Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 926

Chapter 926: Ichthyosaur

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His children and partners have been sent into the Wa Palace by Zhao Yuande. Even if he is not allowed to enter the Wa Palace, he can only obey the orders!

"Haha! Good! Good..." Zhao Yuande smiled, and said a few good words.

"Take me to the place where there is the most elixir. I want to remove all the elixir here!" Zhao Yuande excitedly ordered the three-legged red bird.

"Okay!" the three-legged red bird spirit said, "But there are many powerful existences in this mysterious realm, and even there are descendants of real ancient beasts. Let's not provoke it!"

"What! Is there a stronger presence than you?" Zhao Yuande was unbelievable.

"It is much stronger than me. This secret realm is left by the ancient real dragon. Many of the powerful mythical beasts attached to the ancient real dragon have descendants here. Our three-legged red fine bird is just the weaker one. "

"The weaker one? Can you still guard this teleportation array?"

"There are only three descendants here, the ichthyosaur, the white-armed ape, and the bear of the earth. Although we are a weaker one, only we can fly to this mountain!"

"It turns out there are so many powerful ethnic groups. I don't know what kind of cultivation they have now..."


They flew all the way, chatted all the way, and soon came to the top of a huge island.

"Aren't you looking for them? The island below is the demise of the demigod beast, if you have the ability to surrender it, the underwater treasures are all yours!" Obviously the three-legged red spirit The bird still has a trace of resentment in Zhao Yuande's heart.

"It's so big!" Zhao Yuande's eyes opened, and he saw that there was a bigger body under the island. This fish dragon was at least tens of thousands of feet long, and the ridges exposed on the water turned into a square number. The ten-mile island is actually covered with various plants, and some water birds even perch on it.

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande smiled for a long time, and smiled at the three-legged red bird. "Do you think I can't beat it?"

"As long as you don't need the well, you can't beat it!" The three-legged red bird expresses contempt for Zhao Yuande. "Its flesh is the most powerful in the entire secret realm. Even ten of them are not my opponents! "

"Really? How about we make a bet?" Zhao Yuande looked at the three-legged red bird with a smile.

"No gambling! Absolutely no gambling! I have no capital, and my wife and children are still taken away by you. If I gamble, I am afraid I will lose even my own freedom!" The head of the three-legged red bird shook with the rattle It seems that the attitude is very determined.

"You quite understand! Good luck! Next, let me show you my true strength!" Zhao Yuande jumped from the back of the three-legged red fine bird.


In the fall, Zhao Yuande shouted violently, and his body began to swell violently. By the time it fell to the water, Zhao Yuande had become a giant with a height of thousands of feet.

A giant star burst out of the palm and chest of the giant, shining the whole lake.

"It's... so powerful!" The three-legged red bird looked at the thousand giants below, feeling the terrifying and terrifying power in the other party's body, and suddenly froze.

At this time, the tens of thousands of ichthyosaurs also felt the huge crisis, and suddenly woke up from a deep sleep, and at a glance saw the thousands of giants transformed by Zhao Yuande.

"Roar!" Yulong roared, spitting a thick column of water toward Zhao Yuande.

This column of water seemed to pour down a river of heaven, and the force of terror shattered the fragments of the void.

"Animal! Dare to attack me!" Zhao Yuande originally thought to seize the opportunity, but he didn't expect this fish dragon to be so alert, he opened his mouth.

"Give me!"

He cut his palm towards the front, and cut the blasted Tianhe River in two at once, but his body still rushed back with strength.

Yulong squirted a column of water, and immediately after the huge body turned over, a giant tail swept directly towards Zhao Yuande from under the water.

Tens of thousands of high waves hit the sky and almost shot the stunned three-legged red bird in the sky directly.


Zhao Yuande's backward body suddenly stood firm, and a terrifying world appeared between the exhalation and the sudden appearance from the void, and suppressed towards the giant tail of the ichthyosaur.


The giant tail collided with the big world, and the big world burst into a sudden burst, and the giant tail was not very good. The huge cracks were suppressed by the force of terror. The blood rushed out of these cracks without money, instantly The entire lake was stained red.


Zhao Yuande was shocked when he saw his full blow was smashed by the opponent's tail.

But he didn't have time to be shocked. With a palm shot, the whole world made a thunderous sound like a thunder. A huge palm print appeared across the void and appeared directly on the head of the ichthyosaur tens of thousands of feet away. A palm pressed on top of its head.


A bone crack sounded, and the dragon's huge head was shot with a long crack. Almost boiling blood spewed out of the crack like a fountain.


The ichthyosaur was so badly screamed that its entire body seemed to turn into a glazed color all at once, and the scary wounds seemed to be sealed by flowing gold liquid, and it recovered instantly at the next moment.

"Oh! There is such a secret method, it is indeed a vassal of the True Dragon family, it is not simple!" Zhao Yuande was slapping again on the head of Yulong, but suddenly felt like he was slamming on a piece of extremely hard metal In the same way, instead of hurting the other party, he felt numbness in his arms.

"Who are you? Why are you attacking me!" The power of Yulong's soul waved, as if it were a vast ocean, not even weaker than Zhao Yuande.

"I said, did you make a mistake, it was you who attacked me first!" Zhao Yuande took the opportunity to speak, his body backed up again and again, and then stopped thousands of feet before stopping.

"I felt your maliciousness towards me while I was asleep. Don't I wait to be attacked by you first?" Yulong sneered.

"Okay! Actually, I want to invite you to a good place, and all of your collection of elixir should be a fee!" Zhao Yuande is not at all polite, and exports all the elixir of the other party.

But what Zhao Yuande didn't think was that the ichthyosaur was not angry, but asked, "Where do I go? I've stayed in this fart-sized place long enough! What if you are satisfied with me!"