Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 925

Chapter 925: Temporary Mount

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And now he also has a new rule of law!

Now there are ten kinds of laws that Zhao Yuande has mastered: gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, time, space, and nature!

Previously, he was able to transform the previous eight into a huge black vortex, which was also one of his strongest means.

And now he can barely add the power of nature to it, even a small world is faintly formed, as if a real world flew out of his palm to crush the enemy!

And his two methods of time and space have gradually merged together, and he can shoot with one palm, shuttle through the space, and attack any place where his soul is!

"It's time to reason with the two stubborn big birds!" Zhao Yuande's enlightenment showed up again in front of the two three-legged red Jing birds.


The two three-legged red elf birds saw Zhao Yuande appear, and again attacked involuntarily!

Zhao Yuande snapped his palm calmly, and a huge vortexing world suddenly flew out of his palm, directly suppressing toward the two big birds that turned into golden swords.


Even the world and earth shivered in this huge world. The two big birds seemed to be struck by lightning. A trembling body was instantly beaten back to its original form from the form of the Excalibur. They seemed to be under unparalleled terror pressure at this time. The pressure fell slowly, and fell suddenly to the ground.

Zhao Yuande's palms kept pressing down, and the two big birds made a whine, and they moved their bodies hard, and came to the bird's nest, protecting it in front of the white egg.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuande never rolled down again, but looked at the two big birds with a smile.

"How about, let's talk now!"

The two big birds scrambled to protect the white egg, looking at Zhao Yuande, shaking his head first and then nodding hard at the same time.

"Oh! That's right! I'm not going to grab your eggs, I just want to discuss something with you." Zhao Yuande nodded with a smile, "I let go of you, you don't want to attack me again!"

The two big birds nodded vigorously again, and there was a trace of joy in their eyes.

"Okay! I'll say that now!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the altar. "This altar is of great use to me. I want to take it away, and you can continue to live here. I don't feel disturbed."

The two big birds clearly understood Zhao Yuande's words. They looked at each other and then looked at Zhao Yuande. The larger one pointed at themselves, and then at the altar.

"Forget it! It's really not interesting to guess the puzzle with you, let's communicate with our souls!" Zhao Yuande didn't understand what they were doing.

Zhao Yuande's spirit wave conveyed his own meaning, and the eyes of the two big birds also showed joy.

"Respected strong man, this altar is guarded in our time. It is impossible for you to move this altar. If you want to use it, you can come at will!" The larger three-legged red bird said.

"This is the decree handed down from the ancient ancestors, we dare not defy it! If you want to take it away, you can only take us together!" said the smaller three-legged red bird.

"Take you away too?" Zhao Yuande moved, and then he was ecstatic, "If it is possible, this is no problem, I will take you to a good place, let you continue to protect this altar!"

"If you have this ability, we will not object! Who calls us not your opponent, and we don't want to die, we can only use this loophole in the order!" The larger three-legged red fine bird said helplessly.

"Don't be so unhappy, have you heard of the Wa Palace?" Zhao Yuande smiled, and this time it seemed that he could recruit two free hard labors to the Wa Palace!

"Wa Palace! We have this place in our heritage memory. It is said to be the palace of an ancient god. Among them, the Wa Emperor is the ancestor of all ancient gods and beasts. The palace has an incredible power. If you can cultivate in it The beast is a great opportunity!" the smaller three-legged red bird recalls.

"Oh! I am the owner of the Wa Palace! You are taking advantage of this time!" Zhao Yuande smiled happily.

"What! Is this true?" The two big birds exclaimed at the same time.

"I'll give you a taste of the Wa Palace first!" Zhao Yuande quietly revealed the Wa Palace in his body, revealing the corner of the iceberg, and a breath of ancient wildness flew out.

"It's exactly the same as the one described in the inheritance memory!" The two big birds kept shaking, and they were so excited that they didn't know what to say.

"If our children could speak out in the Wa Palace, maybe they could truly become a **** beast..."

"We agreed to..."

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande smiled, carrying me, I cut the top of the mountain and took it away!

Zhao Yuande beckoned to the larger three-footed red fine bird.

The three-legged red bird nodded and leaned down to let Zhao Yuande get up on his back.

Zhao Yuande stood on the back of the three-legged red bird, and the big bird rose into the air.

"Go down! Go down further!" Zhao Yuande kept commanding the three-legged red fine bird, "Yes, this is it! Don't blink, I let you see what real power is!"

"Ahhhhhh!" The three-legged red sperm bird looked at Zhao Yuande with abnormal suspicion, wondering if this guy had a brain problem. Does he want to take away half of the mountain peaks? Does he have that ability?

However, when the three-legged red bird looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, Zhao Yuande's palms spread gently, and a well appeared in his palm.

The well water was tumbling, a bright white light burst out of the well, and a bright silver moonlight sprinkled the whole world.


The three-legged red fine bird only felt that a terror force no matter how much it swept across the world. The top of the high giant mountain was swept by this force at once, and the top of the mountain that was hundreds of feet high was cut flat. The cut is smooth and tidy as if formed naturally.

At the next moment, a huge palace that covered the sky and appeared in the sky, with a mountain top of hundreds of feet high, was dragged into the huge palace slowly by an irresistible force.


The three-legged red bird only feels that the whole body is shaking. If the other party uses this power to deal with itself, I am afraid that it will kill itself long ago!

Now it is truly a deep fear of Zhao Yuande.

"From now on, you will be my mount for the time being! Even thank you for letting you settle in the Wa Palace!" Zhao Yuande proposed this condition at this time when the three-legged red bird was frightened by the Six Gods and the Lord.

The three-legged red bird nodded subconsciously. Could it dare not agree?