Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 928

Chapter 928: Xu's Family And Envoy

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"I finally arrived at the last one. I don't know if the bear of the earth is strong or not. Do you need me to fight against it first?" Zhao Yuande sat cross-legged on the back of the three-legged red bird with a look of anticipation on his face. .

"The bear in this nest is very mysterious. I have only seen a little bear. The strength of this little bear should be similar to mine. I don't know how the other bears are. They will not be weaker than the old white ape anyway!" The red feet bird communicates with Zhao Yuande.

"Huh? No, there is a fierce battle ahead!" Zhao Yuande suddenly squeezed his eyes and stopped the three-legged red fine bird. He opened his eyes to the ground ahead.

The world tens of thousands of miles away is chaotic. There are several powerful figures in fierce battles. A faint power of fairy spirits is swaying around the battlefield, making Zhao Yuande's face dignified.

"It seems to be a powerful fairy... Where did they come from?" Zhao Yuande twitched his eyebrows and muttered in a low voice. "Could there be other entrances in this secret realm? How could the people of fairy world appear here?"

"That direction seems to be the ground of the bear of the earth!" The three-legged red bird looked at that direction with some horror, and it had already felt the terrible breath at this time.

"You enter the Wa Palace first! I feel that this group of people seems to be coming at you. I am afraid they have already felt our existence. Otherwise, if I can't beat them, you will be out of luck!" Zhao Yuande waved three The foot red fine bird was received in the Wa Palace.

"What are these fairy world guys doing? Did they come to that big formation? How did they come to the lower realm?" Zhao Yuande rolled these questions in his head, his figure was hidden in the Tongyou mirror, and the battle took place. Touched the direction.

To know that the fairy in the fairy world wants to come to the lower realm, it is strictly monitored. Otherwise, the fairy in the sky will come to the lower realm to kill and set fire, is it not a mess.

"Its really troublesome to cover my body with a pass mirror every time. When my time law and space law are successfully integrated, I dont have to spend this effort when I understand the Void Avenue. I hide directly in the void, than The Tongyou Mirror is much more convenient!"

Zhao Yuande thought quietly while approaching the battlefield quietly.

He soon saw clearly that there were three people and four bears fighting on the battlefield.

These three men are two men and a woman, one of them is a young man, that is, there is a spirit of spirits scattered around them, although their cultivation practices are only Divine Emperor Realm, but the combat power is powerful and scary Everyone is capable of fighting a majestic, bearish giant bear.

The remaining man was a middle-aged man, his hair was slightly gray, and there were already deep wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, which seemed to be close to the old man.

However, this man is indeed extremely powerful, but he is a strong middle-aged emperor. At this time, he is fighting against the two big yellow bears, and he has an advantage.

"The two immortals were careful. Just now I felt a strong breath approaching, but then I lost sight of it, and there may be other fierce beasts who found the battle here." The middle-aged emperor warned during the battle.

"You can rest assured that as long as you are close to Baizhang, no one can escape the feelings of the treasures on our body." Although the young man was fighting a big bear, he was still calm and calm in his hands, it seemed that he was not fighting, but quiet. Forest walks.

"Brother, don't care! Have you forgotten how Lin Zan died? We can't carelessly hide the dragons and crouching tigers in the lower realm!" The young girl has a slender posture, beautiful appearance, and elegant temperament. Fairy with fireworks in the world.

With bare hands, the woman even collided with the bear on the opposite earth from time to time.

Such a woman is so powerful! Even Zhao Yuande, not far away, was dumbfounded!

"Nangong Yu, a true disciple of the Immortal Emperor Palace, the middle emperor, the body of the fairy..."

Curious, Zhao Yuande identified the other party and immediately got this information.

"The body of the fairy... this kind of constitution."

This is the same physique as the body he got, that is, the body where his ancestor Su Qin'er settled in, but the cultivation of that body has reached the fairyland, and the woman in front of him is only the middle emperor!

"These two are indeed the waiters of Immortal Realm and the people of Immortal Emperor Palace. It seems that their lower realm may be the idea to fight this true dragon palace. Who is this middle-aged God Emperor?" Zhao Yuande looked quietly To the middle-aged **** emperor.

"Xu Tianming, head of the Xu family, the middle of the emperor..."

"The Xu family has some kind of connection with the fairy palace of the fairy world. No wonder they can develop such a powerful force in the site of the Refining Sect."

Zhao Yuande realized where the Xu family's hole cards were.

However, Zhao Yuande already had a killing heart for the Xu family. As long as he went back, he would join forces with the refining sect to attack the Xu family. If the Xu family owner was cut here, it would be much easier.

"The two celestial envoys have changed, and it seems that we are going to fight quickly!" Xu Tianming's attention was distracted by Zhao Yuande's appearance just now, and it immediately appeared in the battle.

The two khaki big bears were almost the same as his fighting strength. This suddenly seized the opportunity to attack madly. This made Xu Tianming almost torn by the paws of a big bear. There was a blood stain on his chest, and the long one was long. The hair was also scattered in a panic, and the temperament that originally flowed out of the dust was suddenly like a beggar.

"Poof! Master Xu should be careful!" The woman named Nangong Yu suddenly laughed when she saw this situation.

Although the words seem to be concerned, Xu Tianming obviously can feel the sneer in the other party's tone.

"Dirty beast!"

Xu Tianming was injured, and was so embarrassed in the face of the two angels, his heart suddenly burst into anger.

He didn't hide anymore, a golden fire flew from the top of his head, like a terrifying fire dragon biting towards the two big yellow bears on the opposite side.

The temperature between heaven and earth rises instantaneously and I don't know how many degrees. The lake on the earth is steamed to dry. All plants and even stones are turned into fly ash at this moment.

The long hairs of the two big yellow bears on the opposite side were instantly bent and roasted. The original majestic image suddenly became cute.

However, the two khaki bears have shown fear on the face of the flame dragon. They feel that if they are stuck to the flame a little, their life will be explained here today.

Even Zhao Yuande felt a wave of horror heat wave at this time.