Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 927

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"You... why don't you get angry? And you promised to be so happy?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but daze. Did this guy hear his conversation with the three-legged red Jing bird?

"Because of this guy!" Yulong suddenly sucked his mouth toward the sky, and an unstoppable terror suction came out of his mouth, as if it was a huge black hole. Even Zhao Yuande felt that his body was thousands of feet tall. Was sucked in.

"Quak quack!"

The three-legged red bird in the sky screamed and was sucked down like a meteor, scaring this guy to stir up.

"Although this guy is not strong, but he is very self-respected. You can let it carry you flying around, indicating that you have capital to surrender it! Since you have capital, I will naturally hurry!" Yu When the dragon was released, the three-legged red bird that was about to be inhaled into the abdomen, and looked forward to Zhao Yuande, "As long as you can make me satisfied, let alone my elixir, the other two guys' elixir I I can grab it for you too!"

The three-legged red bird that was released fluttered its wings, and suddenly flew into the high sky, and never dared to come down.

"Okay! I admit to belittle you!" Zhao Yuande thought this guy was very interesting, and he smiled, "Do you know the Wa Palace?"

"Wa Palace? The legendary palace of the ancient ancestor Wa Wa, the ancient ancestor?" Yulong's eyes were like two large lakes, in which the blue light shone.

"Yes! The son is the master of Wa Palace, as long as you agree to my conditions, I will let you enter Wa Palace to practice!" Zhao Yuande smiled and saw the fish dragon.

"You are able to become masters of Wa Palace? It is said that there are five claws, dragons, unicorns, Xuanwu and other ancient beasts in Wa Palace, can you overcome them with your cultivation?" Yulong leaned to look at Zhao Yuande, not at all believe him.

"Look, still don't believe it!" Zhao Yuande's expression was already known.

"Unless...unless you show it to me!" Yulong is a little embarrassed. "You're really talking about evil, how can I believe the pie is falling off this day."

"You're optimistic!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and the phantom of a huge palace in the void appeared. A breath of vast and ancient wildness was instantly transmitted, and the Yulong body was shocked.

"I believe it! I believe it!" Yulong shouted, "This is my treasure, all for you!"

A small palace spit out from Yulong's mouth and flew towards Zhao Yuande.

The palace became smaller and smaller, and when it finally fell into the hands of Zhao Yuande, it had become the size of a slap.

"Oh! You are really generous, but this is an innate treasure." Zhao Yuande played with the palace in his hand, and the soul of the spirit extended quietly into it, and suddenly found that there was a small world in it, and there were countless treasures and elixir in it, and even a **** in it. medicine! Compared to the three-legged red bird, it is thousands of times richer!

"As long as you can enter the Wa Palace to practice, don't say I can afford it any more!" Yulong hey hey smiled, "Hey, don't know when I can go in?"

"Immediately! But your body is too big, it's better to be smaller!" Zhao Yuande looked at Yulong's huge body.

"This is simple!" The ichthyosaur body shrank again and again, but within a few breathing times, a tens of thousands of ichthyosaurs became a murloc with a height of three feet.

"Unexpectedly, you still have this ambition, give up cultivation and become a beast, but to take the path of our human cultivation. Not simple, not simple!" Zhao Yuande looked at the fish man and couldn't help but amazed.

To know that the natural body of the fierce beast is powerful, direct cultivation of the body will soon be promoted, as long as the absorbed energy is more, you can continuously improve your cultivation practice!

But the ultimate goal of the fierce beast cultivation is only the mythical beast. It is harder than going to the sky to move on! And there are many fewer opportunities for promotion than human cultivation methods.

So the beast with the idea will choose another way, that is, transform into human form, cultivate human skills, and finally become immortal!

Zhao Yuande's best partner, Heifeng, is a fierce beast with this idea, and this fishman is also one, but the more powerful the fierce beast, the harder it is to transform, and the higher the corresponding final achievement. .

"Hey! This is the way the ancestors have given me since I was born. In fact, I don't want to. This person's appearance of being a ghost or a ghost really annoys me, and I don't know when it will change into a real person! Sigh of emotion.


Zhao Yuande waved his big sleeves, and the next moment they appeared under the huge steps of the Wa Palace.

"Master, you...and..." The old servant frowned when he saw the fishman beside Zhao Yuande, but then he rejoiced again. "The descendants of the Dragon tribe are also pretty good. Good labor!"

"This..." The Fishman looked at Zhao Yuande with some doubt. "What did he say, what good labor?"

"Cough! Indifference, don't talk nonsense! Our Wa Palace needs fresh blood. How about the three-legged red bird and the egg I just sent?" Zhao Yuande gave his old servant a wink.

"Oh! The old slave just made a joke with this little friend. We haven't injected fresh blood into the palace for many years. The old slave is a little too excited!" The old servant laughed, "I have sent the egg Warm raising in Hualongchi, I am afraid that it is directly a sixth-order beast immediately after birth!"

"Hualongchi..." When the fishman heard these three words, his eyes suddenly glared out, and the saliva in the corner of his mouth was even more dazzling.

"Okay, let's follow the desert into the Wa Palace!" Zhao Yuande flicked his sleeves and swept the Yuren up the steps.

"Xiaoyou, follow me, I will take you to a good place!" The old servant showed a big wolf's expression to entice Little Red Riding Hood and waved at the murloc.

As soon as the Yuren heard a good place, he immediately rubbed his hands excitedly and followed the old servant into the Wa Palace.

"Master, good means! So many good workers have been cheated so quickly, and we will continue to recover as soon as we can!" Zhao Yuande heard the voice of the old servant.

"Fool! What annoying words! In fact, they only need to pay a little time. If the Wa Palace can be restored in the future, their benefits are endless! I don't know how many people have squeezed their heads and want to come in. I have to pick and choose!" Zhao Yuande disagreed with the old servant's words.

Zhao Yuande returned to the secret world with satisfaction, beckoning the three-legged red bird in the sky.

"Come down, let's go to the next one!"

The three-legged red fine bird flew down carefully, carrying Zhao Yuande towards the territory of the white-armed ape.

There are a large group of white apes here, and the most powerful leader is even more powerful than the fish dragon. ,

Before Zhao Yuande explained his intention, he rushed up to fight against Zhao Yuande.

The forests that were hundreds of miles in the straight were turned into flat ground, and mountains were shoveled by them.

After a few breathless breaths, the white-armed white ape asked Zhao Yuande's intention!

Zhao Yuande naturally still said that to Yulong, together with the display of the Wa Palace, this white-armed ape immediately presented his collection, but he put forward a condition to let all the same family enter the Wa Palace!

Zhao Yuande naturally agreed, but apart from him, before the same race had grown up, they could only live in the trial space inside the Wa Palace.