Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 921

Chapter 921: The Climb

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"This group of beasts!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning. "They are really smart and want to lead us up. There is some terrifying creature lurking on this mountain. If we go up, we may not have a good end!"

"Will Ling Zheng be on this mountain?" Zhong Liuli looked at the mountain, and he couldn't help but expect in his heart.

"I feel that the top of this giant mountain seems to be swept down by the eyes, and maybe there are horrible creatures watching us!" Zhao Yuande turned his gaze to the top of the mountain, but he was shrouded in endless mist and could only see the mountainside.

"Shall we go up?" Zhong Liuli wanted to let Zhao Yuande go up the mountain at this time, but she couldn't speak, and she could only look at him full of expectations.

"Go up! If we don't go up, wouldn't we come in vain!" Zhao Yuande was still gazing at the top of the mountain, whispering, "I feel that this horrible creature is very powerful, but I should be able to cope!"

"How do I get closer to the giant mountain, the more I feel a strong pressure? Not only the flesh, but also the dementors are suppressed by the terrible power!" Zhong Liuli's face showed a suspicious look.

"It seems that there is some terrible formation around this giant mountain, so that we can't use the soul of the gods, we can't get close to it by flying, it seems that we can only use it!" Zhao Yuande also looked a little dignified.

Those white sand gulls can easily fly up the mountainside, but they can't, what kind of problem there is.

This giant mountain has lush trees, and a huge old tree is attached to the mountain and straight up.

They simply borrowed from these ancient trees, and there was no danger of passing through the old trees.

When a dozen old trees were crossed in succession and appeared on a hillside just before standing firm, there was a burst of birdsong coming from the top of the head.

"This group of birds can't wait anymore!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the corner of his mouth. He punched a big hole on the **** with a backhand punch, facing Zhong Liuli Road, "You go to hide first, this time there is Big guys, Im afraid youll be affected!"

Zhong Liuli nodded, a bitter expression on his face.

My self-cultivation is too low, so low that it needs the care of others, dragging others back.

Zhong Liuli once felt that he was too weak. It seems that after returning to the family this time, he must obey the grandfather's arrangement and enter the abyss of fire to practice, not to practice until the emperor's realm.

Zhao Yuande looked up and saw a large white cloud in the sky pressed down, and a long white plume shot like a sword, covering towards himself.

"Is this guy desperate?" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth, and said, "These attacks are not very powerful. I should be able to try the power of the new law of space I have learned."

The long feathers poured like a downpour, and a sharp divine light flashed continuously on the white long feathers. These white sand gulls shot the hardest feather between the chest and the abdomen. This feather gathered the white sand long. The black-headed gull has the whole body of energy, and the sharp edge is like a sharp sword. Even ordinary emperor strong can't catch this terrible blow.

Wan Yu's terrifying power, even a powerful Divine Emperor, would be shot into a sieve.

The most important thing is that Zhao Yuande felt a very powerful and terrible among these long feathers. This long feather alone is more terrifying than all other long feathers combined. This long feather is mixed in countless Among the long feathers, if they are neglected, the consequences may simply be unbearable.

But who is Zhao Yuande, how could such a small trick hide him.

"Freeze me!"

Zhao Yuande stretched out his hand and gave a gentle grip towards the void. The entire void seemed to be held in his hand at once, except for one long feather, all other long feathers were stuck in the sky in this grip.

"Shoot!" The single long feather was mixed with the terrible sound of Li Xiao and shot towards Zhao Yuande.

"Cut the sky!"

Zhao Yuande snorted, and the finger of the other hand flicked gently in the void.


Chang Yu's response broke in two.


The hand that Zhao Yuande gave birth to was a hard grip.


Countless long feathers stuck in the sky were instantly crushed by the terrible force of space.

"It's so powerful! It's terrible!" Zhong Liuli once again had such a thought in her heart. She felt that she would never be surprised to see what kind of shocked and brilliant genius in this life, because this one is only 18 or 9 years old. Zhao Yuande has surprised her to numbness!

"Don't go yet, do you want to come down to die?" Zhao Yuande looked at the sky, though panicked, but he was still swooping down the large group of white sand gulls, and he couldn't help but show a trace of surprise in his eyes.

But he hadn't waited until he wanted to understand that Baiyun had been pressed down. He didn't care about the others anymore. As soon as he jumped into the air, he punched Baiyun in the middle of the middle, reminding him of the huge white sand gull.

On top of his head, a vast expanse of great world is slowly turning, the endless power of the world is pouring out of this big world, almost the entire space is enveloped by the power of these worlds, except for the white sand gull in the middle. In addition, all other white sand gulls showed a terrified look in their eyes.

They are desperately afraid of flapping their wings, but they seem to be caught in a swamp, and the more they struggle, the more they are tied tightly.


At this time, Zhao Yuande punched a pair of steel claws on the extremely large white sand gull.

The huge body of Baisha Long-billed Gull with its wings stretched a hundred feet was struck high by Zhao Yuande's punch, and it crashed on the mountain of Jushan!

The body of this big bird was directly embedded in the rock wall for several feet, struggling with a crooked head that was finally weak, and was killed by Zhao Yuande with a punch.

Seeing this scene, all the eyes of Baisha Long-billed Gull are full of deep fear. Under the envelope of Zhao Yuande's world power, their bodies tremble, and they dare not dare to struggle anymore.

"Okay! You go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, a terrifying gust of wind swept the sky, and all the white sand gulls swept toward the lake when they came.

After a long time, I only heard a sound of popping falling into the water. This large group of large birds all fell into the lake water.

"Okay, let's move on!" Zhao Yuande waved at Zhong Liuli in the cave.

Zhong Liuli showed an admirable look on his face, facing Zhao Yuande without knowing what to say.

"Don't envy, as long as you work hard, this power is not far away!" Zhao Yuande patted her shoulder gently and smiled at her.

"Huh!" Zhong Liuli nodded vigorously.

"Huh? I seem to feel the breath of someone on it!" Zhao Yuande looked up to the top of the mountain. Just a moment ago, he felt a very strong beast breath, just when this breath of beast broke out At the same time, he also felt a human breath.

"Let's hurry up!"