn't help but be excited.

Zhao Yuande punched a big fish in the Divine Emperor Realm with one punch, and has deterred many terrible existences at the bottom of the lake. They continuously ran through the water for thousands of miles, and were no longer attacked by underwater beasts.

But after walking thousands of miles, they did not find an island, nor did they see flying birds passing by in the sky.

When they were a little strange, they saw a white cloud floating from the sky.

Then the sound of birds singing from far to near, they were shocked to find that the white cloud turned out to be a big white bird, each of these big birds has a house-sized claws and a long beak.

These big birds seemed to have come for them, and threw them straight down towards them.

"This is the Baisha long-billed gull, the eighth order beast, how could there be so many!" Zhong Liuli suddenly screamed when he saw these big birds!

"It's such a big bird! Be careful, don't ignore me too far!" Zhao Yuande raised his palm, and a colorful sword light flew out of his palm, flying towards the big white bird in the sky.

The colorful sword light is condensed by Zhao Yuande's five laws, and it is extremely powerful and terrifying. Even if the Divine Emperor Realm is cut, it must be cut in half, let alone these are only the eighth-order beasts of the Emperor Realm. Too.

Zhao Yuande does not have the power of the rules of affairs that he himself controlled before the spiritual world, but after he was promoted to the world, he has a new understanding of the power of these rules, and there are many more unpredictable changes that are now condensed. The power of the rules of the colorful sword light has all been promoted by the power of the law, and the power has also increased more than ten times.

The colorful lightsaber cut the dozen white-headed gulls in two pieces in the sky, and the blood mist spread all over the sky, and the corpses smashed down on the water.

Seeing the companion being slain, the sky-long Baisha Long-billed Gull suddenly sent out a sorrowful wailing, one by one red eyes rushed towards Zhao Yuande, as if a horrible big hand descended from the sky and slapped them fiercely towards them.

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, eight colors of light flashed in his palm, a huge black hole turning slowly from his palm suddenly, the horrible swallowing power came from the black hole, and the white sand was long Gulls rolled in.

"This is...what a terrible trick!" Zhong Liuli on the side was completely shocked at this time. When did she see such a horrible means, then she realized what was a real genius.

The former top ten geniuses of Lihuo World, the great beauty of Lihuo World, and the strongest young people in Lihuo World, these people are put in front of Zhao Yuande, it is not worth mentioning!

After the black hole swallowed the white sand gull with hundreds of heads, the large group of birds in the sky suddenly screamed in horror, and turned away and fled.

"So many eighth-order beasts are quite rewarding this time!" Zhao Yuande withdrew his palms, the huge black hole in the sky disappeared at once, he looked in the direction of Baisha Long-billed Gull flying away, and suddenly smiled. , "Let's keep up, we should be able to find clues!"

"What are you still dazed, hurry up and chase!" Zhao Yuande saw Zhong Liuli still staring at herself, and immediately patted her shoulder gently, pointing to the group of big birds that escaped, " Those may be clues."

"Oh! Chasing." Zhong Liuli reacted this time, followed Zhao Yuande's speedy tail and followed the flock of big birds.

The flight speed of this group of big birds is very fast. Zhong Liuli almost exhausted the fastest speed to barely keep up. After half an hour they saw a large mountain rise in the middle of the vast lake. Extremely high.

The group of white sand long-billed gulls landed halfway up the mountain, as if they found Zhao Yuande, who was chasing after him, and yelled, as if they were provoking them!